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Louis (Guest)
15-06-01, 02:37 PM
Hi, i'm embarrassed even to ask this sort of question, but as I'm trying desperately to finish my uni report and haven't done enough research (and have not competed), I though i'd ask the forum.
What is the standard entry fee for a ODE, and would you expect prizemoney for that sort of entry fee? I suppose, what is the most you'd pay to enter an ODE without prizemoney - or do they all have prizemoney, and you wouldn't enter one without?
if that makes sense. (assuming you didn't have too far to travel)
Cheers :-)

sm (Guest)
16-06-01, 01:04 AM
Depends a lot on who is running the competition and the grade. Pony Club/HRCAV ODEs are usually between about $30 - $50. Most I have competed in run by these associations don't offer prize money, some offer prizes and some just give you a ribbon.

EFA comps are usually more expensive and again, it depends upon the venue and the class. Haven't got my handbook handy but from memory pre novice classes start around $45 and can go up to about $75. Other classes are more expensive. Usually the higher the entry, the better prizes. Not all classes have cash prizes though - some have vouchers, prizes instead.

I'm sure someone has their current handbook around and can give you exact information.

Liz (Guest)
16-06-01, 01:49 AM
I only compete HRCAV and ODEs are usually about $40 upwards - I've seen some at $55 but didn't enter and don't know if there was prize money.
I think prize money is pretty rare at HRCAV level, more likely you will win prizes donated by local saddleries and produce stores.
Biggest prizes I've seen are beautiful woollen rugs with embroidery with the placing and event.

Check the EFA website because when I went there last weekend I saw the entry fees and applicable prize money, which was considerable. I think it was www.efavic.com.au - or something like that.


16-06-01, 02:24 AM
Louis, go to http://www.mht.com.au
this is macarthur horse trials site, and it has the levels, corresponding entry fees and prize moneys for their comps.

Prize money varies quite often depending on the various clubs gaining sponsorship, number of entries etc. There is talk on the horsetrials site - http://www.horsetrials.com.au about whether it may be worthwhile getting rid of prize money for the intro and prelim levels, and reducing the cost of entry fees to encourage more into the lower levels.

KM (Guest)
16-06-01, 08:16 AM
In N.S.W. some clubs are lowering entry fees & prizemoney to attract more entries.The average entry fee for Introductory last year was $40 - $60, and prizemoney varies from Rug & $150 - $50 for 1st place.Usually there is prizemoney to at least 3rd, and ribbons to 6th. As the grades increase, so do the entry fees & prizemoney. Macarthur(one of the websites listed above) has probably the highest prizemoney for the lower grades, and high entry fees, but it is a fabulous event to go to.Some of the entry fees this year are as low as $25, with little or no prizemoney. If you want the scary stuff, look up 3DE prices!
If you are in N.S.W. Try the Horse Trials site, or subscribe and they will send you a book every two months with all you need to know.

16-06-01, 10:43 AM
And us lucky lot in WA get to pay an extra $20 for the EFA levy! x(

lOUIS (Guest)
17-06-01, 12:46 AM
Thanks Guys :-), I will check out the sites, but you have pretty much answered my query. I'm looking at riding club level, so I think donated prizes rather than prize-money sounds more appropriate.

Lin (Guest)
17-06-01, 02:09 AM
I promise you can come and ride on the new spunky Brigadoon XC course, Lorraine!! I'd say that's where a large chunk of the levy is going....

not that I mind, of course ;-)