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Walter Russo (Guest)
30-08-02, 07:12 PM
Help needed :

Has anyone used or is using the selections from http://www.pegasusracing.cjb.net ?

They seem to have a good site and are giving pretty good results.

Anyone with any idea please post something here before I part with any money.


Tina (Guest)
04-09-02, 10:38 PM
I just noticed your post with some interest walter.
I am a member of that service which has been running around 10 years I think.
Well worth the investment, you usually double your bank every two or three months.
What I like about it is they don't ask you to use double up or staking plans - just same amount each bet which is great.

Anyhow good luck walter.

Andrew Marshmann (Guest)
05-09-02, 05:15 AM
Yep, they're good investment.
I don't know how they figure the selections and they won't tell you, but they win and it's worth it.

Schillaci (Guest)
05-09-02, 06:25 PM
Good selections - forget the bad run they had last weekend; they always bounce back and I am in front at the end of every month!

Walter Russo (Guest)
06-09-02, 03:19 AM
Thanks for all the feedback. I have now become a member. I just wanted to know that it wasn't a scam as I got bitten once before.
Just a question - Do you back their selections straight out or eachway or place?

Tina (Guest)
08-09-02, 05:57 PM

Glad you joined now?

You back their selections straight out, but if you prefer I would only recommend E/Way. They do provide plenty of detailed support if you email them.

Hope you backed all six winners today!

Christine (Guest)
09-09-02, 07:01 PM
Win only is the way to go. I think we all did quite well last weekend. I missed out on their discount promotion, so I am kicking myself!
Got top odds on Court Of Jewels, so can't complain too much.

Dire Straits (Guest)
21-09-02, 06:55 AM
You have been following Pegasus for 2 weeks now. How has it been preforming?
Up to your expectations or not? Thanks

Walter Russo (Guest)
21-09-02, 02:15 PM
Hi Dire Straits,

Here is the lowdown...

To be honest I am only about 4 units down after about 25 bets level stakes.

Having said that and getting further info, I can see where it's going. They approach it in a way that is completely different. When they explain the theory behind it, it's kind of a stable system BUT with completely different selection rules. They give you all the selections, so you don't have to spend any time doing anything, but the approach and the reasoning behind it is truely unique.

You might be asking why I am not concerned at being 4 units down after two weeks?
Because they supplied me with their past results and I can see a pattern emerging. You can't work out how they make the selections because I tried to!!!
I worked out that they are all good horses, but as far as any other rules go it's got me baffled.
I thought maybe they just made up the past results like lots of tipsters do but when I asked random questions David had at least five good reasons for backing a horse. But obviously they won't give away how they do it.
Anyhow, I will let you know how the weekend goes on Sunday. I am very confident that it works, it just takes maybe a month to get rolling properly because of they way they set it up - from what I can see it will work at level stakes and I was impressed by the answers provided to my questions.


Dire Straits (Guest)
22-09-02, 06:34 AM
Hi Walter,
i noticed in the results on the site they had a run of 40 outs give or take 1 or 2 $4.0 winners. That would put your heart in your mouth coming in on that run. Guess thats racing.
Good Luck and hope it goes well

Walter Russo (Guest)
22-09-02, 10:28 AM
Yes Dire Straits that is true, they did have that bad run. What sold me on it was that they turned it around into a profit only betting level stakes.

I have no doubt that if any system can do that at level stakes, it will work in the longrun.

Today's result...

5 selections for 3 winners.

I am back more than 5 units in front.

Dire Straits (Guest)
22-09-02, 12:37 PM
Good stuff Walter. Has anyone else who pays for this service doubled their bank over a 12 month time frame?

Tina (Guest)
22-09-02, 02:06 PM
Hi guys,

Yes I have been a member for close on two years now. I was fortunate to double my bank in the first two months and it is doubling every 4 months on average. But it's not as easy as it sounds. There are drought periods but I always turn it around into profit. I think the key is patience and you have to persist to benefit. Also you must understand the theory behind it.

Dire Straits (Guest)
23-09-02, 07:54 AM
Thank you Tina. I understand patience and stick to the rules. Im very dedicated to my gambling but just havent struck the right formula yet. I will give it ago anyway. Its only paper, well plastic now days lol.

Walter Russo (Guest)
23-09-02, 04:49 PM
O.K. today there were 16 selections just showing a profit, but they did select PERNOD and there were some very good placings.

D.S. - Tina is right, you have to understand the theory behind it because some of the bets defy logic. You do understand what they are trying to do if they explain it to you.

Never seen anyone turn a 250 unit loss into 1,150 unit profit betting level stakes before.

Let's face it, the whole reason I first posted this question was because I got burned with another company before. I paid a few thousand for something that didn't work. The worst you could do here is lose a little of your bank for a couple of hundred bucks.

I don't think it's going to happen here, you wouldn't believe the ongoing support they gave me when I asked dumb questions!

Dire Straits (Guest)
24-09-02, 06:27 AM

Never seen anyone turn a 250 unit loss into 1,150 unit profit betting level stakes before.

Gee i hope you got the numbers wrong there. 250 unit loss would wipe out most banks betting the level stakes at $10.
I dont know if you have heard of IAS but if you use their service on a Saturday you can use Divi Plus which gives you better than any tab in australia. Bookies odds are also available. Check their site out
Heres the link


Walter Russo (Guest)
24-09-02, 08:53 AM

Yes it was wrong sorry DS.

It was a 25 unit loss and 115 unit profit, I wrongly misread the spreadsheet!

Brian (Guest)
25-09-02, 12:26 AM
I've got a question here.

I downloaded the spreadsheet and worked out the strike rate is about 21%, that's not all that good is it?

I think I could pick one winner in 5!

Tina (Guest)
25-09-02, 03:39 AM
You are right one winner in 5 is not that hard to get...


1. You have to realise that strike rate alone means nothing.
2. Average win dividend alone means nothing.

What would you rather a 50% strike rate with an average dividend of $1.50...result 25% loss level stakes!


20% strike rate with an average win dividend of $7.00...result 40% profit level stakes!

I know what i'd rather.

Unless you are into doubling up or "the moron system" then it would be worth your while looking at that spreadsheet a little closer.

Some wise words of advice.


Dire Straits (Guest)
26-09-02, 12:08 AM
well yesterday I bit the bullet and joined Pegasus. Im sorry guys but you have a lot of weight on your shoulders now lol.
I've got my bank and prepared to risk it, for better or worse.

Tina (Guest)
26-09-02, 03:28 PM
Hi Dire Straits,

As long as you stick to the rules you will be fine.

I have been a member for just on two years and I can tell you that provided you stick to the bets and bet amounts you can't go wrong. Don't judge it by one or two weeks results though, whether they be good or bad.

I had a great run when I first joined, then it didn't go so well.

I was a bit sceptical but persisted with it and now I'm glad that I did.

Pegasus seem to have an uncanny way of continually topping up the bank with shorter price winners, while waiting for the big priced overlays. If you have a bad day (less than the stated average strike rate and dividend) then you know it will turn around in the next week or two.

Best of luck to you Dire Straits, a very small price to pay for a system that works!


choice (Guest)
27-09-02, 07:17 AM

I assume that the selections are emailed? Can you let me know how it operates?

Sounds pretty good from what you have said, and looks pretty good on the web...

I might just be interested!!!

Tina (Guest)
27-09-02, 11:40 AM
Hi choice!

Yes the selections are all emailed out on your own spreadsheet they make up for you with running balances of past bets etc.

Did you download their example spreadsheet?

It's pretty comprehensive and that's how they know whether you are making a profit- so you have to stick to every bet and use only 1% of your bank on each selection.

If you want more info email them here..


Either David, Michael or Mark are all helpful, but I think David is the main dude there.


Bart (Guest)
27-09-02, 12:59 PM
Hi Guys

Been following this for a while and I was wondering whether you could answer a few questions. Why do the results start from the middle of a month and why only 3 months worth?


Walter Russo (Guest)
27-09-02, 02:05 PM
Bart - I asked exactly the same question before I joined.

What happened was they had it all broken down into different packages gold/diamond/silver and amalgamated them on the 15th of that month. Apparently many of their customers wanted all the selections rather than split them up.

So they only loaded results from that date, otherwise it would be misleading on the likely returns and strike rates etc.

I accepted their answer and I looked at the three months worth of results and figured that it was still pretty good.

