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05-07-00, 03:49 PM
It was confirmed today that former Melbourne jockey Gary Doughty was told by two doctors that they don't believe he will get sight back in his right eye after injuries received in his fall from River Affair in the Eye Liner Stakes on Saturday.
Doughty said to wife Kelly "This could be it.This could be it."
Kelly Doughty said she was thankfull he is still alive but it has hit him hard, he is a very capable person, with alot of other talents but it is unlikely that he will turn to training if he cannot ride again.
Doughty is 41 and has won several feature races including the 1996 Ipswich Cup on Fine Spy &the 1997 Prime Ministers Cup on Starmaker since moving to Queensland. He has been a very poular jockey in the Gold Coast.
When based in Victoria he rode the 1983 IXL Handicap (Toorak H) winner Showmeran and one of Australia's longest price feature race winners on Abaridy in the 1986 Caulfield Guineas at 250-1.
Doughty recently returned to Victoria on business and had some rides while he was there.
All the best to the family !!