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The Late Mail (Guest)
19-07-02, 01:20 PM
I have used commercial ratings for a few years with excellent results and wondered if anyone was having similar success.

alishope (Guest)
20-07-02, 10:49 AM
what are commercial ratings ?

20-07-02, 11:08 AM
Alishope, By commercial ratings I mean ratings that are available from ratings services via 1900 numbers or fax.

Tom Bartonn (Guest)
20-07-02, 12:08 PM
Late Mail, I have been using Ratings for three years with varying degrees of success. Most of my problems have been operator error. My main ratings used were SUPERFORM AT www.inracing.com.au , Suparatings Fax 1902 212 128. I have now switched to Winning Edge Ratings Fax 1902 248 100. They cost the same as other fax services $11 for four states, but have the advantage of prices which are not available with Suparatings, but Suparatings give you five states.The cost is very reasonable as there are usually plenty of winners.The problem using ratings is whether to back them in order or by getting a price at least 50% over the rated price.The latter gives better long term results, but when backing longer priced horses the run of outs can be greater, but if you stay with them the big priced winners will come along.One thing I have changed with my betting is to back multiple runners instead of having one big bet a race.It has certainly turned things around for me,and since doing this I rarely have a losing day.

GG (Guest)
23-07-02, 02:44 AM
The Late Mail, I have used ratings for about a year. Most times I win, but how you use ratings is probably different for all types of punters.Some people are disiplined which makes it easier to win no matter what selection process you use. I agree with another posting , and find Superform ratings the most consistent. Over the years I have tried about every ratings supplier. The Winning Edge Ratings used by Tom had a bit of an off day Saturday with less winners than is usual ( missed about 11 out of 32 ) especially in Sydney.On a couple of occasions lately there were 30 winners out of 32 races in the numbers.They did have 1 good winner EARTEAR rated at 3/1 paid $9.40 which put me up for the day.Superform had YOUTHFUL Super Rated at 9/1 which was handy. I have been using Auzform ratings as a back up but their performance has dropped off in my opinion.To be fair most ratings seem to have had an off day Saturday. The problem lately is that a lot of winners are under their true price,but a lot of losers are unders which save you money.Happy Punting.

Joe Cammar (Guest)
26-07-02, 03:17 AM
I have been using a rating service for the last 5 years now it is a private rating service club ,and the only one I use they supply me with every TAB meeting, by email about 10.30am ,or if you like an early one is usually available the night before, but of course the later one has the Scr taken out,
The strike rate is about 50% for it's top3 with an overall strike rate of 80% ,
I use it for my quinella and Trifecta play ,and have had great success with The flexi betting on NSW tab in the first 4 , I got one at Sandown a couple of weeks back when they top rated the Trif in top3 with the 4th position being rated at 5th selection, (they give you 7 rated runners a race , and they are in a price order of rating) the top4 paid $21,000 odd I had 30% worth , whish Supertab would bring in flexi betting ideal for Trif and Quadrella where you could go that extra depth.
you need to be introduced to the club by a member , they will let you trial the service for a month to see if it suits your style of betting ,
So if you send an email to jimpunts@ozemail.com.au ,and ask for a trial period ,mention my name JOE CAMMAR has recommended me to your service , I'me sure Jim will supply you with their service, by the way cheapest subscription service I have found for the service they provide.

26-07-02, 11:33 AM
Joe, Thanks for your reply and to the other replies.I have had great results with ratings but my mates find it impossible to win with them.I think most people are not betting properly which causes their downfall.I will get your ratings and see how they compare with the Winning Edge Ratings and Superform.Most ratings for some reason had an off week, missing a few winners last Saturday even though the winners were in the market.The ratings I prefer have a rated price which is a great guide, which is why I use the one's mentioned.More people should be using this site as it is excellent, and not full of rot like Racing and Sports.

The Late Mail (Guest)
26-07-02, 12:25 PM
8pm AEST THURS 25/7/02
Joe, Jim just emailed me a copy of Saturdays ratings.They are set out ok with prices. Just as a guide their are a lot of variations from Jims to my ratings, which is not uncommon with ratings.
Race 2 Adelaide my ratings have Baitenhausen at 2/5 and race 2 Melbourne Donarch is 1/10 which is the second shortest price I have had since using these ratings.The shortest was Zabenz when it won the hurdle a couple of weeks ago at $3 the ratings price was 1/40.
Happy punting.

