View Full Version : haycubes update as promised

12-02-09, 07:46 PM
i have received my pallet of haycubes this afternoon. there were problems initially as i'd paid a distributor then when arranging transport discovered that she didn't actually have any to sell and was already in considerable debt to the company. very worrying.

the owner of minchies, peter minchella, arranged and paid for the delivery of my pallet to nsw from victoria which is very good customer service in my book.

he also told me this morning that minchies has donated, and arranged free tranport for, 300 bags of haycubes for the fire affected horses and other livestock. that's the equivalent of about 900 bales of hay so well done peter.

12-02-09, 09:04 PM
Am trialling it here with my geriatric - he loves it - its very wet and he happily slurps it with his gumnuts and Speedibeet. My pony is suspiciously itchy and it does not present like Qld Itch and I wonder if its a lucerne allergy. It took him one feed to decide he loved it.

She is still getting her grassy hay but am looking at her as my next trial. It took him being fed for her to like it ;-)

Am weighing up if I get a pallet or buy in lots.

13-02-09, 07:36 AM
That is a great donation, I was actually thiniking that they would be a really good option for the horses that have burnt muzzles and are struggling to eat hay.

My horses all love the hay cubes, especially my oldie with virtually no teeth.

13-02-09, 09:21 AM
i buy in pallet loads as there are no local distributors up here and it's cheaper for transport.

i have youngish horses and i'm experimenting now with using less water for soaking so they get to chew for longer. i haven't yet fed them dry.

i agree that it was a great donation. i hadn't thought of the burnt muzzle problem, but you're right, the haycubes will be much easier for them to eat.

13-02-09, 11:55 AM
That is an awesome donation, I had been tossing up whether to buy a few bags to send down as it is perfect for horses that have damage to their windpipes and digestive system.

My lot love haycubes and it is so much neater and so much more cost efficient than hay. Love the stuff.

I buy it in smaller lots from a (relatively) local distributor. It would be overall cheaper to buy in pallet load, but I don't have the storage space to do it :(

So I just buy 6 weeks worth at a time (All I can fit in my car!)