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02-06-00, 01:45 AM
I have a group of QLD clients wishing to race a horse there, any ideas, reccomendations re a trainer.....apart from G.Ryan.

02-06-00, 04:59 AM
I can recommend you Matt Tremble. He has taken over Barry Baldwin's team. He was stable foreman for Baldwin and John Meagher over the past 10 years, so the experience is there.

His results so far have been good, and he has a team of about 20-25, so he can give a fair amount of attention to each horse.

Others could be Dan Bougoure or even J Hawkes.

Greg Irvine
02-06-00, 05:05 AM
What about Kaye Tinsley????? I have a great deal of respect for the stable. Any Queenslanders can help me out here - I think his record is as good as anyones up there?
Hi Queenslanders

02-06-00, 06:02 AM
Try Bevan laming at Jacobs well midway brisbane and gold coast.. excellent facilities ... also now stables in melbourne.. nz connections

Gary Stewart ex jockey ( rode bonecrusher)
now training on the gold coast just next to magic millions complex and track swift knight last weekend winner syd ($18 on tote ,12 -1)

best of luck in your search

02-06-00, 10:41 AM
There are a few good trainers in Toowoomba as well. Shaun Dwyer is making a name for himself and has a small stable of 10 in work so he knows all of his charges "personally' really hands on. Trained a winner in a group 3 recently and a second in group 2. He worked for Gai and was foreman for Bart.

03-06-00, 02:16 PM
Thanks for your opinions guys/girls, much appreciated. The situation I am in , as in syndicating horses, he/she must be a high profile trainer.
Have tried to help mates who may well be better trainers but reality is it is not commercially viable!

04-06-00, 03:05 PM
I think the Lawrie Mayfeild Smith who trains at Hendra Queensland is good trainer and great attention is given to the horses. Try looking at the top ten trainers list as this will give you some idea into who is a good, respectable trainers are.

what about...
06-06-00, 10:49 AM
What about Bryan Guy or Alan Bailey? Both are high profile and have satellite stables.

07-06-00, 07:06 AM
I really couldnt go pass Bruce McLachlan
His strike rate is one not to ignore!

07-06-00, 09:44 AM
Your spot on there mossman, Bruce really doesn't have much to work with in terms of quality bloodstock and yet his strike rate is sensational.

It's so good to see Danehill and Royal Academy horses being beaten in class 1 races at Ipswich.

Rumour has it Sir Patrick Hogan won't let him have a Zabeel because apart from the Gauch there is no other racing personality that can so well defy good bloodlines.

Speaking of the Gauch - how good was his ride on Bohemiath in the P J O'Shea?

The owners must be ecstatic. Either their instructions were to win in which case the gauch has erred to say the least in waiting to the 25m mark to make his run; OR

The instructions were to pull it to jack up the Cup price in which case the owners will be very happy that the run stuck out like dogs balls and Bohemiath has been backed into a very clear favourite.

Well done the gauch.

If you ever see this combo:

Trainer: B McLachlan
Jockey: The Gauch


07-06-00, 10:30 AM
That's extremely harsh on a trainer who has hit double figures in Group 1's.

The reason behind Bruce's downfall is that he has been riding his horses in trackwork, completely destroying their backs and legs. And that's only when he doesn't get caught in the barriers when they jump.

Bruce, GIVE UP!

07-06-00, 11:17 AM
Try Bryan Guy at the Gold Coast.I have had horses with Brian for years in Sydney and find him a first class trainer,well organised, always communicates and is a good bloke to boot.

07-06-00, 01:29 PM
When looking for a trainer in Queensland who has incredible experience, a high profile and knack of training champions you can't go past Billy Calder. I understand he gives his horses personal treatment and even rides them work. Although the only catch mabye your horse may win the 10000 but struggle to win a maidin at the Farm.

The Pumper
10-06-00, 09:38 AM
It doesn't matter what trainer u get as long as Rod Galagos tips ur horse on Sky then it's home.
I've been gambling for 1 whole week and i think that Rod is unreal and a real champion bloke .
Many a dollar has landed in my pocket thanks to the genius of Rod . Everyone follow his tips - they NEVER lose .

what about...
10-06-00, 01:50 PM
You have got to be kidding. Rod Galegos has no idea. I'd even go as far to say that he is more clueless than Jo McKinnon.

10-06-00, 03:21 PM
I think The Pumper is pumped full of the good juice, and what about is at the bar next to him. Maybe Gallegos is shouting.

You lunatics!!

16-06-00, 01:48 PM
There would seem to be few better conditioners of a racehorse in Queensland than Peter Moody. If you ever look at his horses, not one can ever be faulted on fitness. On ability, yes, but not on fitness.

And he is a good guy as well.

Rod Gallegos, well at least he is a Queenslander, and like most, you would go broke backing his tips.

26-06-00, 04:07 AM
The only trainer I could recommend on the Gold Coast would be Barry Bowditch.Not only can he train but he can ride his own work and he is genuine hands on trainer.You only have to look at what he has done with many tried horses like Copper County for example.When he acquired the horse he was a class 2 with earnings of $8,000,3 years later he had won 18 races and $250,000 in stakes earnings which included many metropolitan wins.Barry is willing to travel anywhere which suits your class of horse and his rates are comparable to any other.

26-06-00, 11:21 AM
I suspect Peter Moody is the rising star in Bris.
Get in now and beat the rush.
In what is basically his first year as fully fledged trainer he is in the top ten local trainer premiership have been Bris foreman for Bill Mitchell for quite a few years.
General Nediym was his principal charge from start to finish.

27-06-00, 02:54 AM