Joe Cammar (Guest)
27-07-02, 07:02 AM
Glad to hear that you contacted Jim you will find him friendly and reliable,did you get todays ratings from him,I like playing his top 3 and look for value so far today I have backed Raw King 1st race at townsvile paying $17.20,and the 4th at Townsville paid $18.5 , and just backed Bligh County at Bathurst paid $10.60,
But never backed Wise Portia or SmartStrike at Tamworth which paid over $50 on Stab which I should have done so as taliking with Jim he expected some high priced winners today as yesterdays divies were down a bit
back to betting catchya

27-07-02, 09:12 AM
JOE, Jim emailed me Saturdays ratings. You have had a great day on the results that you have had.Talking about letting a couple of winners go, on Wednesday I was having a few losing bets until DEEP BLUE won at 9/1.I decided to stop while in front when the next prices for Balaklava came up.The horse I had rated at 5/1 was paying 80/1. I didn't bet and was feeling sick when Hilton Donaldson had it bursting through and winning. The dividends came up $ 103 but 15 seconds later Hilton said he had called the wrong horse and the favourite was the winner.It made me feel better but I felt for the punters who had backed it.That's racing.

29-07-02, 02:02 PM
The late mail,I rang and got a copy of the winning edge ratings on saturday.They were pretty good and I had a winning day.The best were near the end with a $25 and $35 winner which were rated at 7/1 and 15/1.A lot of the winners were in the first couple of selections but the available price was under the rated price.A lot of winners seem to be ridiculous prices lately but if you only bet the value selections you will end up winning.Anyway waiting for next saturday.

the late mail (Guest)
02-08-02, 02:38 PM
Joe, I have used Jim's rating for a week now and find them very good. There have been several 20/1 winners. I have backed about 5 good priced winners in the last 3 days. Some have been in my ratings as well but further down the list.Thanks for the recommendation.

Tommy Jonson (Guest)
04-08-02, 10:35 AM
Tom, I have been using SUPERFORM for 5 years. I find them excellent. There were good winners today. I bought the WINNING EDGE RATINGS today to see what they were like. They had Double Dazzle 1st pick at 3/1 and winning @ $24.There were other winners through the day and the last at Melbourne they had Brorama Star and As You Do as the big overlays. The latter won at $28.Anyway it was a good winning day so that's the main thing.

Joe Cammar (Guest)
05-08-02, 01:34 AM
Late Mail
Good to hear that you have some success with Jims rating Service,I think we should recommend it to every punter, but then as Jim says getting people to use them the right way we would not get any overs ,I had a serve of a couple yesterday both paid over $20 but I see that Tom received them from elsewhere , I also happened to be studying Murtoa Race 3 and noticed jim had top rated #11 showing $18.00 a win so took a Trifecta with it to win other 6 to run 2nd and 3rd and then took a box with top 3, and of course up they come ,only $480 odd but picking up over $900 for my $36.00 outlay,hard to take.
Have you joined the club yet , or still thinking about it, as you now know where else can you get every TAB race for $9.00 a week , when I see others paying more than this for a days races .
good punting to all
Joe C

gay (Guest)
05-08-02, 11:30 AM
Hey, that was our horse at Murtoa. How on earth did he pick her on top? 6yo, 22 starts, 1st up since Nov & me training her. He must be a genius as we didn't even back her [too many convictions!] but the p/money was great. Rapt she won for you anyway. I do know the jockey/trainer strike rate is very high - perhaps that had s/thing to do with it. Cheers

The Late Mail (Guest)
05-08-02, 02:25 PM
GAY, I have 2 ratings programmes on my computer and REQUESTING was very highly rated and 2nd pick on the both programmes at a rated price of 7/1. At $16 it was a good overlay but I only bet on the 4 main states Saturday and didn't back it, but had an excellent day punting.Glad it won for you but it would have been a bit more enjoyable if you would have backed it.The only certainty in racing is the uncertainty and when you back them something usually beats them.Keep on winning.

The Late Mail (Guest)
05-08-02, 03:30 PM
JOE, 4/8/02
I joined JIM'S club after I had a couple of free trials.I also do my own ratings on 2 programmes I have on my computer.You wouldn't beleive the amount of times my best programme and Jim's ratings line up. When we both don't have the favourites they usually get lost in the rush. One programme I have which uses Don Scott's formula to work out the ratings comes up with horses at 100/1 when other programmes have them 4/1.Sometimes their right sometimes wrong but you can still win with them if you bet correctly as this only happens on odd races.
Most punters are their own worst enemy and don't win no matter how hard they try as incorrect ideas are locked into their brains and because they think they correct they see no reason to change, and will probably go through their whole life losing like most punters. The old saying "winners keep winning-- losers keep losing" ,horses and punters.
Some of my mates lose nearly every week but still keep betting incorrectly and hoping. When I'm winning nearly every day they say I'm lucky.When you bet properly,luck follows goodjudgment.
As you know the biggest secret to punting is to back multiple runners per race and most important VALUE. I've never seen any punter in my 40 years of betting who can consistently win backing 1 per race or backing every favourite.
Punting is a tough occupation and you need to do every thing right to win. A lot of people seem to have no idea how to use ratings,and backing overlays, but I think they are the easiest method of finding decent priced winners available. Since I've been using them I have won a lot more with a lot less work.

