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11-12-99, 10:51 AM
Just wandering if anyone has any info on this horse .He is by Gleam Machine & is supposed to have one a race at Flemington.Any info would be great as he is now in Tas embarking on an eventing career.

Linda B
14-12-99, 04:42 AM
Go to www.studbook.aust.com
You will find Lord Wyndtak, brn gelding 1992 by Gleam Machine from Wildwood Lass (plus details back to 1700, if you really want!! )
Go to http://www.betthe.net/HorseForm/horse_history.htm You will find that he won $105,310, started 38 times for 8 wins and trained by RW Smerdon.
And yes, he did win at Flemington, twice!
Good luck with his new career, he'll certainly know how to gallop.

14-12-99, 10:58 AM
That is an excellent resource. And free how did you find it as everything about a horses racing history seems to be a pay to view thing (probably due to the fact on line formguides do a lot of work for the user).

Breeding details can always be found at the stud book website.

Linda B
15-12-99, 04:14 AM
I think the only way you could find this site is by recommendation,which was how I was told about it. It is actually buried deep on Mark Read's gambling site. Hopefully he won't realise that not all of the people are using the data to pick winners.
Previously I had to pay to get our ex-racehorse's racing details. I had this folorn hope that one day, one of them, might actually have been a winner!

15-12-99, 09:51 AM
Thanks for letting us all know. Looked like it something to do with him.

There is an alternative to get the info. Each year (it was monthly but has apparently now been restricted to yearly) the AJC publishes the full list of all registered race meetings showing every runner. Right from picnic races to group ones. There is a copy in state libraries or in Canberra at the National library. It is time consuming but you can see exactly how a horse ran. I used it to look up what happened to all our horses after they left the stable that were sold off to northern NSW.

The website is a lot easier but if that gets cut off the book call Australian Race Results (with a pic of the painting of the HOTY on the cover) is the other free way I know of (since the form is so dated it could really only be used as a reference not form guide).

15-12-99, 12:01 PM
Thanks Linda,
I have just been to the address you gave me, but i keep being timed out.Any chance you could find the same info on Carrington Boy?
Thanks again for the help.

Linda B
16-12-99, 04:51 AM
He is by Blessington (Bletchingly) from Miss Baracus (grandsire Vain).
There were no race details.

Robert Klaassen
28-12-99, 04:18 AM
"Lord Wyndtak"
starts 31:8.3.2

Back in 1996
Winner 4yo Hcp{C6}at Flemington Paid $27.40 & 6.4 the place
and a few other placings.

I only have it`s last 5 start on "Lord Wyndtak"

29-12-99, 05:12 AM
I have a line into the RSB, (Racing Services Bureau) the info there tells us he is a 7 Br Geld born 6/10/92. By Gleam Machine out of Wildwood Lass by Coriolanus Trained By Allan Stubbs at Longford for 35 starts for 8 wins 3 seconds and 2 thirds for $105,310. His wins included a win at Flemington on the 6th Oct '97. at Ballarat 15th May '97. And again at Ballarat on the 18th Dec '96. last raced 19 June '98 at Werribee for 11/12.

14-01-00, 10:34 AM
I have an agister with me who is by Gleam Machine and I have heard of a few others. This one is about 16.2 rawboned not particularly pretty bay with a great jump and a really good attitude. He is 13 and happily eventing at prenovice - capable of more but his owner is happy at that level. If that is what Gleam Machines are like then I'll happily have another!

23-01-00, 03:18 PM
lord wyndtak 7 g gleam machine x wildwood lass.It was last trained by R.W.Smerdon.It has had 35 starts for $105,310. It last raced at werribee on the 18/6/98 over 1100m finishing eleventh in a field of twelve.Its last win was at flemington on the 6/10/97 over 1000m welter ridden by D.Oliver.

07-02-00, 03:22 PM
I knew a girl who had a very nice grey hack by Gleam Machine. Bit of a hyperhead, but a very successful led horse.
I looked after another horse by Gleam for a while, it was the cunningest, stubbornest S.O.B I ever worked with. Obviously a lot of his stock have his brains, but some use them for evil instead of good.
Gleam Machine died not long ago, but he was a damn scary horse. Looking into his eyes made you shiver. You always got the feeling that the reason people who handled him lived to tell the tale was because he let them. Scary horse.

09-02-00, 03:10 AM
Well my guy isn't evil and loraine seams to have come across a nice one so all of them can't be nasty.
I have had wyndtack for 6 months and he is proving to be the best natured horse.He is a big attractive brown horse with a great jump.He has a major spook in him ,but this is not evil !
He has been to his first training events and he is dead honest & a looks like being a very good eventer.