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11-04-00, 04:14 PM
Any of you racing guys know this stallion? He is by Queens Hussar (sire of or 1/2 brother to Brigadier Gerrard not sure which). I had a mare by him that I bred my WB X out of. Just interested because I have no info on him or what he did or produced. Thanks :-)

12-04-00, 02:40 PM
Go directly to www.studbook.aust.com/ajcisb/asp/SHFnMenu.asp?hid=97777 this will give you the info.

12-04-00, 11:10 PM
Don't know what he has produced as far as race stock goes but several years ago I bought a super cheap horse by him because the choice from the racing stable was - 'If you aren't interested (I wasn't) we are sending him to the market tommorrow'. So I made them a silly offer for the horse and they took it.
Brought him home and what a find he turned out to be. Super temprement and move!!!! He had this super elastic stride. I sold him to a girl who did dressage and who saw him one day when I was working him. Margaret Mc Ivor saw him the very next day and said Wow. He ended up being sold for the price of a deposit on a small house to another dressage lady and from what I have been told the only thing that stopped him from being a Grand Prix horse was his owners lack of skill.

15-04-00, 08:01 AM
Have looked at the website Rocking, thanks for that.
How exciting retired! Hope it came from the dad's side! Mine was also a lovely mare, good conformation, temperament, don't think the movement was stunning but it was good enough. Do you know where this horse of your is now?