In race 2 Eagle Farm yesterday DOUBLE DAZZLE was 1st pick at 5/2 in my ratings and 2nd pick in Jim's.I had 4 sets of ratings and it was first or second pick in every one which makes you wonder if the ratings followers backed it when it paid such a good price. I had a good win on it at $24. My mates who had my ratings said "how could you back that against the 1/2 favourite GULLCATCHER" which just goes to show how people think, when Brisbane has the worst strike rate for odds on favourites in Australia.It was an excellent each way bet at $5.40 the place.
Keep on winning.

Joe C (Guest)
05-08-02, 03:58 PM
Gay Why dont you ask Jim email jimpunts@ozemail.com.au, I wonder if the Owners of Reign of Glory at Warrnambool backed their horse , I did , Jim rated it equal on Top at $6.00 paid $56.70 on NSW tab also had the Trif $1400 in top 4 select, this can be varified by Late Mail as he would have had the ratings also and then finished the day at Narromine with the winner there at 20/1 , yes he is a bloody genius (sometimes , I ought to get him to contribute to this forum and he can explain more.

Hitman (Guest)
05-08-02, 09:36 PM
Are you guys for real?

First, gay trains a horse and didn't back it and it WON.
Get a new job!
If you can't tell when your own horse is ready to win then give the game away.

Second, paying for race ratings.
If you pay for race ratings by some bloke in a little office trying to make a buck by giving out half the field and then going "LOOK I PICKED THE WINNER" then you guys are off your rockers.

Give up punting if you can't look at a field and tell what's good value and what's not!

06-08-02, 01:23 AM
To Hitman
It's not just paying for ratings,but look at it in another way,today with so much racing , you need time to study the form properly if one is going to succeed in the punting game today, I might ask what newspapers do you buy to do your form work, add up the cost of this and you will see that you are paying for a service, and then you have to sit down and study for maybe a couple of hours (what do you put on your time), I subscribe to a service that has done all this for me, 11am open my email and there is my selections for the day, of course one has to believe that they find enough winners that suits, with me I only bet on 2 horses a race, for the month of July my total winners was 427 , so far for August I have backed 67 winners in 4 days , how many did you back .And this is from a little old man sitting in an office trying to earn a buck, Give me more like him,
And yes it is the same service that Joe uses ,Hard to Knock when you have just backed two winners paying $56.70 and $20 to finish off a day when we backed 18 winners.
So look at it in another light (it saves time)
Thank you

Oddball (Guest)
06-08-02, 03:07 AM
to Hitman
There are a lot of owners that only race for pleasure ,and the prizemoney, you will find one of the biggest owners in Aust only races for the pleasure of seeing his horses winning.
So if Gay did not put any money on her horse , she may not be a punter,
Good luck to her
And as to Rating services , do you pay for your car to be serviced, pay the gas bill, and the electric bill , they all provide a service and these are things which we dont do for ourselves we pay for it, if some people do not have the time to study, then they pay for a service to do the work for them,
see the other side of it,
I live 60km from the Qld border,about 800km from the coast, when they say Back of Bourke , well thats where I am, no newspapers, mail twice a week,and boy am I glad for rating services they provide me with the information that I want .
A service that I cant provide for myself and for $10.00 a week a small charge to pay.
Hope this will give you some insight to why there are Rating Services
FRED the oddball

gay (Guest)
06-08-02, 08:15 AM
Thanks Oddball you're right. The horse had a j/out 11 days prior, went 'up the hill' [it's huge] Sat, ran 800/55 Wed laying out in her work then didn't want to be caught Thurs for the 1st time ever so due to the obvious [feeling her joints] she had Thurs/Fri off & I lasered the c.... out of her joints. The p/money was about $3000 to us so how on earth could we back her? With or w/out confidence!! Same old story as it turns out, if they've got some ability & they're 100% sound [which she was on the day] they need only be 90% fit. Doesn't work the other way round. Cheers

Hitman (Guest)
06-08-02, 09:09 AM
There's nothing wrong with racing for fun, but gay implied she was surprised by the win. I trained my own horses for years and knew every time they were going to win or at least figure in the first three. Because I knew them backwards. All their traits and moods. Trackwork is not always a true guide, but it would sure tell me when Chrome Prince was going to win.

As far as ratings go, I still believe that you are putting your faith in someone else who more than likely knows no more about racing than yourself. I never buy formguides - they mean nothing. Punters have tried to win for hundreds of years looking at formguides and trying to pick winners - it doesnt work.

I go to the track every morning. I watch the horses workout, talk to the jockeys and trainers and bet when horses are value.
That's how I win.


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stirrer(Sam) (Guest)
06-08-02, 10:26 AM
do you give the Jock or trainer a sling when they put you on the right one.Paying for a service if you do so wheres the diff then,
why not try to pick em yourself.
And why aint you still training if yous was that good.