I noticed that after I got the selections, after raceday they did upload the exact selections and results that I got, so I know it's on the level.

Andrew Marshmann (Guest)
28-09-02, 01:55 AM
Another point that Walter didn't point out is that from the start of the spreadsheet at the 15th of June - the results weren't all that flash for a couple of weeks.

In fact they had a below average performance until the end of June. That should convince anyone that the results are accurate.

I can verify that they are.


choice (Guest)
28-09-02, 01:57 AM
Thanks Tina!

Bart (Guest)
28-09-02, 08:20 AM
Thanks for the answers.Much appreciated.


Walter Russo (Guest)
29-09-02, 04:20 PM
Was not a good day Saturday with 10 selections.
There was one scratching which left nine runners and no winners.
Not in keeping with the last few weeks at all. Will keep you posted how it's fairing because I know a few would like to know how it's going. I'm not worried because I know I'll get some bolters come in at big odds in October to fix any damage!

Bart (Guest)
30-09-02, 09:10 AM
Walter thanks for the updates, keep them coming. What makes you think there will some bolters in October? Have you seen earlier results?


Walter Russo (Guest)
30-09-02, 10:46 AM

Whenever there is a lower than average performance, it is usually followed by an above average performance either the next week or week after. It always seems to even out.

Also many of the horses which have not won are knocking on the door for a win at good odds. They are often not in the market because of one or two bad runs and then hit the line because of previous bad luck in races, at good odds. There have been more than a few unlucky runners in September.

Here's hoping - but I'll keep you posted.

dire straits (Guest)
30-09-02, 12:01 PM
Hi Walter,
I told you guys poor ol Pegasus had alot of weight to carry after I joinned lol.
Not to worry, I will stick to the plan religiously until its double or gone.
No risk, no gain.
Take Care Everyone

Tina (Guest)
30-09-02, 03:28 PM
Dire Straits, Walter is a fairly new member, but I have been with Pegasus for quite some time and can say that any bad run will turn around. I wouldn't exactly call Saturday a disaster, as any system wherever you go has ups and downs.
What you can look forward to, is recouping your losses and making a profit at level stakes.
As I said before, I was lucky and had a great run when I started and then it dipped a little and lost momentum. One bad day should not concern anyone. Finally, these guys are as honest as the day is long! There were a few tips I missed because I couldn't access my email for a week, so they gave me a free extra month.
That's why at times I don't like negative comments - sorry!

Anyhow you are doing the right thing by sticking with it. They always come good when you have a bad trot. The system really does work because there are very good principles behind it.

Let me know if I can help in any way - I won't give out the selections, because I paid for them all at full price (they didn't have the discount available then), but anything else post it here or send them an email.

Dire Straits (Guest)
30-09-02, 04:21 PM
Hi Tina,
I didnt mean to sound negative, only in good humour really. I know you can come in on the up or down. 50/50 chance. Long term results are all that matter and yes, 9 units is nothing to worry about.
take care

Victory Vein (Guest)
03-10-02, 04:08 PM
Walter I just joined Pegasus today and don't exactly know how it will pan out, however, I was impressed by the level of information and service afforded me.

I joined because I read the whole site and came to the conclusion that they really know what they're doing. Usually when I join a service it all goes pearshaped, but by the postings on this forum it sounds like it might just work.

I'll also be watching your results closely to see if they match mine.

Walter Russo (Guest)
04-10-02, 06:23 AM

I am sure we will both get exactly the same results, as I have compared what's on the website sheet and my tips with Tina who has been quite helpful.

I did have a losing month in September (only joined since half the month), but I am only a couple of units down. The correspondance I have with Pegasus has been encouraging.

Good Luck.

Walter Russo (Guest)
08-10-02, 10:51 AM
Not much to report this week. Was fairly ordinary, however, some longshots did run the place being very unucky not to win. There were two winners from 24 selections.

Excellerator $5.80

Miss Zoe $6.20

Looking to atone next week as strike rate and average price are well below the average of the previous 369 bets.

Bart (Guest)
09-10-02, 09:16 AM
Walter thanks for the updates. Does David give you feedback each week or are you just given the selections and results?


Dire Straits (Guest)
09-10-02, 12:47 PM
paid 6.52 and 6.94 betting through IAS.
makes a painful day one aspro less lol

Walter Russo (Guest)
10-10-02, 09:09 AM
Today they picked the winner of the Cranbourne Cup Eagle Rhythm $9.00.
There were a total of five runners for the day (less scratchings).
Still we're making headway now.

1. Bart, they send a weekly spreadsheet with how my running balance is going (in units) and how the horses performed.
They don't make apologies for bad days or hype up good ones which I like. They just say whether results are above or below average, so if there is a below average couple of weeks, it should even out over the next few based on averages. I agree with this as they have longterm results.

2. Dire Straits, yes it was a little painful over the weekend, however, I lost 8 units only and we all would have been well in front if Suspicion got the photo on Perth. :-(

You make a good point about top fluctuation though. I just give the results in TAB divvies here so people can see how it's doing.

Tina (Guest)
10-10-02, 11:51 AM
Yes, a good day today - we are on the upswing again....
Walter you missed Gunnamatta placing at over $5.00 as well.
Hold on to your hats!

Dire Straits (Guest)
10-10-02, 01:32 PM
You can bet the diviplus option during saturdays which gives you best tote price in Australia. Im still using Pegasus' spreadsheet as my win/lose chart but just collecting the extra divi's for the bank. No harder to set up than a normal tab account and deposits can be made in the NAB bank. Does anyone else have a better place to bet than this? The site,


I felt in the straight when Gunnamatta pulled out he was just going to keep coming and coming but not get the money. You know one of those honest buggers that just keep plugging. Have had a few nice place getters the last few meetings havent they?
take care everyone

Bart (Guest)
20-10-02, 08:51 AM
Walter how have things been going? I see the results on the web site have not been updated for awhile. Can you help out.


Walter Russo (Guest)
20-10-02, 04:55 PM
Hi Bart,

We went through a bad couple of weeks but things are turning around slowly with two winners today.

Sneem $2.20 and Regulations $11.40 both in Brisbane.

We are still down for the month but as always I remain optimistic because it's a longterm process.
They don't claim to win every week - but do seem to win longterm.
I think the excel sheet gets updated midweek usually.

If I make a loss for the three month period I am reasonably confident of getting the refund as they are very approachable and honest in their weekly assessments.

Dire Straits (Guest)
21-10-02, 05:33 AM
its good to remain optimistic. With all services its the timing of your entry which can make you or break you. As i mentioned in the past, Pegasus had a 40 odd losing streak ( sprinkling of small priced winners) and they got through it and back into profit. The punters who started this week would feel a whole lot more confident than the punters that started last month.
Thats racing.
take care

Tina (Guest)
21-10-02, 06:21 PM
Just checked the website again and it was updated this afternoon.

Dire Straits,

You are right, you can come in on the bad run and get disappointed, but hang in there - I am down for the month of October too, but there's always light at the end of the tunnel.


Walter Russo (Guest)
25-10-02, 01:32 PM
Well I've been a bit quiet lately because to be honest I was losing for the month of October - but not by much.

But I just have to post this!

There were three selections for tonight at Canterbury.

One was scratched so it left two runners in race 5 HOT SECRET and MISSILE SAM.

HOT SECRET duly saluted at $6.10 nice, but then I had an idea before the race and placed $100 on the quinella....

MISSILE SAM ran second and the Quinella paid $29.80

I am over the moon - it's results like these which help me win longterm.

Victory Vein (Guest)
25-10-02, 02:59 PM
Well done Walter!

I didn't have the huge plunge like you, but I did have $10 on the quinella for interest and it sure made it interesting.


Andrew Marshmann (Guest)
25-10-02, 03:31 PM
Congratulations Walter and Victory Vein, but you guys must have missed the same scenario last Saturday.

Brisbane Race 7 Real Silence and Regulations were the only selections and they ran the quinella as well paying $34.80.

...and no I didn't take it, but the winner was nice enough odds.

Hitman (Guest)
25-10-02, 05:22 PM
I have been watching this thread with interest. It would seem based on information on the website etc that they know what they're doing here.

I have analysed the results and while not a huge million dollar R.O.I. I can see the logic and pattern of it all.

You could do worse than follow these selections.
If you can weather the not so good weeks, I'm sure you'll come out ahead at the end of the day because the basic methods are there.
The quinella situation is probably not a regular occurrence but congrats to those who cleaned up!

