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02-05-00, 04:31 PM
In the Australian Stud Book what does NTB after a horses name mean ?

Bill S.
03-05-00, 12:30 AM
NTB means non-thoroughbred or non-studbook. In most cases however, the horse is well and truly thoroughbred and the problem is that someone failed to register it properly. NTB mares can be upgraded to full studbook status, but normally only after producing a stakeswinner or something notable. There used to be a lot of non-studbook mares about, but the number has declined substantially in recent years, because of their poor commercial value for breeding.

03-05-00, 11:41 AM
Thanks Bill. I forgot I'd even posted that, must have been months ago!
I have a filly whose parents are both stud book TBs, but her paperwork was not done. I have been told it would not be possible to race her progeny, even if they were by stud book stallions. How does a horse with an NTB dam get to be raced and listed in the stud book?

Bill S.
03-05-00, 11:49 AM
Your problem is that your filly is not even a registered thoroughbred. As such, she doesn't have an official document of description, she hasn't been bloodtyped and there is no way to prove that she is really a thoroughbred. On that basis, you can't breed a registerable thoroughbred from her. The only way around it would be to see if you can register her "late", but even if it was possible, you would pay a fortune in fees. Check with The Keeper of the Studbook and see what they say.

03-05-00, 12:04 PM
i have emailed the studbook from their site with queries and they are very quick and efficient in replying - i'm pretty sure you know the addy jodie - www.studbook.aust.com

03-05-00, 12:23 PM
That's exactly it, not even the service was recorded. There's probably ownership issues as well, as she was given to me by the studmaster after the owner was not heard from for years. I doubt she'd breed fast horses so it wouldn't be worth chasing up paperwork or late registration.