The Late Mail (Guest)
06-08-02, 10:40 AM
Hitman, I'm glad to see a few people replying to the posts. When I first entered this site I thought there were no people using it as some of the letters were a year old. That's certainly changed since my letter. Whether you want to buy ratings or not is your business but they can save you plenty of time and give good results if you know how to use them. They suit some people and not others.I don't have time to spend 6 hours per state doing the form, so ratings are an easy alternative.My mates don't win with them because of greed and inconsistency which is the downfall of most punters.By the tone of your letter I think your punting is not successful.You could post your value bets on this site Saturday so we can see how easy it is to look at a field and find the value. Just because one person isn't winning does not mean every one else is losing.Naturally all ratings services give 6 or so selections per race. The only thing you have to do is sort the gold from the rocks.Backing the overlays is the way to go.VALUE is the answer. Email Jim and get a free sample as Joe suggested and see for yourself. $460 per year is cheap.WE ARE FOR REAL.

Hitman (Guest)
06-08-02, 12:28 PM
>do you give the Jock or
>trainer a sling when they
>put you on the right
>one.Paying for a service if
>you do so wheres the
>diff then,
>why not try to pick em
>And why aint you still training
>if yous was that good.

1. No I never give the trainer or jock a sling!
2. They know me from the track, so they usually just reinforce what I have observed for the morning.
They just tell me where the horses are next racing and who will be riding and why etc.
3. How do you know I am not still training Sam?
4. I am more involved in the breeding side of things now.

Hitman (Guest)
06-08-02, 12:46 PM
>By the tone of
>your letter I think your
>punting is not successful.You could
>post your value bets on
>this site Saturday so we
>can see how easy it
>is to look at a
>field and find the value.
>Just because one person isn't
>winning does not mean every
>one else is losing.Naturally all
>ratings services give 6 or
>so selections per race. The
>only thing you have to
>do is sort the gold
>from the rocks.Backing the overlays
>is the way to go.VALUE
>is the answer. Email Jim
>and get a free sample
>as Joe suggested and see
>for yourself. $460 per year
>is cheap.WE ARE FOR REAL.

1. My punting is extremely successful and I just don't see where you got the impression that it isn't.
I assess each horse that is ready to win and they usually win within two or three starts and I win at LEVEL stakes! Not picking six horses and then having to sort them out again. The only sensible thing I have heard is when you say about value and overlays, because that's essentially what I do, but not more than one horse a race.

And no I don't give away my value bets.
And no I don't ask for subscribers.
And no I don't pick 6 horses in a race.

I just win.

The Late Mail (Guest)
06-08-02, 06:13 PM
Hitman, I'm glad to hear that you are winning.It would be great if everyone could win but unfortunately the losers pay the winners.If you can win backing one horse per race you are a genius.I haven't seen 1 punter in 40 years of betting who has won over a period of time backing 1 per race.Professional punters I know can't do it, so you are unique.I made every punting mistake known to man for years until I worked out how to win, and now rarely have a losing week. I mainly bet in Vanuatu and checking my records after an office clean up,I have not paid them for over a year which sounds incredible but is true.
Keep winning.

sam (Guest)
07-08-02, 02:47 AM
to hitman
you used the word TRAINED instead of TRAIN one is in the past tense and the other in the present.
Of course in all modes of betting money management is part of it , with betting on one horse in a race what happens when your (INFORMATION SUPPLIERS), Jocks and Trainers give you diff horses that may be in the same race do you bet them both or decide to leave one out,as to strike rate in their next 2 or 3 starts could be a 50%,or 33% strik rate , how many bets a week would you average ,
I can assure you that I PAYING the feed bills and the Trainers Wages found out my trainer was giving free information away he would not be training for me , or the Jock would not be riding it unless it was LOHNRO , then we all knew it was going to win

Hitman (Guest)
07-08-02, 10:28 AM
Sam I used the term trained because the particular group of horses in question are now all retired. That's not to say I still do some training of horses.

I think you entirely misunderstood my posting.

No my sole source of information is NOT jockeys and trainers.
I view most trackwork and therefore make my own decisions. Jockeys and trainers only fill in small gaps that I might want to know. Such as :
"What will be his next race?"
"Over what distance?"
"how did he feel this morning etc?"
The strike rate is over 50% more like 72%
I average 5 bets a week.

Hitman (Guest)
07-08-02, 10:37 AM
Backing one horse per race?

I certainly select maybe two or three races on a Saturday, definitely not every race on the card and not more than one horse. I know many "pros" and many claim to be. The pros pick one horse they have studied PROPERLY and assessed realistic odds and value for that runner. The others pick half the field trying to "get out" with a profit = Longterm loss.