Good Luck with it all.

Kelly Hu (Guest)
07-11-02, 07:56 AM
I subscribed using 1000 dollar bank. I have now 370 dollar left. Its like slow death. Already they have changed rules.
We have saying that fool and his money soon parted. At the moment I feel like fool.

Walter Russo (Guest)
07-11-02, 10:01 AM
Hi Kelly,

I too have gone through a bad period lately, but I think as far as changing the rules goes you misread the email.
They only trimmed down the number of selections as they realised things weren't going too well, and they wanted to stop the bank dwindling too much. The basic theme still remained the same.

You must have joined just as we experienced a run of outs -prior to that things were going well. Stick with it, as I am, because although you've lost 63% of your bank, you only need two or three winners at good odds to turn it around.

I expect longterm, I will recover any losses. Send them an email if you're a member, as I did and they sent me past results for the last three years. Lifts your confidence a little.

Best of luck.

fizzer (Guest)
07-11-02, 11:48 AM
"Steady as she sinks."

If the woeful performance of these pay-as-you-go ratings services continues then I will be forced to reveal where punters can get REAL ratings that consistently produce profits on the top rated selection.

And guess what - it's all for free.

You've been warned touts.

Kelly Hu (Guest)
07-11-02, 12:22 PM
I hope you are correct Walter.

Fizzer - maybe you email me the website. Would be most kind of you.


Tina (Guest)
07-11-02, 12:28 PM
fizzer, pegasus is not pay as you go, nor is it a ratings service picking 6 selections per race. You back their selections regardless of price. There have been a few people not too happy with the service of late, but that's because it is going through a bad run. I've been with them two years and my $1,000 bank is at $17,600 roughly.(I use their 1% of bank staking plan).
People who expect to win every week or every month usually get disappointed. If you stick to it it's very very rewarding.

I'll even post the stats if anyone's interested.


Tina (Guest)
18-11-02, 07:56 AM
An update for those interested...

This weekend
4 winners
Bumptious $3.10
Lucky Punch $11.00
Dextrous $8.00
Hail $7.00

A better result on what turned out to be a very hard day.

Since I joined in August 2000 here are my stats using 1% of my bank.
1032 bets
180 winners
17.44% strike rate
$8.14 average price
433.3 units profit level stakes
42% profit on turnover level stakes
15,056 units profit betting 1% of my bank on every selection.

You can see why I'm quick to defend them and attack the knockers.
Hope this helps you all get perspective of what can be achieved longterm.


Josh Franklin (Guest)
18-11-02, 03:39 PM
I just wanted to say thanks to Walter, Tina etc for keeping everyone up to date on Pegasus. I joined on Friday based on your recommendations and while I did well win betting their selections, I snared massive running doubles, quinellas and a trifecta.

Thanks again,
Good Luck in the future.

Walter Russo (Guest)
18-11-02, 06:17 PM
No problem Josh,

Glad you found the feedback useful and turned a profit on your first day. Results have been mixed, but certainly Saturday's racing was a good result for all.

Andrew Marshmann (Guest)
19-11-02, 01:24 AM
Here's how I faired on Saturday with the Pegasus selections...

Sandown Race 2
Bumptious WON $3.10
Red Labelle 2ND
Quinella $5.00

Sandown Race 4
Lucky Punch WON $11.00
Dolphin Dance 2ND
Quinella $58.40 **

Sandown Race 5
Dextrous WON $8.00
Running Double $133.60***

Sandown Race 6
Hail WON $7.00
Running Double $66.10**

And I'm still celebrating!!!

:-) ;-) :P :9

fizzer (Guest)
19-11-02, 01:49 AM
For Gods sake tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Those selections mentioned above were NOT THE ONLY selections made for Saturday. The LOSERS, as eternally always, have been omitted, lost or forgotten about as per usual. Grossly misleading and bordering on the deceptive.

Since this thread commenced the ratings are showing a net loss.
I repeat - a NET LOSS. (see un-updated website)

A NET LOSS is not a call for celebration just because a couple of long overdue winners were speared last Saturday.

I remain deeply sceptical of anything I read on these forum pages and suspect the unsubstantiated claims have more to do with the vendors imagination than anything remotely akin to punting substance.

fizzer (Guest)
19-11-02, 02:05 AM
Now I'm really mad. Up until today the Pegasus website has been publishing results since June 02 on a monthly basis reportedly as a result of "a change in format".

As the negative month by month performances mounted the format of published results has now reverted to 'since Jan 99'.

Oh how convenient. Keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em what they want to hear - headless chooks (mug punters) the lot of them.

Tina (Guest)
19-11-02, 02:13 AM
>For Gods sake tell the truth,
>the whole truth, and nothing
>but the truth. Those
>selections mentioned above were NOT
>THE ONLY selections made for
>Saturday. The LOSERS, as
>eternally always, have been omitted,
>lost or forgotten about as
>per usual. Grossly misleading
>and bordering on the deceptive.
>Since this thread commenced the ratings
>are showing a net loss.
>I repeat - a NET LOSS.
>(see un-updated website)
>A NET LOSS is not a
>call for celebration just because
>a couple of long overdue
>winners were speared last Saturday.
>I remain deeply sceptical of anything
>I read on these forum
>pages and suspect the unsubstantiated
>claims have more to do
>with the vendors imagination than
>anything remotely akin to punting


1. I don't know which website you're visiting but they updated it yesterday.
2. Did you download the spreadsheets???
3. I can verify they are accurate because I have been using them for the last two years as a member!
4. Why are you caning Andrew because he made a profit? True they were not the only selections made on the day, but still managed more than 5 units profit. The guy just used his brains and coupled the win bets in exotics.
Good Luck to him.
5. You must have no knowledge of Pegasus whatsoever to call it "ratings."
6. The selections did go through a rough period granted, but since I joined over two years ago my bank turned from $2,000 into over $32,000 (I wasn't going to give actual sums but you want to inflame the situation).
7. Whatever your problem is sort it out elsewhere, not with someone who cared to share a success story.
8. I personally know a few of the members, so your insinuation that the postings have been made by the people that run Pegasus shows your ignorance.
9.When people tell others on a forum of their success, it is to help them find something successful, not to intentionally cause them harm.

Tina (Guest)
19-11-02, 02:19 AM
I see by your recent posting you took the trouble to visit the "unupdated" website and oops found it updated!

The results file does go back to January 1999, if you'd been a member you'd know the explanation.

Tina (Guest)
19-11-02, 02:39 AM
fizzer posted re Jim's ratings

"I will repeat what I said before. Thursdays ratings were an annihilation of horrific proportions. I challenge Jim to post the ratings for all to see and prove me wrong.
Anyone that claims to the contrary must have Jim's superannuation in mind.

It simply can't be that hard to post strike rate, ave. div., Profit on Turnover statistics whether it be first rated, second rated or whatever rated. To simply persist in posting claims of repeated long shot winners is intellectual dishonesty. Get real."

Then this re Pegasus

""Steady as she sinks."
If the woeful performance of these pay-as-you-go ratings services continues then I will be forced to reveal where punters can get REAL ratings that consistently produce profits on the top rated selection.

And guess what - it's all for free.

You've been warned touts."


Joe Blow (Guest)
19-11-02, 03:35 AM
Tina, Jim's ratings have plenty of long priced winners in them.Whether you win or lose with them depends on how you bet.It's no good saying Thursday was a blackout of horrific proportions as losing days are all part of racing.When you do your own selections do you pick plenty of winners every day, or do you have off days.If you overbet on the losing day naturally you will put off with Jim's ratings.Most ratings are excellent to bet with. The top selection doesn't need to be winning all the time for you to win.When people wake up and bet like a pro punter and back more than 1 horse per race they will turn their punting around.
Professional punters aren't as smart as the ordinary punter, they can't win backing one per race.
Punters don't usually keep statistics on betting , if your winning most weeks why bother.The only person that needs to be satisfied is you, not the others posters.Most punters will lose from now until doomsday because they will never learn, won't change or listen to anyone else, because everyone thinks their right.Human nature.
A lot of the posts on this site are continually rubbishing every ratings service mentioned. I think people should look at the way they are betting as a lot of people are winning plenty and using services mentioned on this site.ALL betting failures are caused by operator error or lack of understanding about betting.

