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Jan Heine
24-03-00, 11:42 AM
I have a mare (which I picked up at Dandenong Market for $300- which is a sad place to see a mare who was sold for big money as a yearling - had to fight the meat man for her) who is by Family of Man our of Golden Pond - now I know who the dad is but does anyone know anything about the Dam - was she "just a broody" or did she race at all herself?

I am using Suzantic to breed showjumping horses and she has given me the most sensational foal I have seen - now waiting confirmation (45day) on her second foal for me.

Debbie C.
27-03-00, 09:12 AM
Hi Jan,
I tried to find any race record on youre broodmares dam but was without success. She had her first foal as a 6 y.o. so she may not have done anything on the track.
To credit her, and because my family had a showdown stallion, the offspring should be very tracable. We produced very talented jumpers out of our showdown stallion, and they are all exceptionally quiet. Lovely solid horses.

She looks to be a great buy, and good luck with her. I am very happy for you!
this is where I looked:

Jan Heine
28-03-00, 06:30 AM
Thanks for that Deb - yes she has a lovely temperament and has already given me a superb foal - the best put together baby I have seen and she has just been confirmed at 45 days now so hopefully another good foal will follow. Interested in Showdown line - do you still have a Showdown stallion or any jumping progeny from him available?

debbie c
31-03-00, 09:41 AM
unfortunately Jan, my grandfather gave him away.
Our Showdown stallion.
I have the only mare left, and I am just starting out "again" with the breeding.. as you know it takes ages to get youreself set up..
I've been told many times that my mare would have made an excellent show jumper, but never attempted it with her.
I know for a fact that he used to throw natural jumpers as they were hard to keep in the paddocks :) One used to be able to jump out of the stock yards and that was nearly 6'
The last gelding was a steeplechaser and at one trial he was walked up to the steeple to have a look and was standing there, and just jumped it, the person riding came off!
He ran in many hurdles, did hunting and never fell. He also ran in the Grand Annual Steeple chase. I could go on for ages, but I'll shut up now..
Have you got a pic of her and the foal I would love to have a look..???
I've been wanting a Rancho Ruler (he's out of a showdown mare) mare for ages, but some people recon most of them aren't oil painings.
Another stallion to look out for is Bronx Bomber, if I was set up I would have taken a lease out on him, he throws lovely quiet horses with jumping ability. He has also thown El Conda Pasa which has done really well on the racing scene..
The only problem with him is that he has very straight back legs.

Lauren Bradford (lozza)
01-04-00, 12:07 PM
Hi Debbie C. If you ever decide to get a foal by bronx bomber please let me know how it goes i love following his babies as he is a gorgeous stallion (ive helped his owner breed a few mares with him) and is gorge. Well this was probably a waste of a post but i was rael bored!!

03-04-00, 01:38 PM
Hi Jan.

Friends of mine used have a stallion called Galeola Court, who's grandsire was Showdown. A lovely natured stallion. Last I heard of him, he was down in the western district somewhere breeding polo ponies.

A site I use frequently is the AJC site, http://www.studbook.aust.com/ajcisb/ASP/MainMenu.asp

Good luck.


Jan Heine
03-04-00, 01:58 PM
Thanks for that Phillip - pardon me if this is an ignorant question but does that mean he throws quite small or does it depend on the type of mare he is put to?

04-04-00, 02:00 PM
No, I don't believe he throws small foals necessarily. The couple that I have seen have been around the 16hh mark at maturity, but these were also out of larger mares. I think he is about 16 hands himself.

Family of Man Fan
08-04-00, 12:31 PM
I used to work for George Hanlon when Family of Man was racing. He stood minimum of 16HH but I would say he was over that(but I am only a shorty) - he had a lot of white on him, does he throw that? He also had the nicest temperament that you could ever wish for. I put one of my own mares to him years ago when Robert Holmes a Court had him (but alas no foal), and I cried when he went thru Dalgetys at a ripe old age.
I envy u yr mare and wish you the best of luck with her and her babies. I am sorry I can't help u with Golden Pond, but you can get a racing printout for a small fee from the Racing Services bureau of the the VRC if yo wish (I think around $15) as lonmg as you know her name.
Can anyone tell me wether he is still alive?
I believe at the sales he went to a VRC person who also felt sorry for him.
I can still remember him winning the COX Plate.

08-04-00, 02:11 PM
Family of Man, from what I remember, was bought at a dispersal sale for $6000. He stood at a small stud in Lethbridge (vic) for a while, but he died fairly recently, aged about 25. It is sad that such a horse could end up going through a sale in his twilight years.

09-04-00, 02:05 AM
I remember there were a lot of people who were quite stressed over the fact he went thru the sales so late. But on thinking now I assume that it was the Heytesbury dispersal and if not sold he would have had to be transported over to WA which has got to be a stressful trip for such an old horse.

I remember they interviewed the guy who apparently bought him at the time and he said he'd look after the old horse as he was a fan. Its a shame his death was never reported as he was considered good enough to have a bio in the book More Champions.

11-04-00, 04:00 AM
I am currently competing a Family of Man mare, so far she has been excellent she is only 6 yo but a very good type and very pretty. Thank god for Family of Man i say.;-)

Jan Heine
11-04-00, 11:52 AM
Thanks for all that info guys - I knew I had a "cracker" of a mare and had heard of Family of Man's racing record but certainly had no idea about what happened to him in his latter years - it is very sad - and I was saddened when I found this lovely mare of mine at the Dandenong meat market. She was "no good" anymore for race breeding because she had (I think I have it right) Equine Herpes which doesn't affect me because we do all AI breeding. She is beautifully put together and has a beautiful temperament so I am guessing she takes after her dad from all your comments - I am actually suprised she didn't end up in the hack ring - she is certainly pretty enough.

Happy - have you jumped your mare? And if so has she any talent? Just curious because my girl is definitely a "broodie" now - she is 10 and so a bit old to start jumping her after breeding for the last 6 years.

12-04-00, 01:18 AM
Yes she has alot of talent jumping she is not far off C grade. Although she can get a little hot at times other than that she is very brave and so far extremely careful.

Jan Heine
13-04-00, 08:45 AM
Happy whereabouts are you based - I would love to see your mare competing - do you event or showjump or both? Curious about whether she is similar in type to my mare. Did yours race? Mine did but apparently was a bit slow but because of her breeding was used to breed.

14-04-00, 02:02 AM
Yes my mare raced. She was trained by Jack Denim, though I am not sure how she went, how do I find out? She is by a mare called La Pavillion. I am currently competing her in NSW. She is a very good type, bay with two whits socks a blaze and a very lush tale. However she is a bit of a psycho with rugs you cannot put leg straps or a rope behind her bum or she will go ballistic. Other than that she is a gem!

14-04-00, 03:59 AM
I'm assuming her name is/was La Famiglia a 1993 foal. you could try stopping at the State Library (or National Library in Canberra) and check the Australian Race results publication from Septemcber 1995 to when you think she would have stopped racing. The index lists the horsename and then the number of the race. You then look up the race number for that racing season. This is the free way of checking just a bit time consuming.

Family of Man fan
14-04-00, 12:37 PM
I remember him going thru the sales. It was a dispersal from a stud somewhere around Wangaratta. It is very sad that he has died but 25 is a pretty good life span. I had heard that he had been bitten by a snake in his earlier years and survived.
Thank you for filling me in - I will pull out all my photos from when I worked at Georges and have a little cry.