View Full Version : SE QLDers Stay Safe in the Flooding!

20-05-09, 06:00 PM
Just want you all to get home safe and if you are trapped by the flooding, hold tight, it will pass.

Please everyone take no risks and make sure you have secured everything that can float away and that your horses aren't trapped in paddocks soon to be under water!

20-05-09, 06:50 PM
This was our place at about midday today. I am near Caboolture. Hope that everyone and their animals stay safe.


20-05-09, 07:41 PM
we r in ipswich seqld and wow! ive never so much rain in my life in such a short period of time! Im not sure the exact amount we have had but people close to us have had 300ml in 24hrs...i just cant believe it lol! My horses live 1min down the road and im all ready to evacuate them..im getting a bit paraniod!! They are certainly a bunch of sulks...poor buggers! I cant get out to my competition horses who are only 10mins away as the main road is under and then the street they are on has a creek (bugger!) which is now a raging torrent lol! im having withdrawels already :( :(

I hope everyone else stays safe and is really really careful :)

20-05-09, 07:53 PM
Should have said to click on the link to see photo's. Here's one of them here ..


... and now we have a storm - great x(

20-05-09, 08:04 PM
geez,, hope you and your horses are all O.K. everyone ??
looks bad.
hope you get your horses out ,, and yourselves,,,
good luck.
am thinking of you all.

20-05-09, 08:57 PM
My sons school was cut off totally.

A 20 minute trip home just took 3 hours. My son went home with a family I did not know, my phone went flat

Finally got home, rang the parent that had child. Husband home shortly after and we went to the walking access to the school and called the family that had child to say we got access. Water was ankle deep.

Then it started throwing it down again....

While waiting and watching the water rise. We watched a car drive into the water - we were frantically waving torches fromt he other side but they did not see us or the water. Fortunately they stalled early and my husband ran to them to see if ok - water was knee deep on the nridge.

He then ran back, we met the parent and our son and I carried him back over the now flexing bridge in knee deep water.

The people were still in the car!

Told them to get out and we pushed the car back. They called for a tow from friends and I stopped another car nearly going down - well she nearly hit me in the process - totally transfixed on going that way...

Called police comms to get a crew out and well dont think we will see them. HAD to go home as we thought we would not get back as we dont have a 4x4. Made it home.

I cant get back to the bridge with my work reflective jacket so fingers crossed someone does not drown.

Yeah fun night, now thunder and lightening and more rain.

20-05-09, 09:58 PM
I have just heard from a friend in Brookfield that he now has 2-3 METRES of mud through his entire house from a landslide!

20-05-09, 10:16 PM
Sadly am not surprised, am at Anstead which is 2 suburbs further out and its a mess here with the rain/squalls etc.

I dont think I will be getting into work tomorrow as the school will still be surrounded.

Your poor friend, hope they are ok.

20-05-09, 10:30 PM
It is a tad damp at Bellmere. I stopped checking the rain gauge after 300mm, I see it is a third full again. I am cut off as my road is flooded, but pretty safe here. The paddocks are muddy, but draining well. However, I have water erupting up out of the ground, turning some areas in to quick sand. My new mare has hurt her back in the mud, and I can't get a vet or chiro out to see her. I am just keeping her warm and quiet and hoping for the best.

20-05-09, 10:36 PM
Sorry to hear about your mare, Nicko. Sending healing vibes to her. We are all ok here over at Jimboomba. We haven't had nearly as much rain as you poor guys on the northside. (Still quite a lot though.) All the best to you all and stay safe.

21-05-09, 09:07 AM
Hope the rain eases off for you all. Looks and sounds terrifying.

21-05-09, 09:50 AM
Congrats on the new member to the herd Nicko, hope she gets better quickly.

Here is fine, water has gone. School is accessible. Not going to work or taking son to school today though as they are saying an afternoon storm is probable and I just dont want to go through what I had to yesterday. Hopefully I am overreacting.

21-05-09, 10:27 AM
Got home safe last night to find all paddocks draining well and my two youngsters frolicking in their new stream :-D They thought this was excellent entertainment I had provided for them :-)

Neighbors who use our paddock to access their property couldn't get 3 of their cars through and had to ferry themselves back and forth in the monster 4x4 utes they have.

Several roads leading out to our house were temporarily cut off in the flooding but have drained now and roads are clear and safe this morning thatkfully.

21-05-09, 10:53 AM
I am at Anstead too. We got a call from Pullenvale School about lunchtime yesterday to pick up the kids.

Getting them across a flooded bridge was one of the scariest things I have ever done, and like a good mother I was calm and reassuring, but terrified inside. :-)

We had more than 350mm in 24 hours yesterday and last night when I was trying to settle the kids into bed, there was thunder and lightning too. Oh, and of course I was on my own, because my husband couldn't get home.

21-05-09, 02:26 PM
I wish the school had called me. Would have saved me a lot of stress. Went past the school just before and the footpath I was wading on was totally undermined....

21-05-09, 10:06 PM
That sounds awful NikJ!
Glad you are all okay.
Images on the news scary.
Stay safe - hope the subsiding continues.