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17-03-01, 12:57 PM
Good to see that GD has re-united with eccentric Morphettville trainer J D Smith. GD will ride Exalted lad at Cheltenham on Saturday.

Greg Irvine
17-03-01, 01:10 PM
Eccentric??? Hardly!! Great trainer and top bloke is Jim!
And yes I wish Glen the best - but I have made Exalted Lad one of my best - sorry about the pressure!!

17-03-01, 03:50 PM
Eccentric = Greg

Greg Irvine
17-03-01, 07:23 PM
Shhhh - don't tell everyone please :-)

18-03-01, 02:25 AM
Good point Eddy I did not belive it friday when I saw in the form (Exalted Lad-G Dorol) it is a well known fact that Jim & Glen are not the best of freinds.

18-03-01, 10:14 AM
Good bloke but I still think he's eccentric. I see him every morning at the track & wash his bridles every second morning.

18-03-01, 01:03 PM
Super run from Exalted Lad under the weight and I may even have to start talking to Jimmy now that I have been booked for the ride in the Morphettville Guineas in a fortnight time! Go you good thing - set weights at 55.5kg - allready across the line.

18-03-01, 01:07 PM
Don't tell them that - ruins the betting price for raceday for those of us that can bet!!!!

It was a great run today though and the winner is proving a talented horse now he is starting to mature.

18-03-01, 01:32 PM
Yes Ruby that is right. He is talented and on his way up. I am sitting here with the foreman of the Balfour stable, he might not agree, but in a fortnights time when I fly past it, I'll suck it's teeth out!

Greg Irvine
18-03-01, 02:46 PM
Ah yes GD we know which horse we would have liked to seen win today!!! (Sorry Balf)! Anyway let's see them run at level weights.
"....and Exalted Lad is too strong." I can hear Terry now!!

Madam Lash
20-03-01, 07:25 AM
Be careful what you say about the "sucking" GD - remember what stable you're riding for. Get my drift??

20-03-01, 01:06 PM
mmmmm Maddam!! wrong choice of words.I will give it wind burn thank you 4 correcting me.

Greg Irvine
20-03-01, 04:04 PM
Oh Madam Lash - your mind is in the gutter, it didn't even cross my mind.
I will leave that right alone I think!
Good luck Glen in the next race!!

23-03-01, 05:42 AM
I guess it's out of the bag now but Exalted Lad is going to be a great horse. Wait till he gets level weights.He's been doing greta with huge imposts.

Travellin Man
23-03-01, 01:19 PM
Granted Exalted Lad is going to be hard to beat at level weights but there was a couple of nice runs behind them on Saturday that are going to be better suited by the further distance.Dont just concentrate on the one that beat you Saturday GD.

23-03-01, 03:11 PM
Yes well awear!!! The 4th horse drops from 59kg - 53kg and will be suited by the mile at Morpettville, and there are many more ( plus a few VIC's no doubt).