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27-05-09, 10:59 PM
Hi My name is Monika Im 13 years old and my family owns 6 horses. We break and train all our own horses. I Live in the Riverland of South Australia and Am looking for some horsey people to talk to via email/msn, would also like to met up at shows/events.
Hope to hear from you

28-05-09, 10:22 AM
Hello Monika
l am a tad older than 13 *cough* but didn't want you to think your post was not being read.
Have you tried asking for a email/msn buddy or horsey friends on Horsewyse site? l know they have a magazine that comes out in print and they used to have a web site/forum. A Google search would soon tell you the site's address.
Lots and lots of your age group there and l'm sure you'll find someone to chat to.
Have fun.