View Full Version : Can't get TAB prices for by a nose

24-10-00, 03:22 AM
I've been using by a nose since about 10am checking out the results for the weekend. Its now 11am and I can't get the TAB prices for the races today. When are they going to be available?

Bill S.
24-10-00, 03:45 AM
Your problem is caused by logging on too soon. When you first use BAN to get data from the internet, you have to log on. At that stage, BAN has a look to see what form data and what odds data is available.

The TAB odds would not have been available when you first logged on, so BAN will not have known they have subsequently become available.

What you need to do is to close down BAN and start it again. Note that you don't have to close down your internet connection as well - it will keep running happily when you close down BAN.

If the TAB odds are still not available when you restart and you are a current BAN data subscriber, let us know by email. There may be a technical problem.