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18-05-09, 11:49 AM
There was a recent thread about people walking into the kicking 'zone of death' around horses instaed of up close, ...another safty thing is with carirage driving ,how all the boring stuff like tying them up to harness,having a driver on board,a groom holding them at the head etc is all and only about safety.Good example of what can go wrong.


18-05-09, 03:28 PM
Those mules just looked plain untrained, particularly the offside one. Why would you keep trying to hitch an animal to a vehicle when it is obviously scared?

20-05-09, 01:42 PM
typical good ole boys.
thats got to be one of the dumbest exercises i have seen.
i have never seen a pair walked in hitched together, and certainly not stepped over the pole like that !
any i have seen, and i have seen a few !!,, are backed in and hitched one at a time,,and as you say about the offside one,, it lost it from the minute it stepped over the pole.
and the way he kept trying to force it into position, pulling with the chains across its rear end and legs,, i was hanging out for the mule to double barrell him ! no such luck !
these jokers no doubt profess to be experts,
just hope the poor mules were o.k.

20-05-09, 05:28 PM
I think a lot of work teams (over there)are driven in like that,and step over the pole.
I thought myself,that each at least should have had someone at their heads holding them,talking to them ,driver on wagon.
OSide may have been ok then,but got more antsy when he heard the chain drop onto the hard surface,if they are not used to that sort of different noise it may spook them. (try taking steel tyred sulky our on a gravel road ) But then it got to where he was trying to haul him over with the chain traces ,well, it was bound to end in tears.
Not just GOBs either,years ago I went partners with some guys here to do rides -I pulled my cart&Clydy out after they kept on leaving him standing in cart, at a busy place,driver on footpath chatting "Oh he's allright he won't go anywhere"
Yeah bloody right he won't cause he was taught to stand and would- but that not a licence for complacency. Just one little thing can turn into a big thing , and then it all goes to hell with a ton of cart behind.
I also get cold shivers at times looking at the gizmos and shonky vehicles and cheap harness sometimes for sale on ebay...light pipe that will bend ..wheels up under the seat giving a high centre of gravity..no way of adjusting balance. Makes me wonder when it says "Only used once"..(and then what happened?)Crikey call me chicken but if I am getting into any vehicle, it need not be flash..but it has to be safe.

20-05-09, 08:20 PM
yes to all of that.
maybe the people in this video have never been in a position to have the #### scared out of them by harness horses running amok?( however after this, they probably are) !!
by the looks of this video these jokers have never been tromped on,,and not just tromped on by harness horses,,but had the #### tromped out of them by REALLY heavy horses?
good ole boys bein good ole boys
i still hope the mules were alright.
and the mules were definately smarter than the good ole boys,,,they beat 'em for sure !!
i am with you mate ! i am a big chicken ! i was taught "SAFE",,for the people and the horses. no way do i want a pair of big horses going over me !
but having seen some of the stuff that people do,,,mostly non horse people,,,but some of it by horse people,,it never ceases to amaze me !!
and the general public at the shows ?? well!! what a nightmare !!