Tina (Guest)
19-11-02, 04:39 AM
Hi Joe Blow,

That post was not intended to slur Jim's ratings in any way - It was to demonstrate how fizzer rubbishes everything he doesn't understand on the forum whether it be ratings or selection services. He is obviously getting ready to reveal something - so we all wait with baited breath.

The only reason I jumped on him was because Andrew posted how he had such success with Pegasus and straight away he got a lot of rubbish from someone who didn't even take the time to check the website results before running him down.

Anyhow enough of this hullabaloo - whether it's ratings or selections you use, this community is supposed to be about helping eachother win not "Tall poppy syndrome."

Good luck to everyone.

Christine (Guest)
19-11-02, 05:22 AM
I haven't posted in this thread for a long time, and at the risk of opening up a can of worms from all the serial trouble makers, I use pegasus selections in multiples and win bets, and it's true it's had good and bad patches.
But overall I'm way out in front.
At the end of the day it all comes down to getting the most out of any selection or rating method, whether it's your own - or a paid service.

Dire Straits (Guest)
19-11-02, 08:08 AM
As you know by reading this thread I came in about the same time as Walter. To say the results are heart breaking would be an understatement. At the present moment its close to 80 units in the red. (Tina - I would hate to see your betting turnover and results after doubling your bank a few times. The thought scares me :) ) Maybe in hindsight I should of waited until after the Melbourne carnival but being a two edged sword gambling is I suppose if they struck some of those terrific longshots we all would be crowing. Timing is everything.

In regards to Andrew,
he is a perfect case of the timing I talked about. It can either kill your confidence or as in this case take you too the moon. Just becareful mate, one hot day doesnt make a summer :) Keep your extra winnings as a bonus for your bank, take stock and most of all, don't get greedy.

In regards to Fizzer,
He does seem a bit of a sceptic but we all know the saying about opinions lol
I really don't think he is a tout, could be visiting a site called http://ausrace.com/
Some really interesting information there from alot of interesting people.
take care

19-11-02, 10:18 AM
Thanks Dire Straights for your honest comments re pegasus performance since your take up. Of course this does not mean it will be a failure but your experience to date is up the putty.
Tina seems to be very satisfied and has great results, Tina do you in any way have a connection with pegasus other than being a happy member?. Walter , how are you going with pegasus? you started about the same time as dire straights so i guess that means you are well behind also, is this correct?
Personally i have tried many systems ie, from grandstand ,equestrian etc but none have been very good really, i mean patchy but overall a loss in any 12mth period.The best service to my mind has been gary robinsons and even it struggles at times but he has a honest company and publishes the good with the bad, but this is a hard game and i am just looking for help from others trying to find a winning method.
This is my first time in a forum of any kind and thanks to all who contribute as long as the contributors are fair dinkum and declare any special interests in programs on offer, please no deception , i declare that i have no connection with any promotors of any systems whatso ever
thanks all wayne

Fizzer (Guest)
19-11-02, 10:45 AM
Thanks to Dire Straits for baring the punting soul and offering the sober assessment of recent experience.

I heard direct from Kelly Hu of her recent and similar experiences with Pegasus and felt compelled to speak out. And I'm feeling bettor for it.

It might be that Pegasus has achieved 40% PoT at level stakes as claimed since 1 Jan 99 - but I very much doubt it.

First of all - 40% PoT is a massive return - and over such a long time such a claim deserves every last drop of scepticism.

If you were making 40% PoT would you bother maintaining a ratings(selection) service, web site and having to deal with irritating doubters (like me)? I hardly think so - much better to sip Pina Colada down at the beach - and let the rest eat cake.

Now I would say any system making 40% PoT would rarely (if at all) have a single losing month. The chances(odds) of such a 40% PoT service suffering three losing months in a row would be miniscule (lotto odds). That such a 40% PoT service would have three losing months in a row just when our forum members (Walter Russo, Kelly Hu and Dire Straits) signed up would strike me as rather an unfortunate piece of extraordinarily bad luck.

Come on, not even Mrs. Pegasus (Tina) would expect anyone to swallow that one.

Yes, Ausrace is a fabulous punting forum with real professionals sharing real money making ideas. (ignore MINNIS and the DUFF at your peril) This forum will be just as good provided all the 'sugar and spice' is swept into the garbage can where it belongs.

To all touts - may I wish a thousand fizzers upon your every posting whenever and wherever you go.

Dire Straits (Guest)
19-11-02, 12:37 PM
Have you ever purchased Punters Choice? It will tell you the systems and ratings methods that are going ok / or in the dungeon for the previous 12 months.

i was just publishing my results. Its not only Pegasus that has been going through a dry run at the moment. If you read all the treads, most methods have been finding the going a little tough. Lets face it, the Melbourne Carnival is one of the toughest to crack. If you do get on a roll there are some fantastic odds to be had.
As far as doubting Tinas results you boys are a bit harsh. You have to take everyone / and everything on face value. She has been doing this alot longer than I, so the results are completely different. Why doubt her, gee next minute you will be asking her to produce tab receipts :)
Never lose your sense of humour folks. Its only money
take care

Tina (Guest)
19-11-02, 01:09 PM
To wayne and everyone else who called me "mrs pegasus"...

I take offence to you doing that when I have, in good faith tried to help others.
I have absolutely no connection to pegasus whatsoever other than being with them the longest time than any one else on this forum.
Therefore I thought it might be helpful to share a longer fiew of their performance as people will always question any system which shows a profit.
My point of view is obviously not helping anyone, and I don't feel I should have to argue the point or justify myself.

People are free to deride me and question my results, but direct insults are not welcome.

My results are over two years and have been outstanding prior to the last couple of months when it took a downward turn. BUT I am still well ahead and that's why I'm satisfied.
To anyone that may be struggling with the results over the last few months I'm sorry that this is the case.
I just tried to give an objective view on the overall performance.
I wonder when things turn around, if anyone will post a positive comment?

The Late Mail (Guest)
19-11-02, 01:34 PM
Tina, I know exactly how you feel, trying to help people and end being driven mad by a few doubters who rubbish everything and everybody who has their say.I email a couple of decent people direct and now read the posts but rarely reply.GOOD LUCK.

Andrew Marshmann (Guest)
19-11-02, 03:38 PM
To fizzer & co.

I am sorry I posted that I got a $58.40 Quinella.
I am sorry that I posted that I got a $133.60 running double
I am sorry that I posted that I got a $66.10 running double

I was trying to show others what can be done.

The bottom line is I won and if anyone couldn't make a profit using pegasus on Saturday , then they may as well give the game away.
I joined up from the comment of Tina and others on the forum and after Saturday's result would take a long losing run for me to show a loss.

By the way, if you think the results are bogus or anything - download the spreadsheet and you will see they concealed nothing about the losing streak. Every year they had some losing streak and turned it into profit over a LONG period.
Every entry on that spreadsheet is exactly the same as the selections I have recieved.

And before you start....no I am not the vendor, just a happy customer.

Walter Russo (Guest)
19-11-02, 07:15 PM

Yes I did join approximately the same time as Dire Straits. The difference being (I think) that he is betting win ONLY on all the selections. I use pegasus a different way. I use their selections and couple them with my own. So I bet more on quinellas trifectas and doubles like Andrew does.

As I stated before, pegasus went through a bad time over the spring carnival, but then bounced back with great quins and doubles on the weekend. I even got the $1600 trifecta but that included one of my own selections as well. They had the top two though.

I have no connection to them at all, but wanted to give people an indication of results.

20-11-02, 04:19 AM
To Tina (and d.s ,walter, fizzer)

Thank you all for your response, still trying to put it all together and sorry Tina if my mail caused any offence, i was not trying to cause any problems , just looking for honesty.
If you read my mail again Tina i think you will see that and i certainly did not call you mrs pegasus, your comments are valuable and very much appreciated, so apologies if i offended.
Like fizzer though i am cautious as so many have made claims which are just bs.
Walter do i then understand that you are not strictly following pegasus as they insist? are you actually in front since joining?
At least pegasus publish their results and forum members could slam them if they gave out false results.
In truth i know that somewhere out there there is a winning method, my brother is a professional and has not had a losing year in 8 years but his method is his own and kept close to the chest.
good luck all and keep contributing wayne

Tom Johnson (Guest)
20-11-02, 04:11 PM
There is no BE ALL AND END ALL system for winning.
Professionals win because they have a plan,bet methodically, and NEVER waver from their plan whether winning or losing.
There is not and never will be a magical solution to win punting.
If any punter is losing it's their own fault, they need to take a good look at how they are assesing form and most importantly investing their money.
Money management and greed are the punters biggest downfalls.

