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28-04-00, 01:56 AM
Dam of Saintly found dead in her paddock on Friday. :(

Bill S.
28-04-00, 05:22 AM
Noticed her Woodman filly sold for $700,000, but the Woodman - Bint Marscay colt went for only $85,000. Is he a cripple or what?

28-04-00, 09:24 AM
was a typo bill; $850K more like it!

Sad Girl
28-04-00, 09:54 AM
I think you'll find that the Bint Marscay sold for $850 000.
And because All Grace slipped when she went to Spinning World, and her current foal to Peintre Celebre died in utero, the Woodman was her last foal.
And her Million Dollar colt by Danehill (known by the name of "Henry" to his friends) is now in Hong Kong.

29-04-00, 01:33 PM
Does anyone know who now trains the million dollar colt in Hong Kong?

Sad Girl
03-05-00, 11:22 AM
Henry (racing name is Aucash) was bought by Patrick Biancone, and is either trained by him or by John Moore (son of George). He came second in his first race