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07-06-01, 12:45 AM
Yippee ..... Beat Gary to it! XPY, what a shame to give up that house.....staring at King Estate horses all day...yep...could definitely handle that!

Helen (Guest)
07-06-01, 02:54 AM
All you Hawkesbury people - anyone going to the combined horse gear garage sale at Grose Wold on Saturday (advertised in todays Gazette)?

SNH (Guest)
07-06-01, 03:21 AM
What have they got mentioned for sale? I'd like a triple horse float but I'll just have to keep dreaming.

XPY (Guest)
07-06-01, 03:31 AM
DAMN DAMN DAMN, I am going away this weekend, its not often you get four-day long weekends in my job. But I would love to see the top boots because I really need a pair. Why'd they have to put it on this weekend?

07-06-01, 04:14 AM
Cool, love a garage sale, Thanks Helen. Will try and find a Gazette tonight!

07-06-01, 04:22 AM
Oooh how lovely - what a fantastic comination - shopping/sales and horses together! Sounds like fun to me.

Helen (Guest)
07-06-01, 04:27 AM
No triple float but lots of goodies according to the add - rugs 3' - 6'3", number brands, saddles etc. Address is 196 Grose Wold rd, Grose Wold.

abbyjo (Guest)
07-06-01, 05:02 AM
Yes, it starts at 9am, after buying a new saddle on the weekend I shouldn't be buying more things, will have to go for a look though. Might pick up a bargain.

SNH (Guest)
07-06-01, 05:21 AM
I can just see us all jockeying for position at the gate waiting for it to be opened. Then the mad scramble over each other, racing to find the best bargains. Can picture the write up in the Gazette next week - women trampled at garage sale....... And drat, I've got the furthest to drive too.

XPY (Guest)
07-06-01, 06:05 AM
Well, can you just leave me the large ladies top boots. The woman running the sale's name is Helen, she's really nice. She said there would be some great hacking jackets, an Andy Ellis one, a one-year-old K. Ritchie one etc. Apparently her and a group of others did the same type of sale a couple of years ago to an unbelievable response in the first hour.

So good getting through the gate at opening time...at least you'll all get to meet each other...wear name badges with your CH name!

XPY (Guest)
07-06-01, 06:06 AM
That was supposed to say so "go LUCK getting through the gate at opening time". I am a duffer!

07-06-01, 06:19 AM
XPY, Emma and I will be there.......even though Daddy George just told us we have No MUNY!.....silly Daddy, doesn't he know that garage sales are a bargain hunter's paradise and you dont need much MUNY??????

he he he he he he he

as for name badge, ...just look for two excited young women, both with black hair, one long, one short!

07-06-01, 01:40 PM
Where is this sale?
Never heard of the place? lol

07-06-01, 01:54 PM
I just read the last thread
tell me, who else collects Buckskins except me and Pookie's mum?


08-06-01, 12:44 AM
BSR, well I only know two ( the ones you mentioned above).........and your one of them!

Just seen some photo's of a "possible" buckskin addition.....yum yum...if I were looking for a neddy, I'd definitely give him a lot of consideration!

Grose Wold is very close to North Richmond!

After reading a few of the other threads this morning, I'd just like to say how much I appreciate our little "family" in here.

08-06-01, 02:10 AM
A day out of the office and look what I have missed.
Oh well I enjoyed my 640km drive.
Yipee!! a garage sale, I have only been to one horse garage sale B4 that was my neighbour and I spend a few hundred dollars. I wonder if my better half will let me go???? Maybe see you there!!
Check on you later
PS where is jezza???

08-06-01, 02:20 AM
Maybe he's studying. Don't they have the Yr 12 trial HSC about now?

08-06-01, 02:36 AM
Morning guys,
Hey have any of you read the Microtec thread, does anyone in here use them?
I would love to give you the third degree if you use them, as I am interested in buying one for the new Galloway and new pony that is coming in two weeks.

Jez is prob studying real hard, it is getting very close to exam time.
Hey I didn't know he could ride, a man of many talents!! -lol

Jacki it is nice that there is a "family" thing in here isn't it?
I wonder how we would all go when we all finally meet? lol lol
I try to imagine what everyone looks like when I am typing but I am always so very wrong if I ever get to meet them. lol lol

XPY (Guest)
08-06-01, 03:12 AM
I'll bare all :o :P, and say that you can get a picture of me by reading The Land, as I'm a journalist there and my noggin' appears quite often - in todays actually! My real name is Phoebe - I use XPY because its an abbreviation of my TBs name which is XPEETEE.

The family is pretty cool. It feels really friendly! Cheers everyone.

08-06-01, 03:23 AM
Buckskinremi, your imagining of what people look like has led me to come up with a good idea. We should email each other a photo of ourselves on our first pony. I know I've got an absolute shocker in the photo album - hairy grey pony with a big mohawk, ancient bridle with a white leather browband, me with my blue terry towelling trackie pants which show 4 inches of brightly coloured sock (too poor to own a pair of jodphurs) and the compulsory white helmet, you know, the old CD brand that looked like a cricket helmet. So now you've got this great image of me. :D

08-06-01, 03:51 AM
Don't worry SNH most people have sad stories just like yours, I have been perfect right from the start.

08-06-01, 03:55 AM
JOKE Ladies!!! I Rember my 1st Gymkhana, it was at Shane Park Pony Club. It was hot I went in every possible class, stoped to give the neddy a drink out of the wormy troff, jumped back on with the reins crossed over underneath. What a crack. I always wore King Gees with boots and no socks, what a derro. Actually SNH I don't know if I want to show a photo?????
Confession Time!!!!

08-06-01, 04:05 AM
Help Wanted - if I type more than 6 line when posting it will not register. Does anyone else have this problem, Or is it just me!!
Jacki, you can do it!!!!

XPY (Guest)
08-06-01, 04:16 AM
Gary, I'm pretty cluey with computers but I've got no idea.

On the emailing each other a photo of them on their first pony that is great idea...I racked my brains and realised there aren't that many until my teen years. However, there are two that come to mind on my second pony which was a hand-me-down. I was about 12 months old on him with my sister, with an old show helmut miles to big with a couple of dogs in the front!

Or one with the same sister on him at a show. Or one of this pony and me at our first show, all purpose saddle, all purpose numnah etc, hogged mane...but he was so shiney...jet black. And by memory he threw me that day! Hhehehehheh

08-06-01, 07:20 AM
Hang on, I don't or have never ridden.
I was too poor to have a horse when I was younger and my ma and pa wouldn't let me have one anyway, and now well I am too fat to ride, remember I have 12.1hh ponies!!! lol

I will delve through the photo album anyway I think there are pics of me on "School" ponies.