View Full Version : Feeling very uneasy about this.

27-02-09, 09:02 AM
call me a panicking mother or even a stress head but am feeling very uneasy about this.
TD has a show tomorrow the show is not in danger of fires so they'll be fine there, (unfortunately as our breed is quite small in Australia if people dont attend then they will not have a section for them next year)
but dont like the bit where the boy will need to be washed and rugged. have been trying to keep him unrugged due to the chance of spot fires.

The part that really has me uneasy is after the show they will be heading up the mountains to collect another horse who will then be staying on our agistment.
I'm sure they'll be right but just not feeling great about this.
anyone from Macclesfield how are the roads from there to Berwick?
Thanks Pauper

27-02-09, 09:10 AM
Pauper, whilst I havent driven between Berwick and Maccy for the last few weeks (as im staying with the folks in wantirna, with horseys round the corner), I havent heard that there have been any issues around there.

I wouldnt stress too much, just keep an eye on the fire situation and the CFA site.

But I can understand the worry, my mum doesnt want me out there either (so I cant visit the boyfriend!).

27-02-09, 09:18 AM
Although I totally understand your anxiety.
Everything is fine up here now.
Am about to go drop doggie off at vet for her pamper session.
As Sapphire said, just keep an eye on CFA site just in case anything comes up.
There are 2 ways out of the hills to Berwick, 3 if you count going the long way through Pakenham. So it's highly unlikely she'll get trapped.

(A lunchtime nip of something strong and a peice of choccy helps with nerves)

27-02-09, 09:28 AM
Hi Sapphire thanks for that :) am being overprotective usually i try to just let her make her own decisions but think all this smoke in the air has me on edge.

Rachemum you dont know how good it is to hear from you :) have lost your number. was up your way last week (where TD is going tomorrow)
and if you say its okay then i know it is.

Now to look for something strong, i know TD has some alcohol hidden around here somewhere. will call it payback, you scare me.... so you owe me a drink LOL.

27-02-09, 09:54 AM
Pauper, you are not being over protective you are being sensible. At our fire meeting in Upper Pakenham last Tuesday the fire chief told us that we may not have to worry about the current fires going as of now, but we must prepare and account for the fires that will start up. He said..you live near bush,the bush everywhere is dangerous at the moment because it is so dry and it will burn. He said to prepare your day as if it will burn today. Putting fire plans into place for the day means acting on his advice.
So for me...I would not be rugging or planning on driving horses through any bush areas on this day.
I read the Berwick show had canceled it's activities for today and put them off until next friday...because of the extreme fire danger. I think this is a very good and sensible thing.

27-02-09, 10:04 AM
Tell her to keep her radio tuned to ABC 774 for regular road closures and fire updates. We live by the ABC in the country.
Tell her to plot out her drive and leave it with you along with alternate routes so you know which roads she will be on.

27-02-09, 12:27 PM
What makes me furious is controled hazard reduction burns in winter would have eliminated much of this grief and when done at that time are cool burns that dont wipe out every living thing it its path.

why do they call em "greenies" when their results are blackened deserts?

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur