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23-07-00, 11:17 PM
i also have this query in equestrian, am trying to get it into racing. I surfed into www.puntersclub.com and found domain names selling for $1000's. Has anyone had any luck and why are they so expensive, am i missing out on something?

25-07-00, 08:42 AM
Seems like a con & money making scheme! My domain name cost me less than a quarter of that!

25-07-00, 09:01 PM
I actually registered one and it cost $40. Was I conned or are their cheaper places to register domain names

26-07-00, 01:22 AM
You may have registered the name with them , but you do not own it, have a good look at the site as they do explain that they cannot "Officialy" register domain names.

26-07-00, 01:44 AM
From the site
"Please note: we are not a Registrar (at this point) for .com.au, .net.au or .org.au domains.
If you are seeking such a name, you will have to apply via Internet Names Australia
as they are currently the only Registrar for these ccTLDs."

26-07-00, 02:29 AM
I suspect that James registered a .com domain name. Maybe Punters Club is an agent for one of the many registrars for the .com domain, or maybe all James did was reserve the name he chose so that if anyone wanted to register it in future, he would have first crack at it.

27-07-00, 12:38 AM
Actually I did register a dot com and a dot net name for $40 each. I had previously tried to do a dot com.au thru Melb IT and was told they are only for Aust reg businesses. I then registered a dot com thru Melbourne IT and it cost $60.50. Both the Punters rego and the Melb IT were issued thru the SAME Registrar in New York.Melb IT are over the odds for rego's and no wonder their shares are $18+ they must be making a mint. In any event i will list the domains for sale thru Punters and see how i go. Mght even join their club if the value continues.