View Full Version : In praise of Igloo neckrugs...

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
08-06-01, 12:46 AM
Just thought I'd mention, for whoever it was last week asking about Igloos, that mine passed the ultimate test last night. It rained for about 18 hours solid - really rained, not just drizzle or spitting - and my horses have very little shelter, just some trees. When I put my hand underneath my tb's Igloo this morning, he was warm and dry, although the rug felt wet on the outside. Go the Igloos!!

My anglo's canvas rugs, on the other hand, let me down big time. My 'good' canvas soaked through, the cotton underneath was also wet and the canvas neckrug was also damp underneath. I have had to resort to putting a synthetic rug on her which does not breathe at all (but at least horsie stays dry) and an old Igloo that had been thrown in the spare room because the lining is all ripped.

asking (Guest)
08-06-01, 05:53 AM
Are the 'Igloo' neck rugs suitable for an unclipped horse for use
in the paddock? Not so much for warmth (thats a bonus) but because the horse is white (snow white) and gets filthy around
the neck! Would it be ok to use this one?

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
08-06-01, 08:21 AM
Should certainly think so! They can sometimes push a little bit down the neck, so the top part of the neck might get a bit dirty, but probably less than with a conventional canvas rug.
The good thing about the Igloos is that they totally encompass the neck, there are no open bits for 'leaks' to get in (or mud to get through when they lie in it!).

08-06-01, 08:43 AM
I am so glad these chats came up about the Igloos when they did, as I was thinking about purchasing one for my boy ready for when he gets clipped...so now I definitely will!
thanks for the info Fiona! :-)

08-06-01, 08:43 AM
I use one on my mare and she's a grey. I have no problems with her getting dirty. Like Fiona said they get less dirty than if they had a conventional n/rug on because igloos are all enclosed.