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14-10-00, 07:30 AM
I've just downloaded By-A-Nose from Pineapplehead and it says I can try it out in guest mode. I don't mind paying to get the form data into it, but I'd like to try it our first to see if it works for me. How do I do that?

14-10-00, 07:40 AM
To try the By A Nose program for free. Download the software and once installed, click the Internet Download button on the top menu. You will be prompted for a Cyberhorse login. It is here that you type the Name: guest and Password: guest.

This will then display a list of historical races that you can load into the system and check against actual results. I suggest you use the Tabcorp web site to check the actual results. This can be found at http://www.tabcorp.com.au

21-10-00, 12:49 PM
In my opinion the program is fully functional using guest/guest as username/password.

03-11-00, 04:04 AM
Hi there,
I've been trying to download the BAN program from the http://www.pineapplehead.com.au/ site for more than a week now with no success. I go to the site, click on http://www.pineapplehead.com.au/pub/text/BAN.htm, click on http://www.pineapplehead.com.au/pub/text/regban.htm, submit my Email and clock on "CLICK HERE to download your copy" (ftp://www.pineapplehead.com.au/ban/). Nothing happens. How come others appear to be able to download this program? Can you help?

>To try the By A Nose
>program for free. Download the
>software and once installed, click
>the Internet Download button on
>the top menu. You will
>be prompted for a Cyberhorse
>login. It is here that
>you type the Name: guest
>and Password: guest.
>This will then display a list
>of historical races that you
>can load into the system
>and check against actual results.
>I suggest you use the
>Tabcorp web site to check
>the actual results. This can
>be found at http://www.tabcorp.com.au

05-11-00, 03:15 AM
Louis, there have been thousands of BAN downloads so the server is working fine. Some people have had to try more than once as their connection has cut out part way through. You don't seem to be getting to the ftp server at all, which suggests that maybe your service provider has cut you off from access to it somehow. Try checking with their help desk to see if they can download BAN. If they can't most likely the problem is with your ISP.

24-02-01, 03:13 PM
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