View Full Version : did anyone see the Gauch get thrown last night?

31-03-01, 11:51 AM
That great old gelding Sports finally did what most punters dream about last night at The Valley. He threw Darren Gauci on the way to the barriers prior to the running of the Carlyon Stakes.

We love you Sports!!!

31-03-01, 01:04 PM
I just hope Gauch doesn't read or take heed of any of your comments and the likes of you . What a pathetic thing to write . Gauch is a great bloke and regardless how YOU think hes riding he is actually currently in the top five [never out of the top ten ] , and look at some of the crap he rides . Tell me what he did wrong on Sports last night ?


01-04-01, 08:07 AM
Here! Here! Barney! He is indeed a nice bloke "gentleman"
To wish a fall on anyone, is absolutley disgusting. Even from some of the posters on here. :o

01-04-01, 12:11 PM
Must admit I hate the gauch too but that is probably taken to new lows }>

02-04-01, 07:18 AM
Yeah I probably went a bit too far. And just to show you that I have a heart I wouldn't have been pleased if he had been injured and certainly would not have made a comment. My intent really that a bit of a scare would wake the Gauch up a bit to ride more consistently, particularly on short priced favourites. No spiteful intent.

The Jackal
02-04-01, 03:53 PM
I don't know, I thought it was kind of ironic, the Gauch ended up where he belongs, and it ain't on a horses back.

03-04-01, 03:25 AM
May I remind all of you Victorians that I'm sure you all wished the same fate on Shane Dye for years after the '92 Caulfield Cup. Let he/she who is without fault cast the first stone.

It's also sad to see people "involved" with racing who lack a sense of humour. This, I believe, is the one quality that keeps so many people in the racing industry. Why else would people be happy to lose, week in, week out, such as the Gauch?

By the way, it was a pretty funny sight to see Darren Gauci struggling to handle Sports when he was on the ground. (And before anyone trys a comeback, yes I can handle quiet old geldings, and the occasional firey stallion).

03-04-01, 11:07 AM
M&P , you idiot .

03-04-01, 12:07 PM
Well said Barney my thoughts exactly!!

03-04-01, 12:51 PM
Hey M&P whats a "firey" Stallion ? can't say i've heard of one of them . In future how about some substance to your claims re D Gauci instead of the absolute crap you idiots keep churning out. Just how many more times are you morons going to revisit this subject ?

03-04-01, 01:11 PM
M&P , I dont think the normal racing person would think it funny to see someone fall off and struggle to control their horse, I think that they would be hoping to see him get it under control rather than getting lose and causing injury to itself or another horse.

03-04-01, 02:04 PM
You are kidding yourself, Tim. Please leave.

04-04-01, 07:05 AM
Sense of humour, people!!! Stop taking yourselves so seriously, especially you Barney. And a "firey" stallion is a horse with an enormous erection that is willing to have a go at anything. Jealous Barney??

04-04-01, 08:03 AM
Like Jeune every time he raced Starstruck, that little hussy

04-04-01, 03:44 PM
When you luck is out its out!!!

05-04-01, 04:53 AM
The gauc yet again showing his many talents. He did a good job after nearly letting the horse run into the gat on the way out of the enclosure he then got knocked off. Yet for some reason he stood next to the horse for the next 2 minutes to scared to remount with out and aid. When i consider true champion jockeys i normally go for guys who can control a horse. E.g watch a lad like p payne and tell when a horse actually pulls on him , doesn't happen much if at all. Gauci got booted of Faiza for a reason he can't control 2 year olds

05-04-01, 05:32 AM
espresso, you must have no idea. Ever ridden a horse ?

05-04-01, 06:13 AM
Good point oh hang on you didn't make one. I have ridden but I am no super jock nor do i claim to be. I am just saying that I don't think he is a good jockey. But in sticking up for the cat you show YOU have no idea about what a good jockey is. He was a good apprentice and thats about it.

05-04-01, 07:47 AM
If he is so bad then why did he have the highest winning strike rate for group and listed races last season ? you don't have the slightest idea woman so go back to the kitchen.
I would sugest you go back to the archives first and do some research Espresso, so that you don't have to bore the crap outa all of us.

Travellin Man
05-04-01, 08:29 AM
And further more Expresso take your mate Rorty with you.

Rorty McRorts
05-04-01, 08:42 AM
Ah keep travellin' man to a race track..
oh no don't do that! you might learn something

05-04-01, 08:43 AM
Well said sh + Travelin Man