View Full Version : Wanted a part-time job

Chi Ho
07-02-00, 12:25 AM
I been riding for more than five yrs. And I would like to find a part-time job as a work rider in Sydney. Can anyone help or offer me a job?

Thank you for your attention

03-04-00, 07:10 AM
Chi Ho

I suggest you look in the positions vacant column in "The Land" newspaper.


08-04-00, 12:48 PM
At which track would you be able to ride at ?
Rosehill, Randwick, Warwick Farm or other.

09-04-00, 01:58 AM
Would you br prepared to travel outside Sydney, to a country track? There are plenty of opportunities out of the city, and trainers are always looking for trackwork riders in the rural areas.

Tiger Holland
16-04-00, 03:12 AM
Have only just read that you want a job as a track work rider. My stables are at Randwick. Where do you live? What is your weight? What is your age. If still requiring a part time job, you can phone me on (02) 9398 6607 daytime or Fax to (02) 9398 6505