Rodney (Guest)
20-11-02, 04:39 PM
It amazes me the true awe and respect people seem to have for professional punters.

No more skilled than anyone else when it comes down to it. There is one basic difference and that is they decide to become professional, not because of systems or magic wands but they have some insider knowledge or connection.

You'll never ever find a pro punter inside a TAB.
If he ever does venture in - it's to get a racebook and a bar of chocolate.

He knows there is NO value inside those doors with 14.5% against BEFORE the mug money goes on.

The pro doesn't roll around in mercedes-benz and put $100,000 on Heirogram under it's true odds of winning.

The one's who do that are the flambouyant millionaires who enjoy a punt - like the average joe blow putting $100 on something in the last race of the day.

The pro punter does his form, keeps his ears and eyes open and is happy to return 20% profit per year.

The high flying antics of so called pros over the Spring Carnival did nothing to portray the real deal.

The flashy one's always disappear - seen them come seen them go!
The quiet guy who spends his time wisely and has no emotion win lose or draw knows he will win longterm.
There is no stress, no champagne celebrations with chorus girls.

I've seen broken down professional "legends" of the track from the 70's and 80's...you know the well known "high flyers" of yesteryear in the same clothes all week asking to borrow five bucks for a pack of smokes.

Racing is a business - if you're professional you treat it that way.

Nothing more nothing less.

Fizzer (Guest)
21-11-02, 02:13 AM
Well, our resident pro punter earns 40% PoT per annum and flashes the tips across the internet for all the (paying) world to see.

When he finally flukes a winning day all the little Indians materialise beating the vendor drums right on cue.

You can't get more professional than that!!

Dire Straits (Guest)
21-11-02, 07:26 AM
Im far from beating the tribal drum :)
If / when they return to full profit - loses recovered, man i will beating the loudest.
Don't lose your sense of humour, it comes for free :)
Take care

Luther's Luck (Guest)
21-11-02, 10:16 AM
I for one welcome this thread for entertainment value.

Fizzer's comments just amuse and entertain as he obviously is out to destroy Winning Margin, Jim's Ratings, and Pegasus.

One has to ask themselves why????

Is he a member of ANY of them?

Fizzer - let it go man, or go into show business.

There are others interested in the results even if you aren't.

Please keep posting all.

Kelly Hu (Guest)
21-11-02, 10:27 AM
>I heard direct from Kelly Hu
>of her recent and similar
>experiences with Pegasus and felt
>compelled to speak out.

Interesting that fizzer.

Kelly Hu is male not female.

You are misleading in YOUR statements to say the least!

Shame on you.

21-11-02, 01:23 PM
Fizzer, If only you would stop fizzing and blow up. Silence is golden.

Fizzer (Guest)
21-11-02, 03:05 PM
Are you not the Kelly Hu at kelleshot@hotmail.com that acknowledged my recent email.

Are you not the Kelly Hu who wrote of Pegasus, "Its like slow death. Already they have changed rules.
We have saying that fool and his money soon parted. At the moment I feel like fool."

Shame on me for mistaking your gender. Humble apologies.

Egg all over your face for looking 'gift horse in mouth'.

Walter Russo (Guest)
24-11-02, 12:57 PM
An update of the weekends results using Pegasus ONLY :-

23 Selections
5 Winners
Noble Win $6.10
Sundiata $7.60
Damaschino $11.60
Super Impressive $5.20
Littlewood Lane $5.70

13.20 units profit or 57.39% POT

But that's not all........

Adelaide Race 5 Quinella $19.30
Caulfield Race 4 ->Caulfield Race 5 Running Double $104.50
Caulfield Race 5 ->Caulfield Race 6 Running Double $59.50
Caulfield Race 6 ->Caulfield Race 7 Running Double $42.90

But that's not all either!!!!

Caulfield Quadrella picked by Pegasus and backed by me .....


Well I think that says it all for the doubters.

I'm off for a beer.

Cheers all.


Tina (Guest)
24-11-02, 06:39 PM
Yes Walter,

It was a great result today, although I must admit I didn't take the quaddie, just the win bets and the running doubles.
Still that was nice enough, hindsight is a great thing. :-(

It should prove to the "harsh" critics that the selections are quality, but like anything, you have good and bad days. For me, today got me profits for the whole month and you'd be laughing at the ill-informed with your quaddie dividend Walter!

It's one thing to criticise something, it's another to completely slam it when you know nothing about it. It's a real pity that I am derided every time I post something to help others win like I am, and I get aggressive and sarcastic posts back.

Anyhow I hope we have helped some get on the right track, and will continue posting results as some people seem genuinely interested in how it's going.

Andrew Marshmann (Guest)
24-11-02, 11:48 PM
Don't worry about it Tina,

I didn't put the quaddie on either and should have.

But like you got the running doubles AGAIN.

I only joined recently on your good advice, and for that I'm grateful.

Dire Straits (Guest)
25-11-02, 07:41 AM
Hi There,
I didn't have any running doubles, quinella's, quaddies or tri's.
Just backed them staightout as the Master of the Flying horse suggests :)

Daily Profit +15 units

Monthly Profit/Lose -10 units

Running Profit/Lose -70 units

Thats how things are running for me. Andrew, you timed your entry to perfection. Well done mate.
Take care

Tina (Guest)
25-11-02, 08:23 AM
Hi Dire Straits,

You are quite right - it is only suggested to back win only and should follow it that way if you are behind the eight ball like you are.

I simply saw a trend emerging after a below average previous month and decided to have a stab at the exotics as well as I have quite a good bank built up already.

Obviously you joined just a few months ago, so you probably feel a bit disheartened.
Stick with it, all systems have bad patches, it's the way of the game really. The only question is will it come good again - I can tell you from experience, the bad patches come and go but the good results always surface again and in a couple of months you'll be more than happy.

I have a feeling this is going to turn around very quickly!
Two pretty good weeks in a row is a sign for sure.

Rumbled (Guest)
25-11-02, 10:45 AM
Pegasus posts on the Smartgambler forum under the handle Equine Investor. Nothing wrong with that as his user profile discloses the association. What is highly unusual are the early morning hours at which he sometimes likes to post.


Tina also keeps odd hours.

On this thread - 24 Nov at 1.40am
21 Oct at 2.21am

Equine Investor - 24 Nov at 1.44am http://www.smartgambler.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=2558&forum=7

21 Oct at 2.32am http://www.smartgambler.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=2270&forum=7

Hitman also keeps odd hours.

On this thread - 25 Oct at 1.23am
On 'Winning Edge' thread - 5 Nov at 2.03am

Equine Investor - 25 Oct at 1.39am http://www.smartgambler.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=2270&forum=7
5 Nov at 2.21am http://www.smartgambler.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=2435&forum=7

If anyone has a cure for insomnia please pass it on.

Tina (Guest)
25-11-02, 11:00 AM
Looks like the messageboard police are out.....

It's a crime to post early before work or when the kids are in bed etc.

I have no association with Equine Investor and / or Hitman.

You'd best stick to looking at your own betting methods than chasing non existant connections.

Tina (Guest)
25-11-02, 11:14 AM
Sorry maybe I do have an association with Equine Investor, I misread the post - just visited the other forum, it is David who runs Pegasus.
So my association is that I'm a member.

Tina (Guest)
25-11-02, 11:32 AM
Tina also keeps odd hours.

On this thread - 24 Nov
at 1.40am

21 Oct at 2.21am

Equine Investor - 24 Nov at
1.44am http://www.smartgambler.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=2558&forum=7 [/b]

I must have multiple personality disorder - look at the thread Equine posted. It means I must have posted there - posted here - and then gone back there to edit my own post before coming back here again within 4 minutes.

Sorry fizzer it doesn't add up.

Christine (Guest)
25-11-02, 01:42 PM
Tina dont worry about this guy.

Every time you post a good result this guy gets a new username to try and discredit you - it's obvious to everyone here he has some hidden goal.

Walter Russo (Guest)
25-11-02, 05:59 PM
RUMBLED you are obviously fairly uninformed.

Do you think that everyone in Australia lives in your State and has the same timezone. Equine Investor lives in Melbourne so perhaps he does keep odd hours, but surely that's no reason to cast your judgements.

