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Sceptical Punter (Guest)
11-04-03, 03:24 AM
Itís amazing the number of sites on the net.
I have only found about 30 but I am sure there are 2-3 times as many & they all claim to make a PROFIT.
Obviously some are SCAMS.
Any comments on the below sites would be appreciated
http://members.iinet.net.au/~dynell/rrp.html <<HARD TO SEE HOW THIS ONE MAKES A PROFIT
http://www.acebets.com.au/index.html <<SCAM
http://users.tpg.com.au/t00/ <<THIS SITE WILL TELL YOU HOW GOOD TEAM100 IS

Warren (Guest)
11-04-03, 03:55 AM
Ausrace is not a tipping service - it is a an email discussion group and very worthwhile if you ignore the irrelevant arguments over which horse is best.

Puntersbankbook is a loss chasing / staking system which does not show a profit even though the owner claims to have won every day for a year.

Propun also has quite a good forum -not sure about their racing service, but their tennis and AFL sportsbetting service is very good.

Sceptical Punter (Guest)
11-04-03, 04:20 AM
Thank you Warren. This is what I am looking for

Grey Fox (Guest)
11-04-03, 08:31 AM
>Itís amazing the number of sites
>on the net.
>I have only found about 30
>but I am sure there
>are 2-3 times as many
>& they all claim to
>make a PROFIT.
>Obviously some are SCAMS.
>Any comments on the below sites
>would be appreciated


Well worth a visit -- Daniel has a number of free services available, including his Pace Advantage ratings which are emailed out to you free of charge every Saturday. A lot of good advice available on the site free of charge too.


Haven't tried their service, but highly regarded by a couple of people whose opinions I respect.


Already mentioned, but as well as their own forums, they have a free weekly newsletter which is well worth a read. In fact they had an article a couple of weeks back which you should read -- it is about the very scam artists that you are worried about!


A new incarnation of the old Consistency Rating service which has been around for over twenty years. Their ratings are a bit different to the majority because they are based on consistency of the horse rather than weights or times, but well worth a look.


Been around for a fair while too, but their pricing is a bit steep for me.


Run by Tony Brassel, concentrates on each horse's last 400m and 200m times, worth a look, but again a bit expensive for the average punter, more in line with pro punters but you can usually get a free sample from him to see for yourself.


The highly advertised (on Sky Channel and 2ky) 'Value Bets' from an ex-leading bookmaker in Dominic Beirne -- enough said? :-)


Haven't tried their service, but there is a HEAP of free info on their website which may help you to get to understand the racing game in Aus -- just don't take everything they say as gospel!


Another website which has a lot of free info available, as well as his own ratings service -- definitely worth a look.


Already mentioned, and couldn't agree more!


If you are new to horseracing or punting, or just looking for advice, then this is where you should start! Most of the 'old heads' of punting congregate there (including this old head!) and if you need an answer to anything to do with horseracing then you can guarantee that someone there will know the answer.

Yes, there are a lot of useless arguments about whether horse A is/was better than horse B, but you can always ignore that and concentrate on the threads that you ARE interested in.

Bye for now,
Grey Fox

Sceptical Punter (Guest)
11-04-03, 09:40 AM
Thank you Grey Fox. Exactly what Iam looking for
Iam heading to the old category & trying to get my head around Horse Racing & Punting

Warren (Guest)
11-04-03, 10:56 AM
>Iam heading to the old category
>& trying to get my
>head around Horse Racing &

Good move!

Bear in mind that anyone who can promise you greater than around 20% Profit On Turnover is probably "cooking the books."

Professionals usually make less than this and attend trackwork, pay for detailed information and subscribe to in-depth formguides.

So a Profit On Turnover of say 150% is ridiculous.

Profit On Turnover is of course different to Annual Profit.

There are many software companies out their that track price movements Cheetah, Racemate, Dr.Huang etc.

Be very careful, as the you don't have to be smart to bet big!

