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Cool Ponies
01-03-09, 10:20 PM
Someone pointed out to me recently that my mare has a sloping vulva(sp?) and and could have a bit of an infection as everything dribbles back (gross I know lol).

They also sai it could be contributing to some of her behaviour probs (esp in season)and an operation could fix it?

Has anyone had any experience with this???

02-03-09, 09:31 AM
There is a surgical procedure called Caslicks that stitches up the external skin of the vulva and stops the infection problem. I have a mare that already had this done when I purchased her. She has since had two foals so the stitching was un-done. I have not had it re-done and have not had any problems. Youngest foal is three years old.

02-03-09, 09:54 AM
Have her checked by a vet. My old TB mare had a sloping vulva and she was caslicked when I got her. However after further consultation from a vet, it was determined that unless she was carrying a foal, she didn't need to be stitched up.

Some mares slope worse than others, so I would get the vet to have a look, especially to check for infection, and if she does need to be caslicked, he can do it right there for you. It doesn't take long, less than 10 minutes if the vet does lots of them :P

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02-03-09, 11:01 AM
I think its a combination of a few issues. If her anus is a little sunken and there is sort of a shelf where manure gathers or runs down her vulva, than there could be problems. Plus there are some mares that are more tightly sealed and airtight than others. Worst case would be a mare with a shelf and with a vulva what wasn't tightly closed.

I am not sure how it would contribute to behavioural problems, unless she is also a vaginal windsucker, which is painful and sucks in manure. Google Pneumovagina, but make sure you have safe search turned on.

16-03-09, 09:43 AM
We have a clients mare that haas a sloping vulva, if she gets a bit low in condition it actually has a shelf, I have found the best rememdy for helping mares with this is feed. If you can get her quite fat you will find in 99% of cases this will improve. The mare that visits our stallion the vulva is almost at a corner when she arrives to be bred it slopes in that sharply, we pump her full of feed and get as much fat on her as we can then this fills out quite well. She gets bred and goes home with instructions on keeping it clean and keeping her in well rounded condition, we view the mare monthly for the owner who is quite elderly and give her advice on the feeding weather to up it or keep it as it for the next month to keep her looking ok under the tail, for the past 4 years this aged mare has bred quite soundly had no suturing and is currently expecting again this season.