View Full Version : Brisbane Stewards Report

James, WA
11-02-00, 08:14 AM
Does anyone know how I can get hold of Stewards Reports for Brisbane metropolitan race meetings? Other than from Sportsman? I have visited many sites to no avail, even one that has the reports for all states bar QLD.

Bill S.
12-02-00, 02:23 AM
Have you tried asking AAP? Their web site address is [http://www.aapracing.com.au]

12-02-00, 03:21 PM

I'm pretty sure I emailed them but didn't get a response. Will try again. Thanks,


20-02-00, 09:34 AM
Try ringing the Brisbane stewards. They have an obligation to fax any member of the public a copie of any stewards report.

19-03-00, 03:16 PM
If you email the Gold Coast Turf Club direct and request the stewards report you need they will happily fax it to you. They do not have a site at this stage but are apparently looking into it.
Their address is:


Refer to Frank Evans and he should be able to advise you.