View Full Version : instructors with horses?

29-05-01, 11:41 AM
okay, im wondering if there are any instructors that have horses to ride in lessons. Or if anyone has a horse i can ride once a week or so. ive just sold my horse and im not getting a new one for a while, so i was im hoping to still ride in the meantime.

any info would be great

? (Guest)
29-05-01, 12:07 PM
Where Lealea?

29-05-01, 12:30 PM
ooh yeah sorry
around the gold coast area..

30-05-01, 09:37 AM
seriously i need somewhere to ride every week. my horse goes tomorrow and im not gonna have anything to ride for months.
ill have the biggest withdrawals.

Jacqs (Guest)
31-05-01, 01:52 AM
Hi Lealea,

What sort of riding are you wanting to do? I live at Beenleigh (northern end of Gold Coast) and have two horses, a TB and a STB and I am always looking for a horse riding partner....

instuctor (Guest)
31-05-01, 08:34 AM
Lea whats your email address and ill write to you about it

31-05-01, 11:01 AM
instructor. its up the top next to my name.
anyways its tigerfly_21@yahoo.com
email me please :)

what sort of riding do you do?
email if you can..