View Full Version : Contact Number for Graham Stuart

Shell (Guest)
27-06-01, 02:25 AM
After reading the post about Graham. I was wondering if anyone has his phone number. I have had gear made by his dad and I need a new show bridle but I cannot for the life of me find his phone number.

I thought he was in Jannali area.


27-06-01, 03:05 AM
Shell, I don't have his number, but he lives up in Robertson now - so if you are looking, look in the (02 48) region...

cgh (Guest)
27-06-01, 06:05 AM
there are two possibilities - the other branch of the family still has the saddlery in Sutherland I think, and they're in the book.

Also, I think he advertises, and may have a website.

lovlee (Guest)
27-06-01, 08:37 AM
Graham is at Robertson in Main Street, which is the street on the right coming into Robertson. Looked madly for his number cannot find it but if you ring telecom they can tell you.