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Gary (Guest)
15-06-01, 07:40 AM
OK I know I'm not from Tassis but I thought I would start another post for you. So cold already, Is tahat why the temp. seems to have droped in Sydney today??
Bye Bye

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
15-06-01, 08:31 AM
Gary it is ******* freezing. Forecast today was 4 - 8 degrees, raining, snow to 400m. Currently it is 5 degrees, according to the radio. Certainly was fun feeding in the dark, freezing rain at 7.00 this morning! :-)

Liz (Guest)
15-06-01, 08:52 AM
Fiona if it makes you feel any better - it is only about 8 degrees in Melbourne, roaring icy wind and hail etc.
Mmmmm - lovely. Now I know why my horse insists on turning himself into a woolly bear every winter!

Looking (Guest)
15-06-01, 10:47 AM
Anna I am glad Spice is going well, Cody wont mind if you spelt her name wrong. Well I have sat in front of the fire most of the day, and fast outside to feed and a ride between the rain, and the sun came out for about an hour:D
I havn't ridden a young TB off the track for years and it is a shock, but She was so Quiet and just potted around so I was very happy with her :-)

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
16-06-01, 12:46 AM
That's excellent Looking, that your OTTB was so good! She sounds lovely, liver chestnut with a good temperament :-)

I am trying to convince myself to ride this afternoon, I think it's clearing. (I would be so much more motivated, I'm sure, if I didn't have to float every time I ride!).

So no-one is going to any of the upcoming dressage events?

Anna_TAS (Guest)
16-06-01, 01:11 AM
Well it is no warmer today :( Does anyone elses lounge room look like a Chinese Laundry???x(

I hope it clears up a bit for the weekend so I can get some riding in.

Oooooooh I can wait until summer again, when I can ride after work instead of only on the weekends.

Looking so where did you OTTB come from, a local trainer/breeder.
I love TBs for some reason, when I get my confidence back on Spice and it is time for him to have break I will be off to get another TB :):):)

Looking (Guest)
16-06-01, 05:57 AM
HI, Anna and Fiona My mare is home bred,I have her mum and owned her dad, I to want to ride but it is still yuk here :( Her mum is a half sister to Joint Master so I think she will do some thing :-)

16-06-01, 09:26 AM
Lovely black hack with white socks at Tas Newcomer HOY. Haven't seen before or since could be southerner. Also heard lovely newcomer pony will be appearing. Best of luck to the newies.

16-06-01, 09:57 AM
Hey Fiona,
you must be down South. Up this end today had been lovely. Sun shinning, I even mowed the lawns, stripped some rugs off the Neddies, and the biggest surprise...........my washing dried on the line LOL :) Even this little island there can be such a contrast in weather.
cheers Jet.

Looking (Guest)
17-06-01, 04:37 AM
Hey it's sunny down here and no wind so I have not excuse not to ride. Who has new young horses coming on not just new ones coming to the state. The Huon pony club is running a Show in July with Hacking and Jumping so that is what I want to take Goldy to, (I know it's corny) :D as a learning time for her. :-) :-)

17-06-01, 11:18 AM
can any one help me just wandering whos running Tas HOY and where
south or north and who could be contacted about this

17-06-01, 12:44 PM
EFA subcommittee to be formed after AGM in June/July. Kerry Smith in the EFA office is the one to talk to. North or South should be good fun.

17-06-01, 01:49 PM
Well there is going to be 2 HOTY's isn't there ? Hack Council in
October and EFA in Jan' 2002. Any one going to Gary Beaton next weekend?

18-06-01, 08:39 AM
so its going to be two HOY. thats real fun do we have to be EFA reg for both and whos the judgers . were are the shows going to be.Can any one go to the AGM EFA .we could get an car pool and make an good day of it i assume the Agm would be down south of the state.

Looking (Guest)
19-06-01, 01:57 AM
One of the HOY is the Hacking Council and you don't have to be a member of the EFA only of the Hacking Council so I have been told and this year and all members and reg'ed horses can go the this HOY. :D

breeder (Guest)
19-06-01, 04:43 AM
Hi Looking, I also had a half sister to joint masters called Impol out of ronlyn, who was your mare by?????. Unfortunately my mare was very ugly but a brilliant mover. Guess joint masters got the good looking genes!!

