View Full Version : agistment (Mornington Peninsula)

Kevin Summers
29-09-99, 07:54 AM
Have sole Lord Scotia yearling filly who needs to share decent, safe paddock with other like fillies. Currently at Balnarring (Vic).
Prefer somewhere nearby and will pay reasonable rate for right agistment. Any suggestions?
Kevin Summers

28-10-99, 08:43 AM
You might want to try Libby Griffith of Grantley Lodge who is on Ballarto Road in Cardinia/Clyde, just near Cranbourne. I had some horses next door to her property and I know she had some horses there for Bart Cummings amongst some other big names. She has fantastic paddocks and they specialise in race horses and seem to do a great job from what I've seen (well, the horses all look great and they have good pasture etc.).

If you get stuck, we can help you out in the short term if needed - just email us.