Did you ever stop to consider that Tina might live in Perth and be close to three hours behind in timezone?

The bottom line is that whenever someone posts a result whether good or bad, the worms come out of the woodwork.

If you joined Pegasus three weeks ago you'd be up.

If you joined two months ago you'd be down.

If you joined six months ago you'd also be well up.

But there's no telling the 1 post critics.

Fizzer (Guest)
26-11-02, 07:50 AM
.....and the Hitman lives on the moon.

In the dead of night(21 Oct 2.21am), whilst everyone else is in bed asleep, Tina posts to the forum here whilst unbeknownst Equine Investor(Pegasus) posts at Smartgambler minutes later.

25 Oct 1.23am Hitman posts here, minutes later Equine Investor(Pegasus) at Smartgambler.

5 Nov 2.03am Hitman posts here, minutes later Equine Investor (Pegasus) at Smartgambler.

24 Nov 1.40am Tina posts here, minutes later Equine Investor(Pegasus) at Smartgambler.

Would coincidence even explain the posting order - here THEN Smartgambler on four different occasions?

I'm starting to get suspicious!!

P.S. Walter, do you know an aunt of mine .....Dear old Dorothy Dix.

Walter Russo (Guest)
26-11-02, 08:26 AM
Yes Fizzer I do know your aunt, seems you have the same ability to clutch at straws and pepetuate fantasy stories as your aunt.

end of subject.

Walter Russo (Guest)
26-11-02, 08:57 AM
If you did your research properly you'd know that the Hitman has his OWN service which he stated on this very forum!


Hitman lives in Bribane (see his details)

If you still want to go on with this farce you're on your own Fizzer, or maybe after Tina or another member post next Saturday's results you'll also slam her or someone else for not being in bed by 9:30PM and accuse her of being the Hitman also; but of course under a new username like yesterday.

Get a life!

26-11-02, 09:30 AM
Tina, Don't listen to these clowns. They have continually been rubbishing to extreme Jims Ratings, Winning Edge Ratings, and any other ratings or tipping service mentioned.
I love telling them Jims Ratings had FRENCH CONNECTION equal 1st pick in the last at Adelaide Saturday and won paying $55.
To all the rubbishing clowns go back to your circus tent.

Walter Russo (Guest)
01-12-02, 10:29 AM
Here are Saturday's Results 30-11-02

22 Selections
5 Winners

Franjelica $ 5.40
Raja Lane $ 6.00
Silver Birch $ 2.80
This Manshood $10.30
Fearless Sophie $ 6.90

Running Doubles
Franjelica - Raja Lane $51.80
Raja Lane - Silver Birch $28.30

Win Profit - $ 9.40
Win Strike Rate - 22.73 %
Profit On Turnover - 42.73 %


Tina (Guest)
03-12-02, 11:17 AM
Walter, thankyou for posting that.

I was reluctant due to a small group of troublemakers who think I'm the reincarnation of Elvis or other such nonsense.

I think the results should silence most of those clowns.

Dire Straits (Guest)
03-12-02, 12:24 PM
yes the results have been fine over the last 3 weeks but still a long way to go, 61 units in my case.
Hope the good results continue
take care

Walter Russo (Guest)
03-12-02, 04:31 PM
Hello Dire Straits,

I think you joined around the same time I did, I'm just wondering how you could be 61 units down?

The only thing I can think of is that you got significantly poorer dividends than I did on your State TAB.

Betting win only, I am about 48 units down.

Admittedly, I am in positive territory with multiple bets, but that's not included in my balance.

I am in Victoria.

I downloaded the spreadsheet off the website and went back a few weeks, but couldn't see it getting a worse result.
I always check that my selections are exactly the same as those on the website and they are.
Have you checked that out?

Fizzer (Guest)
03-12-02, 04:38 PM
Game over.

Check out 'Selections as Promised' thread, in particular Kelly Hu's post and my own.

Walter Russo (Guest)
03-12-02, 06:23 PM
Just a matter of time before the clowns come back again Tina - was bound to happen.
He still insists we are all Hitman, Eachother, Aliens and the reincarnation of Elvis as you put it so well.

It has been pointed out previously, Hitman has his own site and lives in Queensland. I have also had conversations with the owner of Pegasus re Fizzer.

After investigation....

It would appear that Fizzer was barred from the Smartgambler forum after his obnoxious attitude to Equine Investor and his general disruptive comments and therefore has an axe to grind with Equine Investor, thus his continued but failed attempts to discredit Pegasus and it's members.

Maddison (Guest)
04-12-02, 02:04 AM
I joined end of September 2002.

Currently down 70 units.

Have been down as much as 80 units during my subscription period.

I dont have the resources to take multiples on every combination every week.

Service from Pegasus has been first since and before joining.

Its Just that the results i have obtained in no way match those claimed in previous times.

04-12-02, 03:22 AM
>Walter, thankyou for posting that.
>I was reluctant due to a
>small group of troublemakers who
>think I'm the reincarnation of
>Elvis or other such nonsense.
>I think the results should silence
>most of those clowns.

Tina i'm a little confused as i note on board no.54 you said you were in front 17600 from a start bank of 1000 and on no.61 you advised that you were in front 32000 from a 2000 bank. Maybe i'm missing something but it really has confused me. This is not an attack and i am not calling you mrs pegasus as you accussed me of last time when i really did not , it is just a genuine attempt to get a clear picture of what is happenning.If you are winning that much good luck to you, hope it continues.

Tina (Guest)
04-12-02, 06:11 AM
Hi wayne,

I did say those two amounts.

It appears from comments posted that I have been with Pegasus the longest (over two years now).

I use percentage of bank win betting which is the 1000/17600.
I also used 1000 bank for multiple bets as it seemed to me that Pegasus picked more than one runner per race and had a knack for getting doubles quinellas etc.

The staking of the multiples is based on my own staking plan.

The reason I posted my bank etc (I didn't want to) was because of constant rubbishing and attack by someone every time I posted good or bad results. In hindsight I shouldn't have posted my own balance as it opened me up to further controversy, but I guess that's life.

Yes Pegasus did go through a really bad period there, and if you joined in September it would have been terrible because their Spring Carnival was a losing one and I can quite see how you could be down up to 80 units.

With the last three weeks results though you should have made back at least part of that, looking at the spreadsheet, nobody should be down more than 48 units win only betting unless:

a) as Walter stated you received poorer odds than the TAB odds in Victoria.

b)You didn't bet as instructed.

c)You gave up.

I don't want to give anyone a false impression of results here, I just wanted to post the weekly results for people to get an idea, because if you joined when I did, you'd also have the results I got using the percentage of bank rule that Pegasus swears by.

It's true that I lost money over that poor period, and they do have bad runs - but I am well in front over the last year even, so a bad run doesn't phaze me at all.

Unfortunately for those who joined over the last two months win only betting, they would be down, but the system is in a recovery period with 22.70 units won flat staking over the last three weeks.

I hope this helps.

Dire Straits (Guest)
04-12-02, 09:08 AM
those results are directly off my spreadsheet. Im a few units better off than the spread sheet because I bet Divi plus with Darwin but thats the nuts and bolts results.
take care

Dire Straits (Guest)
04-12-02, 09:21 AM
I have followed their advice to the rule. No extras, no shortcuts.

Oliver Beer AR6 4 13th $100.00 $1.00 $0.00 -$1.00 $99.00

This Manshood SR7 5 WON $29.10 $1.00 $10.30 $10.30 $9.30 $38.40

There's the start and the end. As i mentioned to Walter, I always get the best dividend, not the worst but Im just stating the results Peg. provide me.
take care

Dire Straits (Guest)
04-12-02, 09:26 AM
Its Just that the results i have obtained in no way match those claimed in previous times.

Unfortunately that is racing. Past results are no guarantee for future profits. As I have said before, its the timing of your entry which determines your success in the early stages.
All is not lost yet, whilst your in the red you still have a few weeks more to play with and who knows the future.
In another 6 months we may be as delighted as Tina and all these loses are just distant memories.
Hang in there mate
take care

Tina (Guest)
04-12-02, 10:49 AM
Apologies Dire Straits,

I was getting confused between units lost and the actual bank balance.
It works out right except for about 2 units difference which is just marginal anyhow.

Let's hope the roll continues this weekend.

Good Luck!

Tina (Guest)
09-12-02, 02:31 PM
Not such a good result this weekend.