Also all value is already gone from the selection unless you can get on Betfair or similar, so you are betting against yourself.
The selection may win, but it will be well under it's TRUE price...and in the longrun you'll do your dough AND have to pay for the program.

wondering (Guest)
11-04-03, 12:27 PM
my experiences and impressions with these tipsters mentioned:

nwwa = not worth worrying about (a load of crap)
pg = pretty good and worth a quick look
vg = very good and worth more than just a glance
exc = excellent

pegasus- nwwa
pro group- pg
ultimate tips- nwwa
form pro- exc (free too)
winning margin- vg
xceedit- pg (made a serious attempt to win...but nope)
past the post- pg (form guides are ok)
pro punt- pg
cr2000- pg (does it tough though)
elite- vg (his new scheme "2020" is going along ok!)
racing ratings-aust- nwwa
the key- pg
clock speed- exc (one of the best)
sky channel- nwwa (cods wallop)
ace bets- nwwa
supa ratings- vg
perth pros- no idea!
hot tips- no idea either
horse racing tips- vg
the whip- exc one of the best for melb(no 1 in punters choice)
davos- nwwa
puntersbankbook- nwwa
toms tips- pg
speed ratings- no idea (but speed ratings have always battled)
team100- nwwa
ausrace- excellent forum

race select- first time i have seen this guy, his method of being selective is great. but his workouts are done at 10% of a bank on each selection!.no professional would do that! results are impressive (if they are true)

hope this helps a bit

Sceptical Punter (Guest)
13-04-03, 01:29 AM
Thank you Wondering. Very helpfull.
Raceselect looks quite interesting but as you point out there is a few question marks

Mr Dropshot (Guest)
15-04-03, 05:09 AM
And try http://www.agrat.com.au

No promises of worldly wealth, just top 5 ratings and a price line.

Good overlays.

Plenty of historical data.

umrum (Guest)
16-04-03, 03:12 AM
cyberhorse base ratings are the way to go mate

Joe Thomasen (Guest)
16-04-03, 12:54 PM
After buying 8 lots of ratings every Saturday for over 1 year my opinion is the best two are Agrat Ratings ( web site) and Winning Edge Ratings (advertised in the Winning Post). Over this time period they have far outperformed the others and both are reasonably priced.

Houdini (Guest)
16-04-03, 01:29 PM
Of course they are all crooks.......To swing odds a little in your favour Betfair the new kid on the block is some assistance (much better value as well..) TABs are taking too much out in tax ......
More than likely, more sooner than later now with Betfair arriving we will be seeing one big Australian SUPER tab or they just won't expand which means very unhappy shareholders, unhappy shareholders means, sackings at board level and I just love that a little like the old French Revelution....and well over due too.

Duxgutz (Guest)
13-05-03, 12:50 PM
Well, most of the services available are a bit "pricey" and very few prove to be worthwhile. Has anybody out there thought about forming a information purchasing type syndicate? whereby you do your own individual thing betting wise with the information that we "as a group" would purchase? thoughts anybody please to duxgutz@hotmail.com

timpatco (Guest)
22-05-03, 12:56 AM
I think it would help if you sorted your providers into a few categories.
At the top there are hardworking serious providers who spend hours compiling their databases, watching videos, reading stewards reports, obatining sectional apeeds etc.. and them compling that information and then usng handicapping analysis similar the the offical club handicapper.
They may then provide this information together with software for their customers to make their own judgemnt or simply provide a points or weight scale to summarise their findings.
The second category simply provide their selections and wont entertain explaining to you their methodology or workload.
The final group can be described as "coat tuggers" to use an old description of an illegal on course tout.
If you are trying to sort them out yourself, one quick filter is to see how hysterically they promote themselves.
It is more likey to be in inverse proportion to their work ethic and skills,
Good luck
Tim Collins

Timothy Collins (Guest)
22-05-03, 01:30 AM
Regarding the comments on Sky.
There are actually four seperate services.
Racecallers selections free
Daily selections free
Value Bet fee based
Sky Ratings fee based
I think it is necessary to qualify at which service your opinions are directed,
Tim Collins

timpatco (Guest)
22-05-03, 01:46 AM
Had quick look at race calc.
Questions where were those wonderful $100,000 plus bets placed I wonder?
The general concensus of die hard/professional punters is that any thing exeeding 20% on turnover is simply not acheivable with 12%- 15% being the accepted norm.
Having said that I know of one professional who makes a living of around $2-3$k per week from well chosen multiple trifectas and the occasional longish win off a very small bank.

jb1942 (Guest)
27-05-03, 02:51 PM
There's one that your've forgotten... What do you think of