The Late Mail (Guest)
08-08-02, 11:34 AM
To Joe C, 14/7/02. Joe, I was going to have a day punting today but got tied up on a job and didn't bet. I know Jim's ratings followers would have had a big result with R3 Gawler the winner DUBAI CLARE top rated and paying $63 on Unitab.I had 3 bets yesterday for 3 flops and will be betting tomorrow. Hope there's another big winner.

Joe C (Guest)
08-08-02, 03:32 PM
To Late Mail
Wow where did all these messages come from , only been away from the site for a couple of days and come back to find a heap of messages.
Sorry you did not get to have a go at it, I myself had a small wager on it I was running a betting plan on the selections , dealing with top 4 and then split them further into actual prices and the bets had not got big enough when it came in , it paid better than Stab only $53.00 but I guess the club members may have had a serve , as it was a Wed there would not be as many watching for the overs and betting accordingly ,By the way Jim had a modest bet himself he told me, but cursed as he usually plays the Quin and Exacta on these type of Selections, and did not do so What you didnt tellem was that the Trifecta was in the top 4 Selection paying over$4000 and me not holding even a half ticket on it, that makes 2 50/1 winners rated on top in last 4 days , as Gay said he's a bloody Genius,but if one could see his Comp Programs do the work that a form student would envy ,
But it still would not convince Hitman would it ,
If he knew that by following Jims selections every race for the month of July top2 that is betting 2 horses in a race , and that is every race that the TAB operates on he would have backed 427 winners for the month .
So even if he had a strike rate of 75% (And I doubt if he did) and 5 bets a week that would be about 20 odd bets for the month and 15 winners.
Jim was challenged last month that he had to select 300 winners from top2, quite a bit of money was involved too , and of course he got that with 10 days to spare, so if Hitman wants a challenge his slections (2) for each race against the ratings , I'me sure we can accomidate him.
Hope they fall you way tomorrow,by the way Jim said that today he expected 1st and 6th selection may be the ones to play,and he wasn't far wrong from that was he
Catchya soon
Joe C

And over 100 so far this month,

Hitman (Guest)
08-08-02, 03:49 PM
1. Paragraphs and punctuation wouldn't go astray.

2. I don't need to be convinced of anything.

3. Strike rate is irrelevant on it's own.

4. Average dividend is irrelevant on it's own.

5. Profit on turnover is relevant.

6. I said 70% plus win within two or three starts and that's a statistical fact.

7. No I am not interested in any competition because:

a) I am not selling anything.

b) It works for me and I make a profit - at the end of the day that's all that matters. I have been through debates with punters in the past and am not willing to debate statistical facts.

The Late Mail (Guest)
19-08-02, 05:14 AM
To Joe C, 17/8.02.Joe, Just wondered how you went on the punt Saturday. I was having a bad day , most horses running places, when I was betting straight out.I had a good result on Jim's 1st pick GRUMANS at Adelaide paying $38. I didn't have another bet after it ,as I turned a shocking day into a winning one.GOOD PUNTING

JoeC (Guest)
19-08-02, 01:49 PM
To Late Mail
What happened to you in the first at MV thought that would have started you off on the right foot, I had bet on the first At Mildura that paid $18 then 1st at MV $15 so we were well primed for the day, and as you know we had a quite a few winners at smaller odds ,if Jim had not made the comment about Rubitano in his email that the program may have underestimated it in the facts that it had not raced at MV , I would have hit the Trif harder but I had $5.00 of it so picked up over$1,000 there , and of course we were on Bidaily at MV , then Grumans in Adel, folowed up with $3.00 of the Quinella in Sydney , the party realy started to come to life , and stayed all the way to the end of the races and backed the last in WA it paid $16 a ticket but dropped a couple of dollars on the last couple at Toowoomba, but fronted up again today , and what a day we had, backed the card at TAREE last paid $14 but the top selection at $70 flashed up to get 2nd place , I had the running double going with both of them and backed them both each way , also the Quinella $390 ,
Let the good times roll on
bye the way Jim tells me Gays horse is running tomorrow Monday at Horsham ,have to send her an email to find out.
I do have your email address now so added that to my book
catchya in the winning queue

the late mail (Guest)
20-08-02, 11:37 AM
TO JOE C, You certainly had a great day on Saturday. I did back the $16 winner in Melb. race 1 but I had too small a bet on it.Most of the bets I have are on longer priced horses . I know the longer priced winners come up less frequently but I rarely bet less than a $5 or $10 range.The long shots seem more satisfying and a $20 winner is great.I didn't bet on Sunday but you unlucky with the first pick in the last at Taree ROCKLILLY @ $70 missing the start and going down by inches.I had a couple of bets today and had a good win on IRRADIENCE @ $22.I told Jim to get you to send me an email so we can communicate. Anyway, Good Punting.

