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The Judge
22-07-00, 08:29 AM
What's Mike Maxworthy up to these days? I live in London and really miss his Raceday program on weekday mornings. Is there some obscure international radio frequency I can tune into or does Raceday (or The Max for that matter) have its own website?

22-07-00, 10:14 AM
Unfortunatley, Mike doesn't know how to use a computer. His Punters Podium at Doomben on Saturdays has robbed victims of the public of thousands over a couple of years.

The Judge
22-07-00, 11:55 AM
Recall at the 97 Doomben 10,000 Max was introducing the jockeys whilst the horses paraded. He referred to Greg Hall as a master "tactitionist". I defy anyone to find that word in the dictionary!!!

22-07-00, 02:31 PM
I thought his tactics were to smash any horse that may impede his winning run.

23-07-00, 12:57 AM
the Judge you are lucky because 4tab now broadcast on the internet.
the site is ..
then you go through the radio link at the bottom of the page.
He broadcasts 8.30am to 11.30 am weekdays and also does reports from the track during saturday afternoons brisbane racing coverage.
Aaah the wonders of this modern technology.

23-07-00, 01:06 AM
The Judge log on to tabq.com.au
and follow the radio link at bottom
Mike broadcasts raceday monday to friday 8.30 to 11.30 am our time and also does interviews at Brisbane tracks during saturday afternoon race broadcasts.

Aaah the wonders of modern technology.