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19-04-00, 03:57 AM
Has anyone out there in the race industry used the product HYLATON V it is apparently RACADONIC ACID and is being trialed in the eastern states in the treatment of bowed tendons? I have a T/B who has bowed a tendon and am looking to find information on this product.

Bowed tendon
24-04-00, 01:24 PM
Can't help you with the product you mentioned BUT I borrowed the laser equipment off my vet for a horse I was given from racing. He had the worse bowed tendon I have ever seen (in fact they were going to put him down). I got him 10 days after bowing the tendon, and nothing had been done to it. Before laser it was the size of the top of his leg, after laser it was MUCH better but still UGLY (a slight bow but noticeable). He is ridden every day, and does show jumping, X country and dressage - it doesn't affect him at all, but have to admit that to ride his gait is scratchy but to view him ridden you wouldn't know.