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proud owner! (Guest)
17-12-02, 03:52 PM
hi all,
i have recentlybought a just turned 4yr old by TRISTAKING out of NANOUSKA. Tristaking's dad is Sir Tristram and from what i have heard from other people is that Sir Tristrams kids mature very late.
My boy's racing name was HEAD SHEPHERD and he was the only foal produced from Tristaking. Looking at my boys bodily shape he is very under nourished and lacking major vitamins but it is evident that he has a lot more growing to do (at the moment he is easily 16.2hh)
Has any one else had this experience with thier horses?
And if so what do you feed them and in what quantities?
how long will it be until he matures????
any help would be greatly apprecitated.

p/s at the moment he is getting economix mitavite and 4 dippers of molo mix!

Sir Tristram FAN (Guest)
19-12-02, 01:20 PM
I have a gelding that is out of a Sir Tristram mare by Rancher, he was graded Intermediate at the age of 6, but i put him in the paddock for 6 months for him to finish maturing. He has now been advanced horse now for 2 years. Yes I think they are slow maturers both physically and mentally, he is the most wonderful horse and even though he is a positively terrible sj he is a great x country horse. I am most jealous of you have a 4 yo with that breeding, good luck and have a wonderful time with him.

Proud Owner! (Guest)
21-12-02, 08:02 AM
thanks Sir Tristram Fan!
my boy is my little baby. i have only just gotten him after JUST saving him from the dog tin :S
at the moment i am only doing lunging work to build up his muscles but in the long run i am wanting to event him.
How big is your boy? at the moment mine is 16.2hh and hopefully he will keep growing!
he is a deep bay and has no white markings what so ever but by no means is PLAIN!!! he has a stunning face and has 2 swirls on his forehead!(a sign of intelligence apparently!)
when you say that they are physically and mentally slow maturers i must say i agree with the mental part because he is inquisitive but if something "scary" comes out then its like "what the hell was that!" not scary shies but just baby stuff!
i have been told to check if his knees are still open.... well i checked but what exactly am i looking at???
i just hope my man turns out like your boy coz yours sounds like a major dream come true! good luck to you to!
p/s do you know if your boy raced? if so what was his racing name?
pp/s what are you feeding him at the moment?

Stable Muck (Guest)
21-12-02, 12:36 PM
Isn't this supposed to be a racing forum, there is another forum to discuss all that "other" oooooh ahhhhhhh horsey muck!

Proud Owner!! (Guest)
22-12-02, 04:16 PM
now now arent we a bit picky!
you were never asked to read this post!
it started out as a question and i found someone who also has the same sort of horse as me (seeing that you are being so picky i spose your gonna say: all t/b's are the same!)
Stable Muck please get off your high horse! i meant no harm in just coming on and asking a simple question about a new horse of mine. in future try reading posts that you are interested in not just reading them so you can bag them.
also if you look throughout the racing forum i think you will find some posts not entirely to do with racing!
i am normally from the equestrian forum but needed some information on my horse.
this is not meant to be a reply having a go at you but just give people a chance.

Alex (Guest)
27-12-02, 07:28 AM
Proud Owner.

Not all the sires by Sir Tristram have been late developers. Look at a stallion like Marauding. He won a Golden Slipper, and then went onto sire 2 Slipper winners himself. Every year Marauding has produced a nice 2YO, Pillaging, Prowl, Burst, Pembleton, Zeya, Pontal Lass, King Marauding, Glammis, Euphoria, all come to mind as quick nippy 2YO's. Marauding is also the broodmare sire of top 2YO's Juanmo; Whistling, De France etc.

Another one of Sir tristram's sons, Grosvenor was an outstanding 2YO, running 3rd in the Slipper, but as a sire his progeny have gotten better with age.

Here are a list of some of his better known sire sons, and what they have done:

* Cossack Prince won Group races from 3 and onwards (sire of Group 2 winner Princess Pushy, was not a Group winner until 6 years of age, was a mare too).

* Dalmacia two times Group 1 winner (won Epsom Handicap). Started winning Group races from 3 and onwards. Sire of 4X Group 1 winner (2 at 2) Flotilla. Dual Tresures, Group winner as of 3 and Go Timmy Group winner at 4.

* Devaraja. Sire of stakeswinning 2YO's Mighty Raja, Raja's Lane, Develan and Prince Raja.

* Dr Grace - Group 1 as of 3, winner of Derby. all of his horses have shown they are better with age.

* El Qahira - sire older horses.

Sir Tristram FAN (Guest)
28-12-02, 09:02 AM
Stevie is 16.2 but built like a large warmblood, until i show people his brand most dont believe he is TB. He is amazingly quiet nothing upsets him, but is incredibly sensitive to ride, no spurs, only ever been hit once with a whip x-country and that was for my benefit.
Yes he did race 3 races as a 2yo and 1 as a 3yo, ran couple of places in the country. Name was Ravalliac (?spelling) trained at Lindsay Park by Peter Hayes.
What do I feed him? He is extremely spoilt and gets fed more like a hack than an event horse, he has a very badly formed jaw and can not chew whole grain properly so is on Mitavite and rolled grain mix, and everything else you can think of. He is a little hard to keep weight on.
Yes i am very lucky to own such a wonderful horse and would dearly love to have more similar to his breeding particularly a mare.
Goodluck with him.

Stable Muck (Guest)
29-12-02, 06:47 AM
"if you look throughout the racing forum i think you will find some posts not entirely to do with racing!"

And most of the fair dinkum racing people are sick of this showey crap on here!
Ooooh Ahhh I just bought this TB, now dur, what do I feed it. blah blah blah!

Alex (Guest)
07-01-03, 01:40 PM
Really Stable Muck, please keep your comments to yourself. I find it quite offensive that you write stuff that offends others.
I used to hate show horses too until I actually took up cross country as a sport, and boy my mind changed like that overnight.
You may say "oh showey crap, ooh aah they are so prissy and gay", but wait till you get aboard a horse that can jump 4 foot, and gallops over the jumps, and is so willing and cunning and just jumps, then you will be quiet.

I find it wonderful that us racing folk can help people from the equestrian industry about their ex racehorses.

All I can say is good on you all whom have taken in an ex racehorse as a pet/show horse, otherwise it could have ended up in a far worse situation eg. the knackery.

Event Rider (Guest)
12-01-03, 12:09 PM
Please dont take offence Alex but can you racehorse people please stop referring to all horses that are not racehorses that they are showhorses. Showhorses are judged purely on their looks similar to beauty contests. Event horses and showjumpers are not showhorses nor are they pets, they are performance horses. There are even horses bred specifically for these SPORTS some are even TB that have never raced, so we dont always have to try to rehabilitate some poor exracehorse.