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21-02-00, 02:10 PM
Hi There
We are currently looking at a horse who's current racing career is at a standstill. He needs at least a year off racing due to a cronic leg problem and most likely wont return to racing. We have no idea how much we should be paying for him and as he will be going to the highest bidder want to go in prepared. He is a five year old gelding who if sound is up to city class races. Any suggestions.


Bill S.
22-02-00, 04:36 AM
You mention a "chronic leg problem". A great deal depends on what the problem is and how it might affect your intended use for the horse. For instance, mildly bowed tendon may not even prevent the horse from racing again and with time, could certainly heal well enough to allow the horse an active career doing dressage. On the other hand, a wrecked suspensory ligament might render the horse a cripple for the rest of its life and make any purchase inadvisable.

More info needed.

23-02-00, 03:48 PM
Suzanne, ex-racehorses are a dime-a-dozen! No need to buy one with leg problems. We obtain sound but veeeery slow racehorses (No papers of course) for $350 - $500. You need to present yourself to local trainers on a regular basis (without getting in the way), and they are usually quite happy to offload these duffers. Good Luck!

24-02-00, 06:06 AM
Email me re racehorse with leg problems.