View Full Version : False fancied runners......( continued.........12/4/03.)

Houdini (Guest)
13-04-03, 01:00 AM
Morning punters, this is very very early for me, helping my brother shift and have not even had time for scratchings......tell me which moron shifts and expects help on Golden Slipper day.....
Any fortunately they invented the transistor radio......
Race 7...The Golden Slipper...No 8...Polar Success...This is a real test I expect it to run last... they will just go too fast early could even break down.....Value for money to me seems How funny only eachway but..nicely drawn can handle speed and the Canterbury night meeting looks a very good form line.
Race 8..No. 5... Lovely Jubly..Its just not up to these last start 2nd just ordinary....but nice race.
Race 6..No. 4..Calaway Gal..Good horse but I don't believe it is as good as Empyrean over 1200.
Race 7....The Kildare Kid and Sacha Clause....They ran 1st and 2nd in same race last start 29/3...big weight The Kildare Kid, I think best to look elswhere.
Race 8...No. 5...Cuphill...Fast but not willing to risk my cash over 1200.....Maybe if Picablu was not in it might have a chance...Good race for Doomben.
Good punting punters.....p.s..the Queenslander Face Value has barrier 18....I have changed my opinion of this horse can spint and can handle the speed....but 18 maybe a place.....tough race.

Fizzer (Guest)
13-04-03, 10:59 AM
Houdini (the genius) says:

"The Golden Slipper N0.8 Polar Success ... expect it to run last ....could even break down."

These words will forever haunt you every Golden Slipper Saturday to come. Stick to the house moving - your brother is not the only moron in the family.

PS Time for another name change?

Houdini. (Guest)
13-04-03, 04:22 PM
>Houdini (the genius) says:
>"The Golden Slipper N0.8 Polar Success
>... expect it to run
>last ....could even break down."
>These words will forever haunt you
>every Golden Slipper Saturday to
>come. Stick to the
>house moving - your brother
>is not the only moron
>in the family.
>PS Time for another name
>change? No punter is perfect.....fortunately backing Face Value eachway put me well in front $8.00 odd a place.....other selections all spot on as well....overall on my selections still have my big head well above water.....when I check sectionals of the race tommorrow I will be able to diagnose my error or was it an error?......2 year olds are usually pretty hard form lines to follow obviously because they have not had enough starts to access form in certain conditions properly..... fortunately I put the kiss of Death on a few good ones today as usual....

cleanup (Guest)
14-04-03, 02:03 AM
Face Value ran nowhere....so you are in la la land!

And you bagged the winner Polar Success @ $13.50 a win with very strong formlines.
The only reason it was such a price is this bullshit concept that horses can't win from wide barriers.

I love it - better odds for me on many winners.

Houdini (Guest)
14-04-03, 03:14 PM
>Face Value ran nowhere....so you are
>in la la land!
>And you bagged the winner Polar
>Success @ $13.50 a win
>with very strong formlines.
>The only reason it was such
>a price is this bullshit
>concept that horses can't win
>from wide barriers.
>I love it - better odds
>for me on many winners.
>True.... Face Value ran no where but a credible run from an unwinnerable barrier ( barrier 18).....I don't expect you to believe me but I meant to type How Funny ( I was a little pissed at the time when I got home....free cans after all the strenuous labour...how can you say no to a brother who is a bit of a tight arse sometimes.....) which ran second $8 odd a place....as I mentioned eachway value for money 30/1 Vic TAB......I did check Polar Success's times, I did underestimate its previous performance....must have had more up its sleeve than I thought ....You must determine the difference between the words Could and Will......but fortunately back to bussiness and Nailed Lovely Jubly about 6/1 got swamped at finish ran 8th don't know what they will do with it now but I am sure if placed right will win another nice race ....The Kildare Kid...too much weight 3rd fair run, being generous I threw in Sacra Clause a bit like buy one get one free....then I finished in the last race at Doomben with Cuphill which ran last could not run the 1200 at a solid tempo, it likes it in front with no pressure on....mixed success in Slipper but 2year olds are tough in big fields..30/1 2nd as I mentioned earlier was a fair value......
Next week you give me 4 fancied runners that won't win... if not don't take it out on me if your having a lean Sydney Carnival backing favourites in the big races...take it out on the bookies
Good punting.....

Houdini (Guest)
14-04-03, 04:09 PM
I left out Calaway Gal had a dream run all the way as predicted not up to this lot yet....but a very good racehorse.

good punting.....

cleanup (Guest)
14-04-03, 05:24 PM
>Next week you give me 4
>fancied runners that won't win...
>if not don't take it
>out on me if your
>having a lean Sydney Carnival
> backing favourites in the
>big races...take it out on
>the bookies
>Good punting.....


I am going on what you posted, not on what you thought you posted, stating all the lovely winners you got AFTER the fact means diddly!

The logic of posting horses that can't win leaves you open to egg on your face well and truely.

BTW having a brilliant Sydney Carnival and rarely back favourites - thanks for asking.