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02-08-00, 10:19 AM
Bill - was this taken down because it was an advertisement or because I said Looksthegoods had nice sideburns??

I wasn't paying him out - I was serious, they are quite impressive.

Anyway, for the record and without referring to any particular horse, I do think At Talaq is a very good sire, but does anyone know if he has produced any broodmares of note?

02-08-00, 10:34 AM
It was a bit naughty of me, apologies Bill.
Maxie, I don't have side burns but my husband does! And yes, they are impressive!
Not sure right now about At Talaq broodmares but sure he has,..will get back to you!

02-08-00, 10:36 AM
It was the ad. Not so sure about the sideburns though :-).

Skating is by At Talaq.

02-08-00, 11:24 PM
Thanks Bill, any others???

10-08-00, 01:50 PM
i was really interested in this, so i went through all of at talaq's broodmare daughters on the stud book site tonight and could not find one which had produced a group or principle race winner - i'm not sure how up to date the site is - but i couldn't find one!

10-08-00, 02:25 PM
and i forgot to add that i really like the sideburns too!

11-08-00, 04:59 AM
Thanks helen, for the info & also the compliment, I'll pass it on, even so they have been trimmed up quite a bit of late. He's had the winter coat removed!
Did notice in the up coming Inglis sale 25/08 two fillies; one 1997 & one 1998 by Jeune out of Princess Bianco an At Talaq mare. Lots 95 & 96.

Maybe my filly (who I shall not mention) may be the first G1 out of an At Talaq mare. :D

13-08-00, 03:13 AM
Ever thought of entering into an elvis lookalike competition???

13-08-00, 10:40 AM
The Umatilla filly that I may have mentioned here is now appropriately listed in the wonderfull, marvellous, fantastic "Virtual Sale Yard"

Elvis has left the building!!!