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Fowler's Boy
16-09-00, 01:46 AM
Ok punter's time for some honesty.I've been betting for years now and I lose year in year out.Sure I get a few win's here and there but overall I lose so yes I guess that makes me a loser but at least I'm honest and I'm sure if the rest of you were honest you'd all admit to being loser's to

Fowler's Boy
16-09-00, 03:18 AM
I see that some tool has posted this thread in my name, and I see it has had a massive response (0 messages when I checked). This has devasted me, I don't know how I can possibly post a another response knowing that my secret is out.

16-09-00, 03:25 AM
Congrats Fowler's Boy.Very few punter's would admit to being loser's so well done at least for fronting up.I suggest you buy any one of several good book's on punting and who know's you may even start being a winner.Good luck

16-09-00, 07:25 AM
Fowler's Boy why dont you give one of those betting systems a go if your betting is that bad,let us know how you get on

16-09-00, 08:14 AM
Dont despair fowlers boy we all know you lose thousands so why dont u simply just give up!

17-09-00, 04:03 AM
Fowler's Boy, you should ask Mossman for some tips because he has never lost at the races. Jst work out how to stake with 8 tips in each race.

17-09-00, 05:16 AM
SORRY larry you are the greatest tipster to reach this planet - what tip have you come up with for me today - Assuming you are out of bed yet after whacking your brain cells all night!
Least when I tip a horse I am out of bed in time to have someting on it !
Unlike yourself a memorable month ago passing out by race 2 in sydney when your good thing tobolsk strode in!
Yes that is probably the first one you tipped for a season and it got away - shameful luck that one larry :D

17-09-00, 12:28 PM
I agree mossman i think Larry should stop focusing on the bottom of a beer bottle and start thinking about his racing more seriously . As it is he has a long way to go to catch us up .

jim conway
18-09-00, 12:07 AM
>Ok punter's time for some honesty.I've
>been betting for years now
>and I lose year in
>year out.Sure I get a
>few win's here and there
>but overall I lose so
>yes I guess that makes
>me a loser but at
>least I'm honest and I'm
>sure if the rest of
>you were honest you'd all
>admit to being loser's to
let talk and get a winner

18-09-00, 07:58 AM

ratings guru
28-09-00, 09:09 AM
I wonder if you would be interested in learning from a professional punter based in sydney. I hold seminars on professional form analysis & betting methods focused on sydney racing. The vast majority of punters lose consistently simply because they do not work hard enough at trying to win. You must put in the work (& know what your doing when studying the videos , compiling ratings etc.) to win consistently at the races. It is not very hard to win consistently in the long term as long as you are prepared to work the hours & maintain focus on restricting your betting to only value propositions. If you are seriously interested in learning how to win then email me at smccosker@alpha.net.au

10-10-00, 12:08 PM
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10-10-00, 12:09 PM
new raciing site www.geocities.com/nokoff

10-10-00, 02:07 PM
Jim, Jim & Ratings Guru, you aren't serious about anyone on here being serious, well seriously????

This posting has nothing to do with honesty, and I honestly mean that, seriously!!