View Full Version : Dress Circle all-in-one rugs, does anyone use them?

XPY (Guest)
08-06-01, 02:09 AM
I was thinking of buying the super warm sherpa fleece one, hoping it will be a cheaper and lighter alternative to several rugs.

Has anyone recently bought one, or has something similar? Do they work? How long do they last? Are horses happy in them?

Any imput would be appreciated. Cheers.

08-06-01, 02:43 AM
I have a "Thermal Underwear" rug/nrug set from Glamorous Gear For Horses.It is double thickness polar fleece and waterproof - tried and tested. It is nice and soft and lightweight,and washes really well. The rug slips over the head as does the neck rug. It is all-enclosed and has adjustable elastic up top near the head so it won't slip down like most neck rugs. The set cost me about $125. You can have a hood made if you prefer.

08-06-01, 03:17 AM
I'd be interested to know about these too, they look almost a little 'restrictive', in the horse stretching down to graze, and also in the shoulder area - is this the case/not the case?

minime (Guest)
08-06-01, 06:29 AM
I've been using dress circles sherpa number on my clipped quarter horse mare for about a month,she is very fine skinned
and rubs easily it doesn't seem to be causing any problems so far
I have a rambo over the top of it.She is out during the day in
about a 2 acre paddock and I'm not having the hassles I had
previously with several rugs moving around. She certainly seems
to be warm and comfortable. The only drawback I can see is that
I probably couldn't have found a more expensive way to keep the
little treasure dry and warm !!!! Oh well thats why we go to

XPY (Guest)
08-06-01, 06:35 AM
Minime: how is it wearing? Does it look as though it will last?

minime (Guest)
13-06-01, 04:41 AM
Ican't really answer the durability question,I don't think it will last as long as your more expensive canvas rug.My mare,s paddock is double electric fenced with no where for her to catch the rug (or herself) on,and she tends to be very easy on rugs anyway. I am however going to try the same combination on the
rug wrecker from hell,this combination fits so snugly that I'm
hoping that he wont be able to manage to pull them off,he also has very limited opurtunity to actually tear the rug on anything which would be my main concern with it when looking at durability.

J (Guest)
14-06-01, 06:27 AM
How much did the rug cost?

XPY (Guest)
14-06-01, 08:29 AM
I've spoken to Vivien, put in an order and then I'll be able to tell you all about them.

The sherpa fleece one cost $255 (incl. GST P&H) And from what I've gathered they are really good and wear well because the are made to fit the horse so its just like a second skin.

So can't wait to receive it...drained the bank balance though but its worth several rugs apparently, because horses don't lose warmth from their tummy.

14-06-01, 09:31 AM
XPY, please do report back, and let me know how it looks when the horse moves etc. My boy's been through enough sore muscle problems without having restricted movement etc, so I would be interested to hear your perspective....
God..my bank balance is never going to recover....I've just bought a brand new saddle...oh dear....! :-)