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05-06-00, 01:03 AM
No dont rush !
Yes we are giving away a very precious and dear racehorse, wonderful temperment and quiet ( as far as racehorses go, so not for the absolute beginer) He is brown and a lovely type, he is unsound, so will need 6 months in the paddock then he will be fine for almost any type of work except eventing. (suspensory ligament damage recently.and a slight strain in the deep flexor tendon 2 years ago) BEWARE you will be asked many questions, this is a dear dear horse with loads of personality !
You can reply here with scant info and leave your email and I will return to you if you pass the first test! Fran knows him well...

05-06-00, 03:33 AM
Whow, what kind people you are.. Its really great to see people who care about there horses, and make sure the environment the horses will be going to is the best.. Good luck with finding the prefect home for him. Oh and whats his name??

06-06-00, 04:11 AM
Where is this horse located. does the damage affect his movement? Wouldnt want to see it go to an unloving home.

06-06-00, 07:13 AM
The horse is located at Pearcedale in Victoria. And he is not affected at all, he is not even lame, we stopped before it got to that stage.

11-06-00, 11:22 AM
What sort of home are you looking for?
One where is fed, rugged, drenched etc etc and ridden as a pleasure horse or
One where you would hope to see him competing (say show, dressage)?
It is obvious that you are very fond of him, and I can only assume that he was also a successful racehorse.

11-06-00, 11:09 PM
He has since had a scan done and we have decided to spell him for the 6 months needed, (to be sure he gets it) then decide where he will go next. He would make an ideal Pony Clubber or adult riding club horse. Very intelligent, would compete at these sorts of ODE etc but not the big pressure stuff. Truely a wonderful horse even on the race track, multiple city winner, given all connected with him some major thrills.

12-06-00, 04:30 AM
I am so glad that he is guaranteed of a spell. The exs here(with exception of a couple) have all come here with problems. I rarely ride as I don't have the time, I just love to look after these types of horses. I have been fortunate enough to be very lucky and I feel priviledged to be given the opportunity by their previous owners. My latest one, bowed his tendon twice while racing and has had it operated on, then also did his suspensory (he also is a multiple city winner). He has been out in his paddock with a quiet mate for about 6 months, fed twice a day and rugged. He seems to be having a ball. I take his rugs off to check his condition and give him a brush occasionally (he has got a bit porky). He gets his feet done every 6-8 weeks and is regularly drenched. If in 6 months you are still going to be looking for a good home for your horse, I would be interested - so I'll keep my eyes and ears open. I certainly don't mind being questioned, as when I have been asked to find homes for other horses I do the same thing, and keep in touch with the "new" home as well. All horses deserve good homes, but I have a "real" thing about exs who have more than earned their keep. Good luck with him, I hope he enjoys his 6 months in the paddock.