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20-03-00, 10:54 AM
I am wondering if anyone can help me with some good agistment properties just out of Melbourne. I have a thorughbred mare who is having her first foal in September. She is coming down from Nth Victoria and I need somewhere close to Melbourne to keep her. If anyone could help me with anywhere that has caring people for when she is foaling and also somewhere afterwards. I don't want to spend through the roof, but will pay the going rate, as long as the property is well kept ( fenced etc) and the mare and foal would be looked after. Any ideas or rates would be greatly apprectiated. My mare means alot to me. A part of the family.

30-03-00, 12:39 PM
Hi Scott, How close to Melbourne do you need to be? There is a great place I know of where your mare would be more than happy. The property is in Somerville. About 40-60mins from Melb. And would agist at a reasonable rate. If you are interested contact me.

08-04-00, 12:41 PM
I can recommend a property at Mangalore (near Seymour) where the owner although works full time(night shift mostly 3 till 12), was once a stud manager at a couple of major studs. His fees are more than reasonable and the fencing last time I was there is very good.
Phone 57962500 his name is Peter
Good Luck