View Full Version : Moulton - info and mares wanted

04-02-00, 04:09 AM
I have a broodmare who is by Moulton (nz) and she has given us some of the most incredible foals (to a non tb stallion) we are having trouble getting her in foal again as she is getting fairly long in the tooth, and are looking for others? does anyone know of any?
Also information on Moulton - would love to hear.

10-02-00, 12:02 PM
I have a TB broodmare called Cash Result (look her up in the ASB if you're interested). She had a Warmblood colt last season. She is 15 now, but foaled easily. She is a pretty mare. ASB registered and AWHA classified. I want to concentrate on my foal and riding horses, else I would have put her in foal this season.

11-02-00, 07:32 AM
Stompsy, would love to know more about your mare- is she for sale? $$?

11-02-00, 12:07 PM
I hate selling horses!!! but I guess I could.I wanted to put her in foal this season but it's really too late now. She is loving life at the moment in a 300acre paddock on a river bank. She has the sweetest disposition.

Her last foal (WB colt) came 3rd in his colt class at Melbourne Summer Royal this year. I'd like $1200 for her, but only for sale if she is to be used as broodmare only.


11-02-00, 05:28 PM
please take this with all due respect.....
it is a bit much more than I would pay for a mare that age..but thanks for you reply,,,,,if you will take an offer please email me.
thanks again for your time

12-02-00, 05:37 AM
No worries Julie. She is worth more to me as a brood mare. I don't really like selling horses as I may have mentioned. She still breeds easily and can be ridden too. I am happy to keep her!!!!
Thanks for your interest though.