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Robert Nelson
25-04-00, 07:33 AM
Am I an idiot? I am 22, weigh 57kg and have an addiction to racing although have extremely limited experience with horses. I am currently practising law and hate it - is it too late to change games or should I have started when I was 16??

Greg Irvine
25-04-00, 09:34 AM
It is never too late to start. You say you are 57 kgs - is this something that can be reduced to 52 comfortably. This would be the weight you would need to be in most states. However, in NT the weight scale is much higher about 55 kg I think. The best thing to do would be to contact your local racing authority and perhaps speak to their Master Of Apprentices in the Stewards division.
If you are in Victoria ring VRC
South Australia ring Graham Loch at SATRA
Good luck and perhaps try your luck at getting a job firstly as a stablehand.
Jockeys are a declining population and you would no doubt be welcomed into the industry with opened arms.
Greg Irvine

25-04-00, 09:39 AM
I was about to start a new topic but decided to put my message in reply to this one. It's kind of similar to the one above.
I'm 16, female, love horses and horse racing, don't have much experience with thorougbreds (only been around shetland ponies) and weigh 52kg. I want to know if I am too heavy to be a jockey, if you need to have experience with horses etc etc etc. Can someone please give me some details about becoming a jockey, what it takes etc. I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. I'm in south australia.

thanks a lot.

Greg Irvine
26-04-00, 07:50 AM
A course is offered through the TAFE in SA. The course is great for those wanting to becoming jockeys. Many jockeys currently riding in the state have gone through this course as well as many other stable hands etc. I would suggest you drop in and get some information on this course. The actual course is completed at the Cheltenham Racecourse. You will gain great experience doing this as well as seeing if this is what you really want to do. Otherwise you can try ringing Graham Loch. Mr Loch (said Lock) is the Steward at SATRA in charge of apprentices - he would no doubt give you some good advice. Ring SATRA on 81792200 and ask to speak to him and they will put you through. Good luck. Being a South Australian I look forward to seeing you in the saddle one day.
Greg Irvine

27-04-00, 12:34 AM
Without wishing to put a dampener on your enthusiasm could I suggest you think carefully about this. If you are practicing law then you have obviously put a great deal of time and effort into your career so far. Before giving it up maybe you could examine areas of the law you might prefer to work in - there could even be a niche for you in'equine law'
As to giving it all up to become a jockey why dont you request a holiday from your employer and do a months 'work experience' in a racing stable. If you volunteer to work for nothing you might get a taker and if would give you a better understanding about a jockeys life.

27-04-00, 01:24 AM
riding trackwork mornings?

When I use to work for stables (and have an office job at the same time) there were many people who would have been to heavy for jockeys but did ride trackwork. The only way to get into the industry use to be asking around at training stables and learning from there but as Greg has said there are courses available to get those contacts as well.

14-06-00, 07:55 AM
>Am I an idiot? I am
>22, weigh 57kg and have
>an addiction to racing although
>have extremely limited experience with
>horses. I am currently practising
>law and hate it -
>is it too late to
>change games or should I
>have started when I was

You answered your own question with the first sentence of your message.

14-06-00, 08:43 AM
To Robert and Lauzza
check out www.waturf.org.au/ and there is a careers opportunity page that could have some useful info for you, even though you might be in a different state. Rob you might get a ride on Lawyer if he is still running around then :)
Lauz, if you can stay on those little shetland terrors you have already got one foot in the stirrups ;)
Good luck

14-06-00, 03:21 PM

Please, no more fly swatters (women jockeys)!!!

15-06-00, 12:28 AM
Hey Robert,
what high school did you go to??
I think I know you.

15-06-00, 12:15 PM
You are very game entering a question like this one here!!!

You could become the next Shane Scriven!!!

Never too late
16-06-00, 10:52 AM
It is never too late. I held an owner/trainers licence and also worked as IT manager in a Legal firm (it was hard but worth it - early mornings etc plus full time work).
My advice to you would be to at least complete LAW so you have something to fall back on (yeah I know it is boring and mundane), complete your articles and try to also follow the racehorse thing part-time (a course or even just trying to get a stappers position with track work).

16-06-00, 02:58 PM
Never too late

Did you train Sengiggi Beach, the Wellington Boot winner?

What are you trying to do to this person?