Norm R.... (Guest)
01-09-02, 01:46 PM
To all involved in this subject. Can anybody please inform me as to how one can utilise ratings without sitting around watching or listening race to race. Fortunately or unfortunately I have to place all of my bets at the beginning of the day and check at the end of the day as to how things went. I would dearly love to have a go at receiving these HUGE DIVVIES I am reading about, but please tell me how to do it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
My email sabu@northnet.com.au.....

the late mail (Guest)
02-09-02, 02:20 PM
Norm, I think it is near impossible to use ratings without using them as the race is about to start. The main reason why ratings work is by backing the overlays . To win you must get value, take unders and you go under.You need to see the prices before the race to decide your selections.The success you have with ratings is unreal if you bet correctly. I have my own ratings as well as Superform and JIM's ratings as mentioned in other posts. Jim had Crystal Finale top selection Saturday paying $38 and today had a Sunshine Coast winner 3rd pick about 5/1 and it paid $55. Maybe doubles or trebles could be profitable betting pre race. The QTAB double on Melbourne yesterday was won by both 1st picks ( which would probably not happen regularly ), and paid $535 for $1.Even if a few were coupled up the return would be ok.Hope this is of some help.

Professional Sports Punter
04-09-02, 02:03 AM
San Diego Padres (Jones) PK over Colorado Rockies

Sportodds Prices as of this morning
Prices - Colorado at San Diego (3/Sep/2002 12:05 PM [3 hrs 50 mins])
Colorado Rockies To Win $1.90
San Diego Padres To Win $1.90
San Diego Padres Line +1.5 $1.55
Colorado Rockies Line -1.5 $2.40

Norm R. (Guest)
05-09-02, 01:10 PM
Thanks to you Late Mail.
I would dearly love to have a go at my own rating but have no idea where to start....I download Cyberhorse 5 start form. Is it possible to create a spreadsheet or somethig similar to create these rating for oneself. Do you have any such spreadsheet you might be able to email me to give me a kick start.

PS Any one else with a spreadsheet might be able to elp as well.

Regards Norm....

Joe Roll (Guest)
09-09-02, 01:49 AM
TO Tom Bartoon, I was reading your message and decided to get the Winning Edge Ratings on Saturday. Are they always as good as this ? I boxed a few races trifectas including Race 2 Melbourne. The trifecta paid nearly $6000 which surprised me until UNI TAB dividend came up $21000. There were about 18 trifectas,about 9 in a row early in the day,some of them in the $500 / $600 range, and 27 winners in the numbers, plenty of them exceeding the rated price including ALL OF ME rated 8/1 paying $55, EVANDER 6/1 paid $16. They had every Sydney winner and only missed Purple Groove in Melbourne.A couple of good Adelaide winners in WE WILL ROCK YOU and RENDELSHAM STAR. I'll be faxing them every week after the day I had Saturday. Lucky I read your message or I would have not had these big winners, HOPE THEY CONTINUE.

Jay Cee (Guest)
14-09-02, 12:52 AM
I use Price Predictor Ratings which can be operated using cyberhorse 5 start form. Races are rated automatically. You can adjust any aspect of ratings you want. E.G jockeys,peak ratings form improvement and so on. A good way to understand the logic of rating races and its not going to cost you an arm and a leg. You can rate any race in Australia provided it is covered by one of the T.A.B,s. Also HITMAN you are a flip who obviously lives in a fantasy world pretending to be someone you are not. Grow up and stop crapping on.

The Late Mail (Guest)
17-09-02, 11:19 AM
Jay Cee,I have used the PRICE PREDICTOR PRO computer ratings program for a long time with excellent results.I always only produce the raw ratings as mates of mine who continually adjust the ratings seem to get overall results not as good as the originals.I had a good day with them today backing GRACERENA rated 1/1 paid $4.50 and MELTIMI at Moe rated 3/1 and paid $12.50. The day would have been extra special if SEE THE SENSE rated 11/4 and paying $17 could have kicked an extra 1/2 head in the last instead of running second. My mate got the UNiTAB treble , MELTIMI $12 FAMILY ADDITION $5 and RUPERT $3. It paid about $890 for $1 which was enormous.
All the best.

