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Chesson (Guest)
08-09-01, 03:43 AM
Hi as part of a project for Uinversity I am researching the viability of Agricultural tours, primarilly in the horse industry. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or opinions on what types of tours would be of the most interest to people.
It is proposed that these tours could be both international and national, and could encompass all facets of the horse industry. I would just like to know what sort of things people would be interested in seeing. E.g Visiting Royal Ascot, National Stud Newmarket, Melbourne Cup, Hunter Valley Stud Tour

Rae (Guest)
29-08-02, 05:29 PM
If in Victoria, I'd have to say Alabar Bloodstock Stud Farm near Echuca on the Murray is exceptional. It's a standardbred stud but their technology is world class and they have revolutionised the breed since the late 80's. You'll also see a lot more than at a Thoroughbred stud because embryo transfer and semen transport is perfectly legal in harness racing and it's all absolutely amazing. And they are quite happy to show people through.

As far as international racing is concerned I know that in Sweden and Italy they are absolutely fanatical about trotting and a day at the Italian track when world champ Varenne is racing is just indescribable.

As for the gallops a day at the Manangatang or Gunbower Cup is a real experience.