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Tom Johnson (Guest)
26-11-02, 02:24 AM
Do any Superform subscribers have any idea why the SR super rated selections have been performing so bad lately.They are done by Warren Block a ratings genius and have been excellent until the last 10 weeks.The results are very poor with 0 winners from 12 saturday and 2 winners last week from about 25 selections at 2/1 and 4/6.

Grey Fox (Guest)
26-11-02, 07:14 AM
>Do any Superform subscribers have any
>idea why the SR super
> rated selections have been
>performing so bad lately.They are
>done by Warren Block a
>ratings genius and have been
>excellent until the last 10
>weeks.The results are very poor
>with 0 winners from 12
>saturday and 2 winners last
>week from about 25 selections
>at 2/1 and 4/6.

This may be pure coincidence but............

While Warren Block owns SuperForm, Gary Crispe was one of the head ratings guys there. He and Rob Vilkaitis, the programming guru, have both left now and are working fulltime at the AAP/Racing & Sports website which they own. And do you want two guesses for roughly when they left? :-)

Bye for now,
Grey Fox

darkydog2002@hotmail.com (Guest)
29-11-02, 06:40 AM
i dont use superform but as a pro fulltime these anamolies occur from time to time. at least you will get your losses back because you would be using the power of 10 as your staking base.i myself have had 25 losses at one time .its heartbreaking i know but stick with it .good luck.

Tom Johnson (Guest)
03-12-02, 04:13 PM
Dramatic improvement in Superform SUPER RATED runners Saturday with 7 winners from 14 selections, 2 paying $5 and $7.
It was a shock to see them performing so badly for so many weeks.
What is more dissapointing is Superforms failure to reply to any emails, for which there is no excuse.
They have lost an enormous amount of business from clients who have had a long association with this excellent ratings service.
Lets hope they keep the winners coming for the subscribers that have stuck with them.
If any Superform people read this post the least you can do is email replies to people who are supporting you.

Vo Rogue (Guest)
10-12-02, 05:01 PM
Tom, I have used Superform for about 10 years and have never seen the SUPER RATED selections performing so badly.
Saturday 2 only $2.80 winners in 19 selections.
They don't seem to worry about the poor results as emails from me are not answered either. The business they must have lost through this this stupid action will have dire consequences long term if not rectified.
Superform has been long recognised as the ratings leader and while new customers will come and go the long term subscribers will not return.If there have been staffing problems as some have suggested, you would think a simple email telling subscribers what the problem is would be in order as everyone has problems at times which can be sorted out and the ratings returned to their former glory.These ratings are pretty expensive in comparison to others and a bit of business sense would be appreciated.WAITING FOR A REPLY SUPERFORM.

tommy (Guest)
11-12-02, 11:51 PM
something that it has been said is very truth, not many selection services really care whether their subscribers make profit or not, only a few offer money back if no profits were made, others only advertise their wins, and dont keep ongoing results statistics. Personalised service and good tips is what I know Xceedit provides only 4-6 bets a day in sydney with the right staking plan have shown profits. the beauty it seems that the 3 types of betting selections (multiples, wins, quinellas) are independent to each other since a different set of rules is applied to each type of selections
good luck
p.s. so far multiples alone had 25k profits in 4 6 weeks 3 loosing days out of 6 in nov/dec and they have just asked punter's choice to monitor their results
you may get info by email at hotmail.com

SF User (Guest)
09-01-03, 11:57 AM
I have been a subscriber for about 3 years up until last month.
The strike rates have been very poor on both the automated prints (fax prints) and the weekend selections in the last few months.
I have emailed Malcolm about the demise of the 18 pointers. Twice before I stopped subscribing the were one 18 pointer across 8 meetings and then one across 9 meetings. Malcolm told me that it was just a cycle, but after further investigation (and money) they just wern't up to scratch.
It would seem on the surface that there was a "problem" were Gary & Robert felt the need to go and start another venture. I'm saying that you can't win... but it's much harder than before and the change of personel has had an impact on MY bank balance.
It's interesting to see that R&S has sent the trend for free information... something that even cyberhorse is now following. Good on ya all.
p.s. does anyone even have some rumors about the Superform split?

Tom Johnson (Guest)
09-01-03, 03:26 PM
SF USER, It seems that the 3 key staff who have left Superform have impacted on the selections. They are definately poor selections to what they used to be. The Inracing $2.20 and $5.50 sheets have gone off big time.
Why they will not answer any emails is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.Surely some staff must read these posts and pass the comments to Warren Block who could post a general reply to satisfy their loyal supporters.

SF User (Guest)
27-01-03, 02:04 PM
From InRacing...

"Another third bet of the day winner so we are hanging in there..just. Donít forget I am providing the Winner In Three for free until I am happy that there has been a return to form after recent poor performances. "

At least they realise it !!!!