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kazman (Guest)
24-10-01, 12:50 AM
Hay all,

Ive recently been doing some research into heart rate training as an alternative training method and found some pleasing information. But before i put it into practice i would like peoples personal experiences with heart rate first, Did it improve your horses preformance? was it worth the time? and what disiplne did you use it on?
look foward ot hearing

Mister N (Guest)
24-10-01, 10:57 AM
Doesn't Michael Nunan in SA base his traning around heart rates? he would be a good person to get in touch with, as he does get winners.

kazman (Guest)
24-10-01, 01:55 PM
yes, michael nunan was one of the develpors of heart rate in conjunction with polar heart rate monitors, i have heard he has had great sucsess but i would like an independent veiw as he has to endorse them!!

giddy up (Guest)
25-10-01, 09:56 AM
i found a book "training and fitness in athletic horses" by d.l evans quite good . i am an owner , not a trainer , some thinghs went over my head , check it out . i purchased over web for about $15.00 ,is a sydney uni publication . website is www.rirdc.gov.au

elvis (Guest)
25-10-01, 11:34 AM
i bought one ages ago, unforunately i'm not a philadelphia lawyer, so I CAN'T WORK THE F@#$ING THING OUT!!! X(

26-10-01, 03:23 AM
hay elvis,

wat sort did u buy?