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06-06-01, 02:02 AM
I am in the process of electrifying post and rail paddocks and want longer standoffs than are available in the shops. A while back there was a thread where using poly pipe was discussed. What I want to know is what kind of poly pipe is best,ie:heavy duty or just what you get at the hardware to use in the garden for sprinkler systems etc,and how do you attach it to the posts? I had a trial run yesterday with just some garden variety and couldn't really figure it out. The post mentioned said to use 3 nails/screws,but do you put the pipe flush and go in on an angle or do you split the end into 3 or do you fold it up/down first?
Thanks in advance.

06-06-01, 02:18 AM
I have done some of mine with poly retic pipe, the standard stuff that's black and about 15mm diameter. I cut a piece about a foot long and bend it in half and turn an inch or so of each end back for nailing. Nail each end to the post and have the hot wire running at the middle bend. You can also twitch a piece of thin flexible wire through the end to stop the hot wire slipping down to the nail ends. I am sure this is not what they were talking about, have a vision of thick rigid poly pipe sticking out, but it does seem to work.

06-06-01, 05:13 AM
That was me Caitlan,

Get back to you tonight. Email me and I will send you a photo.


06-06-01, 05:24 AM
My Dad used black poly pipe just the plain garden stuff.
Her cut a piece of about a foot long and then put a hole in each end. He then nailed the pipe on top on the solid fence posts so that half poked out on either side of the fence, then treaded the wire through the holes.

Also on shorter fences he out a piece opking straight up from the fence and threaded the wire through a hole in the top.

I can email you some picture if you would like.

06-06-01, 01:03 PM
Hi Caitlin,

The polly pipe required is 40mm irrigation grade, not pressure grade. If you buy a roll, 120m, roll out what you want on a nice sunny day so that it straightens. Cut in lengths to suit. If you are dividing between two paddocks, cut twice the length and use the same piece. Prior to nailing, give the end a few hits to half flatten only, not full flatten or you will split the sides. Again, nice sunny day. N ail with three roofing nails in a triangle so that the pipe sits out and stays at the angle you want. tart it a little higher than where you are going to end up as the wire will weigh it down a bit. Drill 6mm hole in end, 20mm from it. Make sure you have your holes pointing right direction when nailing. As you get near a gate and strut, diminish length down to 300mm for the last one before the strainer so as to relieve the tension on it. I will photograph some tomorrow and email you. Saves a fortune, gets them really off the fence and lasts 26 years that I know of.