JAY CEE (Guest)
18-09-02, 11:41 PM
Late mail,
I do exactly the same as you . I also only bet on Melbourne city meetings on Saturdays confining my betting to Open Hcps, Open Fillies and Mares and Open Group and Listed races. I am also testing top rated horse in Sydney where the race is rated at 55 plus. I rate most meetings just to keep an eye on how ratings are performing. I have used a number of services over many years with mixed results and find Price Predictor as good as any. After initial outlay for the programme and 5 start form from Cyber horse It costs you absolutely nothing to rate as many races as you want. I will not be looking for any other service.

the late mail (Guest)
19-09-02, 11:08 AM
Jay Cee, An old friend of mine got the Price Predictor Ratings in their RAW STATE every Saturday to check out if any races were better than others. This can be done with a fair degree of accuracy as the same races are programmed in the same order every week.After many meetings the best result was the second selection in Melbourne Race6 . It was 40% better than any other rating. Some races hardly had a winner after a year which was a surprise. The 2nd pick in Melb race 6 last Saturday was FIELDS OF OMAGH which won. They all dont win but it is a good guide.
The first bet I had today was in an early Newcastle race , paid $7.50 and was rated 1/1. Jims ratings had the first melbourne winner rated about 8/1 and paid $65. I was a fool not backing it.
Happy Punting.

Never a Winning Year (Guest)
21-09-02, 05:59 AM
i have been reading this board with great interest. I have been buying Punters Choice for 5 yrs trying to track down the illusive system/service but yet no luck. Maybe I should change my nic to "The Sinker". In the past i have tried various systems from PPM but have given up. My latest was The Whip, which i found very good but betting 2 states Melbourne finally brought about my demise. Im disciplined, don't drink ever when gambling (maybe a couple after the last),stuck to every rule or method religiously but just cannot crack it.
Well I've saved another bank up for the uptenth time and was tossing up weather to buy Price Predictor Pro and Cyberform with the aim of trying to do it myself.
Following all these ratings, Superfrom/Jims/Winning Edge do you actually have a winning year. Jim rates every meeting in Australia everyday but if the total winners per month were 120 then how many actual bets were there? Were the month/months a profitable one? POTO
Thanks for posting your views and opinions Latemail,Joe and Hitman.
Its great to see different methods and ways people beat the races. I'm truely envious.
One thing that seems to come across for me is that there is no substitute for experience.
Thanks for reading my ramblings.
Kind Regards
The Sinker (Ive still got a sense of humour)

the late mail (Guest)
22-09-02, 02:27 AM
Never a Winning Year, I have used 100's of betting plans over 45 years and have won consistently over the past few years. I don't say that winning is easy as it takes a lot of disipline to win .Even though you have to back winners to win,I think the most important thing is money management.Some people back 3 winners for the day and win, while others back 10 winners for the day and lose, through bad betting practices.They put the big bet on the so called Certainty, and we all know the only certainty in racing is the uncertainty.
Most people think you can't win because they and their mates are consistently losing because they have no proper plan of attack, which they need and must stick to.The problem is that most punters will always lose because they have bad betting ideas in their head and will not listen to people who are winning, and will never change.MOST PUNTERS GO THROUGH THEIR WHOLE LIFE LOSING AND NEVER LEARN HOW TO WIN.When you have a profitable betting method you must stick rigidly to it, as even though you are losing, winners will come up. Be patient.
Jim's ratings and the Winning Edge ratings are the best I've seen. They can't have every winner but plenty of big priced winners come up.
I think that as long as you win, don't worry about the amount. If you win nearly every Saturday it mounts up, and any amount is better than losing.
I think if most punters stopped when they were in front they would win nearly every Saturday.GREED is the punters greatest enemy.When I was winning plenty 30 years ago I used to think "today's the day" but unfortunately "today's the day that never comes" and a good day is turned into a disaster.I have made every punting mistake known to mankind, and if you learn by your mistakes I should be a genius, which I am not.
Last Saturday Jims ratings had two $30 winners in the first two races, which I foolishly didn't back.I waited for the first in Melbourne and backed PEIRMONT which came up at 1/60 in the PRICE PREDICTOR and won paying $4.60.I didn't have another bet for the day.Today SUPREME HEIGHTS is rated at 1/40 in Melb race 1 so I will be hoping it wins.The best thing about the PRICE PREDICTOR is that you can do it yourself very easily, 2 days ahead, and get excellent results.I think you should test run any ratings method before you bet, as while your bets are easily worked out, my mates seem to come up with different bets to me, and never seem to win.Ratings for some reason don't seem to suit some people. Backing overlays is the way to go for me.
Happy Punting.

Josh Thomas (Guest)
23-09-02, 02:38 PM
I have been sitting back for weeks reading all these postings. I usually bet trifectas only and decided to get the WINNING EDGE RATINGS FAX even though I have not been impressed by some ratings in the past.
I was very pleased with the results I got, some that I would have missed using my own devices. In the 4 states there were 28 winners in the 6 picks per race. Some people might say that there are too many selections per race, but they are good for trifecta takers. Some of the ratings winners were GLOW BABY $19, ZABEELS ANGEL $27, DAPPERSTAN $31, CROWN REGATTA $18, OELAND $32 as well as a lot of shorter priced winners, and several placegetters. There were 18 trifectas,some paid $800, but I coupled a lot of the ratings with my selections and won 23 trifectas.
They won me a lot of money Saturday and I will be getting them for a few weeks and see how I go. I think you have to give ratings a trial as every selection method can and will have an off day.
It makes me wonder why anyone would sell them for $11 as it must be a lot of work processing them for the fax setup.

