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duck (Guest)
03-03-03, 04:23 AM
Has anyone heard of master trading room ?

Has anyone had dealings with this company or know of someone who has?

They seem to show great profits, but I would actually like to hear from someone who has been with them for a while before I make a decision to invest with them or not.

Grey Fox (Guest)
04-03-03, 05:47 AM
>Has anyone heard of master trading
>room ?
>Has anyone had dealings with this
>company or know of someone
>who has?

I have been around the punting game for more than thirty years, and haven't heard of them, so that is the first red flag. My guess is that they live in a post box somewhere near the Gold Coast and the program costs somewhere in the region of $10,000?

>They seem to show great profits,

They ALL do, otherwise they wouldn't waste their time advertising! Those glossy brochures they send out cost a motza to print, not to mention buying the addresses for their mailing list, so they are going to make sure that they advertise a BIG return on your money for you, to get you interested.

>but I would actually like
>to hear from someone who
>has been with them for
>a while before I make
>a decision to invest with
>them or not.

BEFORE you send them a cent, please read the archives of this forum, and check out the various links to websites which specialise in exposing the shonks! You will probably find them listed somewhere in one of the past messages.

Bye for now,
Grey Fox