Looking (Guest)
19-06-01, 06:43 AM
Hi, Breeder my mare is by fearless Pride and she is the one before Joint Masters she was on the mare and the mare was in foal with him opthe back of Colebrook not in very good condistion so my mare is onty about 15.2 but all her foals are over 16hh. And she is a lovely looking mare.

Anna_TAS (Guest)
20-06-01, 03:51 AM
There is something about the Fearless Pride horses.

I have had a few different ones and they have all had lovely personalities.

So how was everyones weekend??? What did we all get up to??

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
20-06-01, 04:59 AM
My gelding is by Fearless Pride.
My partner reckons that the other day on 7TAB he heard a replay of an old Melbourne Cup, and Fearless Pride was in it. I said I didn't think he ever ran in a Melbourne Cup. My partner claims he didn't place, but did run. Does anyone know whether he did?

My weekend was quiet, rode on Saturday but did non-horsey stuff the rest of the time, apart from giving my horsies their tetanus jabs on Sunday. What good horses they are, not so much as a flinch! :-)

20-06-01, 05:09 AM
my weekend was quiet but good .
does any one know who the judges are Hobart and Launceston.
and whats the weather like every were else in tassie its cold here.up sunny north.

Looking (Guest)
21-06-01, 11:22 AM
Hi, all Tassie's where are you all I know it is cold, but someone must be going some thing:D I have the Blacksmith coming tomorrow(Love you D}>) so I will have to get going on my neddys.
Don't you just love it when you have one horse that just totals rug after rug and the repair bill goes up,you want to leave one off for a night and make him suffer;O but I can't do that so I hope he settles soon. Bye for now:-)

sham (Guest)
21-06-01, 01:24 PM
Looking have you tried the combo winter weight rugs. They fit really well, don't move and consequently fit the horse more snugly. Less paddock problems and less repair bills. Thats what I have found any way. Hope it helps.

L:ooking (Guest)
21-06-01, 10:33 PM
Hi, Sham if you mean non canvas rugs forget in my horses are on a farm that means barbwire ;O and they like to play with each other (FUN) .

22-06-01, 02:09 AM
Looking theres a bucket thing that you can buy at the saddliers that you put on your horse headstall. that stop him wrecking his rugs ive use it and they are great saved me heaps of money in rugs and i can run my horse in paddock with bare wir fencers. hope this helps.

Anna_TAS (Guest)
22-06-01, 05:11 AM
Looking, Spice has the Winter Combo on and we are on a farm with barbed wire and the rug is still brand new.

They are actually quite tuff, I hung his over the barbed wire fence and then dragged it off later and it got stuck I just pulled (I know I shouldn't I was tired) and nothing happened.
He has is "Pine Tree" that he rubs himself on and it hasn't ripped on that either.

Anyway we had a sad start to the week, we had been looking after my Sisters little dog fo a month while she was on holidays with my Mum & Dad, the little bugger decided to chase the Tractor on Monday afternoon. Sad to say she is no longer with us. :( :'(

Does anyone know of any puppies around that are for sale as she is really upset and I would love to get her another one

Fiona in Tassie (Guest)
22-06-01, 05:21 AM
Anna please don't get your sister a puppy, people need time to grieve their dogs. She needs to have time to be upset, please don't feel that you have to try and fix that :-(
Really sad news about the dog, but your sister is better off spending some time remembering the dog and grieving the loss, rather than trying to 'cheer up' by getting a new dog. If you replace a lost dog too soon, you can end up resenting the new dog.
I'd just talk to her and let her know that when she's ready to think about a new dog, you'd love to help out (BTW have you considered the Dogs Home or RSPCA?).
So sorry for your sister's loss :-( :-( :-(
Must have been awful for you too, I hope you feel okay.

Looking (Guest)
22-06-01, 10:09 AM
Hi, Anna,Fiona is right I had a lovey Foxy and lost her to cancer and I cryed for day and it was horrible and I know I did not want a new dog for a long time I do have a new dog now but she is not the same. And Yesterday she went to the vet to have that op that all girl dogs have to have (more money) but I don't want puppies . I Must be old fasion as I like canvas rugs and wool under rugs and cotton on the skin .
BL***y hell it is cold down here and blowing a gale.
I think I will start a new Tread. so see you.