Dire Straits (Guest)
24-09-02, 06:48 AM
Can you tell me if Winning Edge has a website? Would be interested in seeing it.
I signed up for the free trial for Jims service. I can now understand why they say it might not be for all lol. Wow he definately puts in alot of hard work and deserves his success.
Is it for me, no i dont think so. You really have to have alot of free time on your hands and have the ability to sift the s... from the clay.
Saturday/Sunday were good days if you followed the main meetings in Sydney and Melb.
Definately something you should do your homework with first in my opinion.

Josh Thomas (Guest)
24-09-02, 10:11 AM
Dire Straits, I don't think the WINNING EDGE RATINGS have a web site.They seem to only have a Saturday FAX ONLY SERVICE on FAX
1902 248 100. For only $11 for 4 state ratings with prices, give them a go, ridiculously cheap and could win you plenty.

Tony Bonnor (Guest)
05-10-02, 09:27 AM
To Late Mail
I was sceptical in what I was reading from your postings about some of the prices that you were getting about some winners ,so contacted Jim about a Trial period , well I am 55yrs old been punting for most of that and never backed a 100/1 winner in my life untill today when taking Jims advice and looking at top4 selections and playing valued runners and have just backed the 5th winner at Tamworth he has it quoted =2nd pick at $6.20 and it,s paid $132.50 on Qld tote and about the same on others this was on top a 35/1 winner at Rockhampton , so I would like to say thank for reccomending his service as I will be doing so in future.
Good punting too all
Ps I see he had the Trifecta in top3 selections ar Moruya r 7 and its paid over $2720 , no I didn't do one

Hitman (Guest)
05-10-02, 10:37 AM
Adds fuel to the question mark over the legitimacy of some of the postings in this thread.

If Jim truly rated "Positon" equal second pick, then I don't see much future or knowledge in his ratings. A one off fluke win by a horse that only ever won a maiden and was beaten a total of over 20 lengths in it's last three starts cannot be rated second pick if the ratings are legit!
Get him (or you) to justify it's selection ranking and see what answer you get...

Absolute nonsense.

The Late Mail (Guest)
05-10-02, 11:14 AM
Hitman, I suggest you contact Jim regarding his ratings.He will tell you the base on which they are worked out on and send you a printout. I have spoken to Jim several times, having got the contact from JOE on this site.
The selection process is logical and does produce plenty of long priced winners.
As everyone knows it's impossible to pick long priced winners every time they are in the top 3 but you don't need many to stay well in front.
I wouldn't rubbish anyone's selections just because it wasn't my selection.This horse came up as no hope and last pick in my ratings.Jim had it equal 2nd pick at $6.20 behind NO TILL which was $6.These selections are not "one off" as you suggest.
Get a free trial before condemming them or the legitimacy of the postings.

These are the ratings for that race. ALL THE BEST and Happy Punting.

01 NO TILL $6.00
11 POSITION $6.20
09 OCEANA'S GIRL $6.70
02 BE QUICK $10.00

The Late Mail (Guest)
05-10-02, 11:29 AM
Tony, I'm glad you had a good day.I have been too busy to bet this week but there will be another bolter around the corner.
My mate rang me from the TAB in great excitement as he also backed it, paying about $132. He said it started last Saturday and only backed it as it was on a 6 day backup.
My ideas with the ratings is to back multiple runners per race and small bets, but all punters are different with their approach to betting. Keep winning.

Josh Thomas (Guest)
07-10-02, 12:49 AM
Dire Straits, I hope you got the Winning Edge Ratings yesterday, as you seemed keen.WILD HEART 1st pick rated 3/1 paid $19,FREEGOLD 1st pick rated 2/1 paid $10.50, COSMIC STRIKE 1st pick rated 7/1 and paid $26.80 as well as others.This is my second week having them.You must give credit where it is due and these ratings are the answer to my dreams.
I also gave a copy to a friend of mine and he lost while I won a poultice.I bet in about 20 races and it just goes to show that maybe all are not winning with them as some other writers have said.
Betting fair dinkum after the 1st Brisbane at $15 and the 1st Melbourne at $19 no more bets for the day.Get the money and run.

Dire Straits (Guest)
09-10-02, 01:06 PM
i was way out west on saturday. Gee it sure is dry out there and need rain badly but i guess we all know that. It just seems so different when your there instead of reading about it.
I didnt get WE. I had Jims ratings and ended up doing fine also though not to your extent. Happy just the same. Monday i ended with only 2 bets for 2 losers which is still fine.
Very hard to get the correct odds out there with the crackly radio and a bookie with a carving knife to skim the odds.
Good thinking on the quiting while ahead.