Only 2 winners -

Red October $2.50
Mrs. Tendulkar $2.50

Running Double $8.70

10-12-02, 07:00 AM

Loss 14 units

Cumulative loss since subscribing 75.6 units

Wondering (Guest)
10-12-02, 07:47 AM
Any of you winning with Pegasus over a decent period of time?

Is their service decent or you think it's dodgy?

Just I've seen lots of postings here and it seems to have good days and bad days but does o.k. over a long time?

Anyone like to respond?

(Except for that guy who cans everything everywhere!)

manikato (Guest)
10-12-02, 09:45 AM
>Any of you winning with Pegasus
>over a decent period of
>Is their service decent or you
>think it's dodgy?
>Just I've seen lots of postings
>here and it seems to
>have good days and bad
>days but does o.k. over
>a long time?
>Anyone like to respond?
>(Except for that guy who cans
>everything everywhere!)

Been with them for quite some time and no, they aren't dodgy.
They are a very genuine bunch and results are accurate.
Results are mixed and disappointing from time to time, overall though I am winning. It's just hard if anyone joins when results aren't so good.
My advice would be to download the spreadsheets on the site each week and see how it goes for you over a few weeks at least before joining (maybe even paper trade).
You'd soon get a feel for how pegasus operates.

One thing I will say for them is that the support and service is A1 and their results are genuine. Don't know many that give full updated results for public view each week.

Was a terrible result on Saturday but you can't expect to win every week.


tommy (Guest)
11-12-02, 11:00 PM

wombat (Guest)
16-12-02, 05:19 PM
must have been another great result for pegasis this weekend..no water russo or tina expoundig the virtueos of the system...what happeed..i was thinking of tryig it but its getting to much negative press here hah?

Bill (Guest)
16-12-02, 06:46 PM
wombat, you might notice everyone attacks walter or tina everytime they post a good or bad result - so what's the point?

I contacted them myself off forum.

The only negative commments have been those people trying to attack the service and for no apparent reason.

Investigate it yourself - that's my advice.

Dire Straits (Guest)
17-12-02, 04:38 AM
- 2 Units

No damage done. Probably why no one bothered to post

Fizzer (Guest)
17-12-02, 05:15 AM
You Pegasus lot have got a lot more explaining to do.

Reference the published 4 year 1,147 bet track record that we shall treat as authentic for a brief moment.

There are 11 winners > $20 div. that account for $469 of the claimed $449 profit.

That's right, 1% of the bets have made more than 100% of the profits. Enough to make Pareto (80/20 rule) turn in his grave. The remaining 1,136 bets are NET LOSERS.

But wait, there's more. Prior to Walter Russo's (Dorothy Dix) 3am (yawn) post on 30 August 02, the three largest drawdowns (from peak equity) were 22 units, 46 units and 40 units respectively for the preceeding 3 3/4 year period.

Since Walter Russo's original post, when the results have been subjected to subscriber scrutiny (Dire Straits et al), the maximum drawdown has rocketed to the all time high (low) of 177 units - all in the space of three months. Doesn't compare to the previous max drawdown of 46 units over 3 3/4 years.

Who are you lot trying to kid?

RBailey (Guest)
17-12-02, 08:29 AM
There are 11 winners > $20 div. that account for $469 of the claimed $449 profit

That just doesn't make sense fizzer.

the maximum drawdown has rocketed to the all time high (low) of 177 units - all in the space of three months

That's not correct.

Instead of trying to baffle anyone with your fancy terms, why not get your basic maths right.

I'm a subscriber, and I am the first to admit they've had a bad run, but there is no need to constantly pick on the members or owners.

I have tried many services over the years, and while pegasus are struggling a bit, they have the savvy to go very close with longshots that nobody else even gave a chance.
My balance is in negative territory at the moment, but I'd much rather be in the running for some great dividends, than on the favourite every race.

fizzer, why not try some constructive criticism rather than bagging EVERY service posted here. I wonder if you belong to any at all?

Perhaps you could suggest an alternative that lets you win every week without fail.


Fizzer (Guest)
17-12-02, 09:06 AM
Mr. (First post) RBailey

11 winners > $20 div.

30.30, 25.30, 78.20, 67.50, 28.40, 26.60, 23.10, 59.30, 20.20, 30.90 and 80.00 (Curata Storm that hasn't run in the first four in 15 runs since - but hey, that wasn't a fluke).

Add them up equals $469.80 less $11 ($1 unit) stake leaves $458.80.

Pegasus current claimed profit stands at $449.00 - kindergarten maths exposes where the imagined profit has been generated.

Instead of all these broken-record denials YOU come up with some facts to counter what is glaringly obvious to all.

Condemned by your own dodgey records - in all their richly deserved shame.

RBailey (Guest)
17-12-02, 09:25 AM
This is getting ridiculous.

fizzer obviously you are not a subsriber, so your assertion that past results are "dodgy" reflects your ignorance.

If pegasus were supplying dodgy past results, don't you think every subscriber would be up in arms on every racing forum????

No, not ONE has had anything to say about posted results.

As for my one post - I read this thread in it's entirety and was puzzled by your motivation.

You obviously have some reason for your attitude, I for one, just can't figure it out.

If you'd been ripped off by pegasus, I could understand it, but obviously you have never been a member, so can't comment on any results good or bad.

I felt compelled to speak up on aggressive postings for no apparent reason and judging by your response, I was right.

18-12-02, 08:54 AM



Tom Waterson (Guest)
18-12-02, 02:58 PM
Fizzer, You would be the greatest knocker god put breath into. I had to laugh when someone said you were an OXYGEN THIEF.Most agree.If you ever find any ratings you think are good tell us and we'll never work again because they will be as good as getting Sundays paper Saturday morning.
I think you should have a good holiday for christmas with all the money you saved by not buying all these, as you call them, suspect systems.People used to whinge about the PROPHET's posts but he wouldn't get within a bulls roar of you.Merry Xmas

Equine Investor (Guest)
18-12-02, 03:28 PM
I would politely request that no further postings re Pegasus be made on this forum.
I would like to thank those who tried to offer honest insight posting good and bad runs that we have had.
It would seem that nobody is benefitting when constantly harassed by another poster.

Here are the facts:-

1/ Pegasus has never been assessed by Punter's Choice because we didn't like the way they do it.
It is out of our control which method they apply to monitoring our system and when asked, would not allow us to apply any rules on duration of time or number of races selected.

2/ Pegasus results have been disappointing lately, however, any insinuation that previous results were in any way fictional, I take as a personal insult.

3/ A certain poster who shall remain nameless here, has a personal vendetta against me because he was banned from the Propunter/Smartgambler forum, for being obnoxious and rude to both myself and others.
It is the same person, who continually tries to rejoin under various alias's and is underhand in doing so. This person is known around the forums for such behaviour and is the same person posting defamatory comments here. This has been investigated through site management.

4/ Pareto's 80/20 rule does apply to not only our, but any system in particular. You will always find that the most profit comes from the longer priced horses.

5/This thread has developed into personal attacks on Pegasus members and myself and that must stop immediately. All results on our website are 100% legitimate, and all results posted here are also legitimate.

If anyone can find any case of falsehood, please bring it to my immediate attention via email (on website).


Fizzer (Guest)
19-12-02, 01:44 AM
Equine Investor (the real Pegasus)

Instead of coming on here whinging and whining about Punter's Choice why don't you do the right thing for once.

Honour your loudly proclaimed full money back guarantee to all punters that paid subscriptions as a result of reading about Pegasus on this thread.

Your results have been unquestionably abysmal - so return the subscription money without delay (and why in the circumstances would you want to keep it).

My bet is that you won't - you've already blown their dough on your own losing tips.

Prove me wrong.

Equine Investor (Guest)
19-12-02, 07:03 AM
A question was asked re Punter's Choice - I answered.

I am not going to continue in discussion with someone with an axe to grind.

I have emailed subscribers weekly with my intentions etc, but you wouldn't know that would you?

End of topic.

Manygeese (Guest)
19-12-02, 11:35 AM
Had an interesting day reading this thread. If level stakes yield $2.00 a week profit over the next four years, fizzer is the fizzer. Have to wait and see. Regards to all and thanks for an entertaining afternoon.

Dire Straits (Guest)
22-12-02, 03:04 PM
Im afraid that is the end for me.

