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04-07-00, 09:03 AM
Flying filly MONTEROSSO is dominating the female sprinters in Melbourne at present recording her fourth successive win at Flemington on Saturday for the Danny O’Brien stable. Bred at Hilton Cope’s Kelvinside Stud she is a half-sister to speedy fillies Fluoro and Fluoro’s Sister. Their dam Spinnaker Bay was also blessed in the speed department, recording seven wins and placing in the MVRC Veuve Clicquot S Gr 2. Purchased at the 1998 Inglis Easter Yearling Sale for $72,500 she has now returned connections over $150,000.

04-07-00, 12:07 PM
Funny that we can start bagging horses as 'non-winners' and then suddenly they win four in a row to shut us up. Glad I only got on board at the start of the winning streak. Before that I would have been broke.

04-07-00, 12:36 PM
To bill ,

What you are running isan't a forum at all, i have said nothing offensive at all . If people can't offer a different perspective then what is the point of this site ?? looksthegoods has come out and basically said the general punting public has noithing to offer to racing , do his/her views become deleted ? i think not . perhaps you need to look up the phrase "free speach" .

04-07-00, 01:34 PM
Don't really get your point at all Propunter, just I don't really get what the point of theis post about Monterosso is about. She is a filly who has won some races and her brothers and sisters have won some races and she was sold at the yearling sales......and? What did this mean? I read the form guides so I am waiting for the catch line?

04-07-00, 02:05 PM
Propunter, you were the one who weighed into the Ipswich Cup debate by supporting the stupid comments of Maxie. If free speech means being able to make jokes about 3 dead horses and several badly injured jockeys then you can practice it elsewhere.

In general I have found little you have to say constructive or even interesting. It consists mostly of belittling others views, in which case it comes under the heading of a derogatory comment, which you will see we reserve the right to delete.

If you can bring yourself to make useful commentary on racing matters, I for one will welcome it, even if I may not agree with your opinion. If you persist in having a go at everyone else just to be seen as smart, you will not impress me with your knowledge, nor too many others I suspect.

05-07-00, 09:01 AM
Yes everyone feels sorry for all involved in the fall on Saturday . But lets ask ourselves a few questions , how many race falls do u see in the course of a year ?? don't know ? probably becasue there are two many to remember . Jockeys are paid proffesionals and well paid at that . If Gordon Tallis is carried form the field with a broken arm and Wendel Sailor with a dislocated shoulder would the football forum be bombardied with endless sympathy notes ??? granted this fall was alot worse then that but the whole point is - THATS RACING !! These things happen , must we take it overboard and read endless comments about the severity of this particular fall ?? As Richard Freedman said on Racing Retro Sunday - "These things happen lets get on with the racing" in other words why is everyone dwealing on it . Yes your all sorry and so am i .

05-07-00, 09:59 AM
I will way in on this one Propunter. Would the football forum be bombarded with sympathy notes? You obviously do not visit too many of those type of forums. My niece does and they load right off the page. 200-300 messages of sympathy is nothing out of the ordinary. In this instance, half a dozen is hardly endless. Don't try and justify poor and uncouth behaviour. It only suceeds in convincing even more people of your immaturity. Agreed there are many falls over the course of a racing year but this one is notable for the fact that it is the worst in living memory for a lot of people - spanning 3o years for some - so it is logical and reasonable that people would like to discuss it. There were actually more messages for the run off the track by Massive when he dumped Alan Robinson.
I was offended by the smart a*** comments by Maxie and it takes a hellavu lot to shock me these days ( 3 sons and all that goes with that).
Got a tip for you Propunter - punters like them. Do a spell check and a re-read of your message before you post. It would make it a lot easier to understand if you corrected all the errors.

05-07-00, 12:42 PM

I respect the fact that you , and most of the people that contribute to this forum are of the "older" generation . But i was just giving my opinion , which is what this is all about . I represent the younger generation of punters as i'm sure maxie does . We are the guys that you see at the track (if u actually go to the track) having a good time carving up the bookies and having a drink . But we also take our punting seriously and none of us like to lose money which is what my original message was regarding (which was rudely deleted) why shouldn't the punters get their money back and the race be a deemed a non race ??????? i guess this point was deleted because it wasn't a sympathy note , but a genuine point of interest .

As for my spelling , well please accept my sincerest apoligies , i was dyslexic for many years and i admit things in that department are not perfect but i'm getting there - sorry if it is annoying for you .

05-07-00, 12:59 PM
I'm not aware of the whole debate going on here , but i think that propunter has made a valid point.
I lost some money , as i'm sure many others did as well . Yes the fall was shocking to say the least but all money concerned should have been refunded .

And to "Retired" , a person's english skills have nothing to do with racing so perhaps we can keep the insults to ourselves .

Propunter - My youngest child presently has dyslexia , so i know all you have been through . For what it is worth i think your spelling and presentation is excellent , you should be very proud at how far you have come .

05-07-00, 02:57 PM
Good to see everyone is talking about the good form of Monterosso! Hope she keeps it going and gives us something of an interest to see how far she can go in the next few weeks.

Retired, you comment on people's low standards and strive to go lower. Stick to what you are good at - interesting comments.

Bill S.
05-07-00, 03:09 PM
The posting being referred to by Propunter is one relating to the Ipswich Cup carnage which was started by someone called Maxie who tried to turn the episode into a sick joke. A few people protested within the forum and I actually received emails complaining about the mocking tone of Maxie's post.

Propunter weighed into the thread with a post defending Maxie's right to put his point of view ie make a joke of it and went on to add that he lost money on the race and it should have been declared a no race.

Exercising my discretion as moderator, I deleted the whole thread on Sunday morning, which meant that all the comments, jokes, commiserations and observations were consigned to cyberspace.

Propunter seems to be suggesting that his comment was deleted because I had a problem with him suggesting that the punters deserved to get all their money back. This isn't true - his comment (including his support for Maxie) was deleted along with the whole thread.

Now the issue of what circumstances should determine a no race is a perfectly good discussion point and well worth raising. Unfortunately in this case, it was combined with support of a comment which was clearly offensive to most forumites.

Having got that out of the way, perhaps we can go back to whatever else we were talking about, but without the attempts at sick humour.

P.S. I don't mind your spelling and grammar at all Propunter - you're quite literate enough for me.

05-07-00, 03:43 PM
My apologies for ever mentioning Monterosso! Sorry to try and inform. Yes some of you know all about her!

But no apologies for my annoyance at some of you for hijacking this topic!

The race in question (Ipswich) was not called a no race; after alot of investigation; so those of you who wish to continue a discussion from your hip pocket; talk to the stewards.

05-07-00, 10:42 PM
I am sorry for 'slagging off' at you Pro Punter. If you ever read my other messages on other forums you would know that is not generally my style.
I got annoyed at your chips at Bill but should not have personalised it the way that I did.
Your point of the no race is very valid. I have seen races declared no races for lesser incidents but the stewards make their decision the ordinary person has no come back on it. I attend the races most weeks but think no less of thise who sit in front of Sky and watch more meetings in one session than I see by watching live. Sorrry Pro Punter.

06-07-00, 12:09 PM

Apology accepted .

07-07-00, 12:46 PM
yes i for one have backed monterosso for the last two starts and am very impressed I Hope the horse keeps winning - One of the only few (oregon seal) who continue to win in melbourne!!!!!