View Full Version : The Gauch

29-05-00, 03:23 PM
What on earth was the Gauch doing on Over in the 10000??????

Obviously, the best going was out in the sponsors tents and the airport.

This man cannot continue to hand out rides like this and be considered a top class jockey. And don't tell me about his great rides in the Group 1's he has won in the last 2 months. They were armchair rides which even an apprentice could have got home on.

I refuse to back him, even after backing the winner of the 10000 and not having a cent on Over.

30-05-00, 12:20 AM
I never fail to be impressed by a man who can get a horse 8 wide from barrier 7.

30-05-00, 02:50 AM
He would make a lovely equestrian rider!

15-06-00, 03:24 PM
Bohemiath is still storming home in the Brisbane Cup. Wet track or not, The Gauch gave it no chance, and I think he is still waiting for the first jump. Must have thought it was the Grand National.

Sad to see him suspended for 11 meetings. The racing public needs such good public speakers to entice them to the track. At least they'll know who not to back if following jockeys.