15 unit lose has taken the total to 100 units.

enjoyed the ride but cannot afford to lose anymore. I really hope things turn around for the rest of you.
Merry Xmas

23-12-02, 06:29 AM






Fizzer (Guest)
23-12-02, 09:35 AM
Maddison et al

I neither seek nor want an apology from the Pegasus goons. I strongly suspect they are all the same sorry individual in any case.

Recall the facts:

1. Post midnight messages from Tina (twice), Hitman (twice) and Walter Russo on this forum were followed within minutes by Equine Investor (Pegasus) posting on the SmartGambler forum. Mere coincidence in each five cases?
2. On the evening of Friday 15 Nov 02 Hitman posted 24 selections on Melbourne races for the following Saturday. The EXACT same selections, in the EXACT same order, were delivered to Pegasus subscribers on the Saturday morning AFTER Hitmans revelations. Only an appeal to Lotto odds could explain such an occurence.
3. Tina 'forgot' how many betting banks she had, telling Wayne (post 107) one thing, and Dire Straits (post 88) quite another. And the 1,500% PoT was always more than a little hard to swallow.
4. Walter Russo told a big fib about Hitman's previous posts (see post 97). Hitman had never mentioned in any previous post either his website address or that he produced commercial ratings. In fact Hitman was emphatic on the 'Racing Ratings' thread (post 26) that, "....I don't give away my value bets....no I don't ask for subscribers." The Hitman of this forum and the Hitman of the commercial ratings website are separate identities. And we know who the former really is and who Walter was attempting to cover for.
5. In 3 3/4 years the maximum Pegasus drawdown touched 41 units ONCE - in the last three months when selections have been under subscriber scrutiny the current drawdown now exceeds 170 units.

Various attempts were made to blacken my character as a disaffected rogue forum poster with a personal vendetta. Such calculated diversions were treated with silent contempt on my behalf. I have always posted under the same name on every forum and have never been barred nor excluded from continuing participation, in particular, on the SmartGambler forum. Suggestions to the contrary are malicious in intent and their motivation blindingly transparent.

Merry Xmas


Equine Investor (Guest)
23-12-02, 11:07 AM
To MADDISON and Dire Straits,

My apologies for the current results, by your postings it is clear that you are members, and have suffered a loss due to the poor performance of the selections, which has not been anywhere close to past results.

There can be no excuses made for the absolute string of placings over the last few months, which has had this result.

As far as the analogy beween large U.S. companies being audited and Punters Choice go, I see your point, but there are basic differences...

Punter's Choice are not an independant watchdog as they would have punters believe.
Punter's Choice are published by Equestrian Publishing, which also publishes Practical Punting Monthly, hundreds of Practical Punting systems, the Practical Punting Daily Club and numerous others including the Punter's Choice Annual.
If they were a truely independant rater or body which did not publish their OWN systems etc then I would have been happy to have them assess Pegasus.
Finally on Punter's Choice, they wanted to know exactly how the selections were arrived at, this is not public information and it was noted that they are selling various selection methods with their products such as "Designing Systems for the 21st Century" etc which contains many criteria of services that they have "independantly" rated.

Finally, I make no apologies to fizzer, who has been blatantly rude from the start to myself and members, it is just not on.
His cries of innocence are merely trying to mask the fact he knew through some miracle that I was the person involved with Pegasus and also knew by some stroke of luck that I also posted on the Smartgambler forum.

MADDISON and Dire Straits, I will be in touch via private email.

Equine Investor (Guest)
23-12-02, 06:08 PM
I have been advised by Brian Blackwell that, in fact, there is no relationship between Punters Choice and Equestrian Publishing.

I apologize for my error, however, I was misinformed by the staff at Equestrian Publishing who told me to send payment for the Annual DIRECT to Equestrian Publishing and they would supply me with a copy.

LaMer (Guest)
24-12-02, 04:07 AM
Having watched this debate develop over a period of time, I think it is about time for a few 'FACTS' as against some of the fictions that have been passed as comment and opinion on this topic.

Firstly, Equestrian Publishing have never ever acted as an agent for Punter's Choice, so David King's (Equine Investor) claims that he attempted to obtain a copy of Punter's Choice is not true, simply not true.

Secondly, Punter's Choice did in fact review Pegasus Racing back in 1989, when it was run a Theo Basil, who may still be involved, and after ten months of monitoring they dropped doing so stating, "Since this service averaged a loss of 18% over a ten month's survey period, it was dropped from further monitoring."

At the time they had supplied subscribers with 321 selections for 60 winners, a strike-rate of 18.7%, a strike-rate not dissimilar to the one Pegasus Racing currently claim.

Fizzer has repeatedly stood his ground re his comments on this issue, at what has been at times some quite hostile responses, but at it now stands, as I see it, he is winning this little debate hands down, the scoring isn't even close.

Equine Investor (Guest)
24-12-02, 06:04 AM
1. Interesting to note that Equestrian Publishing did not reply to my email today to dispute my claim.

2. I was told by staff there that I could send a cheque to Equestrian Publishing. It may well be independantly owned, but was advertised in the monthly magazine and at one stage they must have been accepting payment for it, otherwise even their own staff got it wrong.

3. Pegasus Horseracing Australia is not known by any other name and has NEVER been rated by Punter's Choice and has NEVER been owned by aforementioned person. It may have been another business trading on our coattails - in fact there is a "Pegasus Gold" advertising in the Sportsman at the moment which also has no affiliation whatsoever.

4. Debates on profitability or otherwise are welcome, rudeness and outright underhandedness is not.

LaMer (Guest)
24-12-02, 09:54 AM
David the more you continue to be in denial mode, the bigger th hole you dig for yourself. The following is from your own website:

"Pegasus Horseracing Australia have been providing racing information to Australian punters since 1987."

Punter's Choice commenced monitoring the performance of the Pegasus selections in 1988 and gave it away ten months later because of the disappointing results.

You can continue to deny what you will, but the facts are the facts and you are kidding know one other than for perhaps a few dreamweavers who believe there is a man in the moon and Santa Klaus. There isn't, just as there wasn't another Pegasus service operating back in 1988/89.

Be very careful what you deny David, accept the facts as they are and move on.

Making claims about another organisation without foundation is not to your credit and for your information, the following is (in part) the response I had from Brian Blackwell re your false claims about Equestrian Publishing accepting money on behalf of Punter's Choice:

"The guy is mistaken, of course. We have never taken money on behalf of Punter's Choice. It's been run totally independently"

Enough said, cut out the bullshit David and just accept the fact that since late August, by your own stats, the Pegasus selections have lost over 200 units at level stakes.

Equine Investor (Guest)
24-12-02, 11:08 AM
I'm not going to further comment on this as it's become a slanging match which I won't enter into with ignorant people.

I reiterate Pegasus Horseracing Australia has never been owned by anyone named Theo.

End of story.

24-12-02, 01:45 PM
For those who don't know, my wife and I are the proprietors of Cyberhorse.

I've been watching this thread with interest for quite some time, but now feel compelled to comment, particularly because of the slur on Punter's Choice. PC has been owned and run by Ian and Jan Barnes for many years. Unfortunately Ian died a few weeks ago and he is not around to defend himself.

PC was set up to perform independent analysis of the performance of services such as Pegasus and ones supplied by Cyberhorse. Exactly the same methodology is applied to all services and they either produce a profit or not depending on how good they are. To suggest that PC was owned by a rival ratings provider who was somehow "jealous" of the success of Pegasus is a complete fabrication and an insult to a wonderful man.

Some have posted that there is a co-incidence in the posting times of people here and postings on other forums. Let me just say that we have an IP address log which records the exact computer address of each poster using the forum. There does seem to be a remarkable similarity between the IP addresses used by several people posting under different names. This does not conclusively prove that they are one and the same person, but I have my suspicions.

Finally, the unfortunate track record of Dire Straits seems to me proof positive that he followed all the rules and lost his entire bank by backing Pegasus selections. It is very difficult to take an historic 40% POT and lose the lot in 3 months, but this has happened and I think demonstrates that the service leaves something to be desired. If there is in fact a money back guarantee, Dire Straits should be getting a refund cheque any day now.

We have a statement on the front page of our forums which says that we do not tolerate advertising on our forums. I feel that the existence of this thread is due to an attempt to use our forum to promote a particular service. Consequently it has been locked. Any attempt to create a similar "discussion" in future will be locked or deleted also.

Fizzer (Guest)
24-12-02, 01:52 PM