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30-06-09, 06:25 PM
Myself and some other horsey owners are looking for a horse trainer for two green broken horses, that live on the Mornington Peninsula.
Both have been started, so they are walking and trotting but as all green horses are still very rusty on the cantering and one of them has put in a buck or two.
We are looking for a person who could work our horses weekly..please if any of you can help us that would be great!
Looking at both horses as pleasure horses but also doing low level dressage and going onto Adult riders..I hope :-)

01-07-09, 07:11 PM

02-07-09, 12:00 AM
i'm guessing you are talking about non-racehorses here?!

talk to treehaven and see if they either have someone or know of someone. or go into horseland (near the racecourse) and see if they have any fliers. also i would hang around rob clay's on a saturday and see what instructors are around, many of them will ride young horses. same with many other places...

i have since moved out of the area, but there are plenty of ppl who could do that job. i wuold have once said send your horses to stay with tony utendaal for a few weeks and you couldn't do better, but he has retired i think? his daughter is a spiffy rider though-but i'm not sure if she is up for riding other ppl's young horses.

02-07-09, 10:52 PM
you can try Dan Maloney at Tyabb, he is supposed to be good and I was going to use him but have put off having mine done for a little while.

The only thing is I thought his quote was a little expensive and wanted to go and watch him a bit before I decided if he was worth the cash!...didn't quite get there but might in the future.